Red What?!?!?!

Someone is trying to revive Red Raiders? Anyone got a source on this it would be appreciated as i don’t think they are the same Red Raiders as this.

As this is a very short, rushed post I want to ask you guys a question. I personally think Red Raiders shouldn’t return unless it is Itachi leading them but what do you guys think? Do you like the fact that they are returning or do you rather they do not. Comments below guys and sorry this is such a short post I think its important though.

Stay Red.

-Red Destoyz

Pwn: Another revived red army is the Red Warriors. The FRW became the Red Warriors, but quickly died after. This is NOT FRW, but a different Red Warriors. FRW today is the Bananas 😉 . In fact, Red Warriors just had leader applications. A certain sexy CPUN Justice named Pwn (what a stud muffin XD) applied and got 3IC. More on them and something that is brewing the the Bananas is coming soon!


10 Responses

  1. Wow.…

  2. I don’t think they should bring back the Red Raiders, they are to legendary. Oh and Red Warriors sounds like and epic army, They look like they will rise heaps, check out their site . The Creator and leader looks super cool and smexy. You should join sometime xD . 😆


  3. Good post. I just don’t think you should say words like the “s” word. Anyways, whoever played the latest System Defender level probably found it funny that Klutzy used non-CP style emoticons. =D Also, Ihave added a new page to my blog. check it out here.

  4. Chaz, The leader isn’t a smexy awesome hottie like the 3IC guy name Pwn.

  5. It’s funny cuz your name’s Red. 😆

  6. For your info, The Leader, Pwns all and is HUGELY SMEXY.

  7. Oh and on the new “Red Raiders” , with heaps of hard work (Googleing Red Raiders and the Leaders names) I found them.

  8. Lol wtf Pwn? Wats brewin the the Bananas?

  9. Whut about me *d* I’m 2ic you know. Which makes me smexier then pwn ^.^

  10. oh and i do agree you are Smexier than PWN Sky 😀

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