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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Winners of Saturday and Sunday Battles

Sky edit: when are the next battles *wary*
ATM Edit: The RPF have pulled out of the Tourney due to rebuilding.

Shimmy: ATM Can you change PW for RPF?

ATM Edit:

UPDATE: Judges of these battle’s if you disagree with me in any form please tell me and I will change it same with armies, give your opinions and arguments here, Sunday results are in press read more to see the results!

Here are the winners of Saturdays and Sunday’s battles:

Snipers vs Scouts: Wow this was close, what a battle with both armies averaging and maxing the same amount by to be fair I think that the… Snipers had the advantage. Unlucky Scouts you put up a great battle

Rangers vs Defenders: With Rangers maxing more and having better overall tactics, they win! Nice try Defenders

FBI vs Platinum: Platinum were a no-show meaning a win for FBI

Artic vs Green Team: What a battle! It was crazy but the winner has to be Green Team, you guys were amazing and showed true form well done!

Red vs Freedom Force: Both were a no-show but I am putting through the army which is bigger Red Warriors go through!

Well That’s it Well done to all armies who won and unlucky to the ones who lost I will make a post soon about next week’s battles LOOK OUT!



16 Responses

  1. PW had another tournament. CPGT will come to the one today.

  2. Defenders had more towards the end of the battle. We also had more tactics.

  3. *More people towards end

  4. Well , np you win some you loose some right?


  5. Defenders didnt have more people you had the same we just lost people as they had to go do stuff

  6. And Shimmy I wanna judge another battle 😛

  7. Green Team vs. Arctic Warriors results:


    Ignore the parts about S.W.A.T.


  8. Idc that we lost besides normal feeling, you just make it sound like it was completely CPR, like we didnt put up a fight. And Red Destroyz, ya u lost troops but we also gained, including me. I came at end followed by two more ppl and none left. It was a great battle congrats CPR!

    • Also Red Kool, we appreciate your participating in our event! Welcome to the community. 🙂

  9. Now there’s a battle to loom toward to. CPS vs CPR. Can’t wait!

  10. Wait, u r putting Red warriors thru cuz theyre bigger even though there is no bqttle? I would look at the other losing armies form etc, rate them, and put best losing army back in! It isnt fqir thqt Red warriors go thru cuz size even though they qrent active!

    • Red Kool has a point. Also, Shimmy, we need to talk before the next battle. 😉

  11. An idea

    Well , this comment has nothing to do with the post but here is my idea. I was reading the Hall of fame page and i read about order 67 where big armies attack small armies.
    I then moved to CPAE and read about a new order 76 , where the small armies group up and attack the large ones. There was a meeting about this on the 12th but i couldn’t make it due to my tournament. Now , with all the armies in here , im sure we are capable of doing it.
    We can help CPAE in order 76 and show that small armies are not a waste.

    Sorry for the long and n00bish comment :S


  12. Lol CPS vs CPR? xD

  13. @Deedledoo
    Thank you! I love this and even though it is based on a kids game, these armies allow me to practice simple politics and share my thoughts and ideas.

  14. Sledderboy that’s a pretty strange idea coming from a news site that orders armies around. 😛

    But yeah, people know what Order 67 is, but they don’t know what happened. We fought back! 😀

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