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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Yes! It is here the CPUN tourney is up and ready to go, It will be an action packed 16 army tournament, it will be organized by Dee and I, and Co-Led by Red and ATM. If anyone else wants to help please comment and we will gladly let you.

Now Hopefully we can get all CPUN armies to sign up, and I am hoping to get both Small and Large armies into this, there are only 16 places if too many sign up I will put it up to 32, and maybe have some qualifying rounds as well.

Here is how you sign up:

1. Armies Name:

2. Leaders:

3. Why you want to be in the CPUN tourney:

If you want to be a judge alongside all CPUN authors use this form

1 CP name:

2. Why do you want to be a judge:

This post will be updated as armies enter

1. Club Penguin Rangers (Hopefully)


3. Platinum Warriors

4. Red Warriors

5. RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation)

6. Ninja Freedom Force

7. Club Penguin Snipers

8. Puffle Warriors

9. Scouts of CP

10. Artic Warriors

11. Banana’s of Cp

12. Golden Troops Of CP

13. Club Penguin Green Team




Judges as well (This list does not include CPUN authors)

1. Asdfghjkl

2. Mr Fast




I will be offering 5 judging places to people not in the CPUN

I think that is all I have to say the other thing is can Dee please keep this post sticky and if I have time I will inform all members of the CPUN of the tourney. When all teams have signed up I will decide the times and dates but at the moment it looks like it will start on the weekend of the 13th (March).

Good Luck and Sign up Quickly



47 Responses

  1. CPR – Hopefully if we fight off RT from stealing our servers
    It looks like fun

  2. Only like three to five are probably gonna sign up, personally, I HATE tournies with a passion ever since those like 5 consecutive failed tournies.

  3. I would like to be judge

  4. Yeah. We should expect about 5-10 to come. Let’s hope they come. 🙂

  5. Whoa, unexpected. xD What do I do since I Co-Lead the Tourney?

  6. It gets armies to do something. If your army is starting to die, and needs something to do to keep the army going, then this is it.

  7. 1. Armies Name:
    Club Penguin Snipers
    2. Leaders:
    Wyoskyguy, Gostt, Flarenoid
    3. Why you want to be in the CPUN tourney:
    We won the last tourney-thing under an old name. I feel we can win this to.

  8. 1. Armies Name: Ninja Freedom Force (NFF

    2. Leaders: Josiah Fett, Paulvollmer

    3. Why you want to be in the CPUN tourney: We need to become better known, and to have fun.

    Question: Will I be notified of battles or do I have to check this site?

  9. 1. RPF(Rebel Penguin Federation)

    2. Chapa23 and Karakoran

    3. We need the challenge since we have having trouble a bit.

    • You dare say “a bit”?

  10. Hey, I just noticed something. The post titled “Red WHAT?” Is missing! Anyways, check out my blog at http://clubpenguinblackhawks.wordpress.com/

  11. I’m coming, I just won’t be bringing an army, as nobody has joined the CP BlackHawks yet 😦

  12. 1. Armies Name: Red Warriors, YEAH!

    2. Leaders: Charliem21 and Ianroach

    3. Why you want to be in the CPUN tourney: For a battle 😉

  13. Platinum Warriors
    Kooldude 247, 9ooo, Legoman0310
    CPUN is awesome!

  14. 1. Armies Name:

    2. Leaders:
    Super Pal 1,Frothe,Agentblacke,Super Pal 3,Iceberg Ice1, Dodo234

    3. Why you want to be in the CPUN tourney
    Well… We like tournys xD and CPUN is EPIC!!!

  15. First, I have already proved you wrong soccer, more than 5 armies have applied.

    ATM, what you have to do at the moment is go onto websites small and major and tell them about this, then later on you will remind armies about battles and make sure they have posted about them. 😉

  16. Okay. We’ll then set-up a committee consisting of spectators and photographers. Maybe Soccer can have a spot since he is neutral? 🙂

    When do you plan to do the 1st round Shimmy? Anyways, we still have a lot of posts coming up this week so don’t panic if you think you need to start the 1st round immediately. :mrgreen:

