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Battle Results and Review to help ATM

~~~I was going to write this in a comment but meh.

Gostt was lagging a bit but the only pic I managed to get was when GD merged with some Random army called Blue Warriors in the early stages about 10 minutes before the battle began.

CPR had a max of 12 and Min of 6, GD had max of 6 min of 4. CPR’s numbers changed around alot between those numbers while GD kept around 5/4 throughout. We used bombs etc to each other. GD mainly used J Bombs and sometimes used Puffle Bombs. CPR used a variety including Popcorn, Angry, ?, !, Money, J Bombs and we decided to use snowballs for once xD

CPR got there 20 mins before the beginning, GD got there 10 minutes before the beginning. The only pic I got is of GD and Blue Warriors as I decided to go through with my lag and after 5/6 minutes got the pic to load. http://s301.photobucket.com/albums/nn68/reddestoyz/?action=view&current=meh1.png <— A Pic of Chat when we got 11 on CP and me “lolling” and
http://s301.photobucket.com/albums/nn68/reddestoyz/?action=view&current=meh2.png <— A pic of the GD and Blue Warriors “Teaming up” While CPR is at the bottom and I was confused xD

It finished at Half past the hour (Of whatever country you live in) Because I told people to move to the middle from a circle and yell “CPR have Won!” and log off. I don’t know if GD logged after that but I think Flash told me they did. ATM I don’t know if you can judge from this but this is the information I can remember and I am sorry that it isn’t much help.

Ok as I am Co Leading the Tournament I had a Battle to Judge which was very fun and enjoyable. It was between Scouts and Snipers and I have a number of categories to mark within. So here we go.

  • Numbers: Scouts Did outnumber Snipers by 1-2 people so they win this category.
  • Tactics: Both armies used lots of tactics but Snipers counter attacked which Scouts did not so they win this category.
  • Uniqueness: Scouts repeated alot and did some things the Snipers had already done so Snipers win this one.
  • Morality: I was on chat watching what both of the armies were saying and the Scouts seemed more determined to win so they win this category.
  • Strength: Out of both armies on the battleground Snipers stood out the most so they won this category.

Overall Winner: Snipers!!!

Hard luck Scouts you put up a valiant effort and to the Snipers good luck in the next round. That was a very enjoyable match and I hope to see more in the future.

I also would like to wish Good Luck to everyone left in the Tournament and also Remember to have fun 😀

Stay Red.

-Red Destoyz


9 Responses

  1. 1st.
    For snipers, here’s our pics on this post: http://snipersrule.wordpress.com/2011/03/12/cpun-tourney-today/
    And here’s some i seen form scouts

    Good battle guys! 😉


  2. GD did not merge with the blue warriors. I still don’t know who they are and they were just there during our battle. WE DID NOT MERGE WITH THEM!!!

  3. Also Red Destoyz’s synopsis could be biased since he is in CPR. Just wanted to point that out.

  4. Yes! We won. *chew*

  5. But I am also a judge and I try to be both sided anyway as I am not proclaiming Victory for CPR. I am also 1 person so therefore I am biased like yourself.

  6. I dont know why bit i like you Red… Maybe its cause we share name. Btw GD were lookin for u after CPR logged off but i guess it appeared we logged off too. We were just at dock. May the best win!

  7. Cool , well i am actually not upset. Its life. You win some you loose some right? AM I RIGHT ( yes sledder your right lol )

    So , congrats to you snipers 🙂

  8. ATM you can find my synopsis of the battle as a reply to the comment you left on GD website.

  9. Meh, Scouts should have won. Snipers were not as good.

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