My Predictions (2)

Dee: Round 2 results will be posted in a moment. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to judge the last two battles. Exams are coming next week. I’ll do my best to be online this week and judge a match in the third round. 😀 Congratulations to all, and good effort to all of those who were able to make it this far.

Club Penguin Rangers vs Club Penguin Snipers
This is gonna be hard. I find CPS growing, as to being “new”, and CPR attempting to grow, and doing pretty well.
CPFBI vs Cp Green Team
:O a toughy, I am gonna say CPGT will win though.
Red Warriors vs Puffle Warriors
Omg… what’s up with tough ones? I gotta say PW will win though.
Banana Army vs Golden Troops
Bananas vs GT? Bananas lacks troops, but GT doesn’t. I gotta say GT will win this one, sorry Bananas.




7 Responses

  1. You might wanna rethink that CPFBI will lose; we just got 3 or 4 new troops TODAY! 😀

  2. Hey. I can choose whoever I want to win. I don’t reconsider. I’m a 6 year veteran. I know how armies “roll”. CPGT will win. And I’m pretty sure they will

  3. Do you now? *Chew*

  4. What does biased mean?

  5. It means it could be completely wrong and stupid I believe. Or something like that. Anyway, good battle CPFBI!


  6. Thanks 😀

  7. Man, I feel so bad I couldn’t come to the last 2 battles.

    The best chance I’ll get in being able to come and watch is the 4th round. I’ll gladly get the armies to get into our chatbox. We just need a little persuasion. 😛

    BTW Shimmy, try making the next few posts more exciting looking since it’s nearing the finals. 😮

    Thanks ATM and all the judges for handling all this!

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