    Good to see all these people here again. Welcome back RPF. 😆

  17. 1. Armies Name: Bananas

    2. Leaders: Pwener1, Matt(Redwingnum), Billy Mays, Dashing Snow

    3. Why you want to be in the CPUN tourney: We aren’t doing so well lately. We need to get back up and off our feet.

  18. Asd can judge!!!! THAT MEANs CHOOSE ASD!!!

  19. 1. Scouts of cp
    2. Leaders: Sledderboy , Xzibit3
    3. To become more well know to others and to become a stronger and greater army. Plus , we need more events 🙂


  20. Arctic Warriors
    We need to show our size and show how much potential we have.

  21. 1. Armies Name: Puffle Warriors

    2. Leaders: Kingfunks4, Blossom889, Jjribcool, Doodygirl1

    3. Why you want to be in the CPUN tourney: Becuase we are starting to drop in activeness and size, so we want to get active.

  22. I Was thinking maybe weekend of the 13th, and they is still time I know, I will decide when all armies have signed up, but I got more than anyone expected 😀

  23. RPF wishes luck to CPUN and the fellow contestants in the tournament.

  24. Shimmy. You can’t do the weekend if the 13th. SMAC is having a torney that week as well.

    • Well then the RPF is likely to pull out of the SMAC as what I have heard from Term.

  25. If no more armies have signed up by Friday Night I will start the tourney!

  26. We appreciate your kindness Karakoran. Thank you.

    Leave a two day gap after you unsticky this post though Shimmy. For example, you unsticky it on Friday, make the next post on Sunday. 😉 I need to get something posted. And basically in those two days, you might be able to prepare the armies!

  27. Golden Troops. Leaders: Myself (Jerry), Ganger, Godplaya, and Sercan. Why: We want publicity and to win a Tourney.

  28. What room will the Tourney be at?

  29. And could someone please tell me where the “Red What?!” post is

  30. It’s been schedured and will appear soon 😉 😆

  31. Hey Guys, Now I know you think I went dark but im still very much active. Im pretty much on IW chat everyday so if im needed ask for me. Im rising up the ranks quickly in IW so I havent had time to check in. Though I temp. retired for one reason, because CPUN was becoming a newsite such as CPAC.Its true goal to help small armies was being overshadowed by the news put on here. Though us being a newsite did bring in a lot of new people it made me (A proud member of CPUN since 2008) very upset.So I shall return one day hopefully as 4ic,3ic,or 2ic of IW.

  32. xD yea. Well, have fun in large armies. I prefer small armies.

    • But isn’t the point of having a small army just for it to be a stepping stone to a possibility as a large army someday?

  33. Were you talking to me |♠»ηιgнт ƒυяу/ѕку|| ¢ρѕ/¢ρя/вαηαηαѕ/αω/ℓт/яω «♠ ™|®|?

  34. Rail, Red’s post is below this one. 😉

    Many people have used the CPUN as a ‘stepping stone’.. 😦

    Not much of a big reason to be inactive here Jared. We needed you the most to help us get back on track. News is just a part-time thing here. We never once considered ourselves a news site and we still allowed the freedom. Yes. Freedom of Speech. We always gave and will always give the freedom of speech to our guests here.

    I wish you the best of luck though. See you then. I hope you’ll create better relations between the IW and the CPUN someday. Goodluck. 🙂


    • “Many people have used the CPUN as a ‘stepping stone’..”

      I didn’t. 🙂

  35. Thanks Dee :3

  36. Yes. And call me Sky 😉

    First of all,
    I haven’t posted since my post because I got grounded 😐 but asap I’ll be working on a biased post. Stayyyy tuneddd

  37. 1. Club Penguin Green Team

    2. Leaders: Main leader: Keith09

    3. CPGT needs to come out of the shadows and get known in the army world. It will happen here and now.

  38. If its OK, with you guys, It would be nice if I could judge.

    • Yeah, I think that would be ok. But Shimmy will have to approve.

  39. “It would be nice”.

    That’s just confusing. 😐 Ask Shimmy.

  40. Alright Sky. Nice to meet you. 🙂

  41. Nope he doesn’t judge

  42. 1. Global Defenders
    2. Leader: Pungy1234
    3. GD Needs some real battle experience and some excitement.

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