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War News ll Syndicate ll Ideas

Hola! In this post we will be going to see the current wars around armies in the top ten-near the top ten. So as you can see by the door sign over there, we will also be talking about a new hacking group Syndicate and some new ideas. 

War News War News War News

And here we are! Todays are war are:

The Army of Club Penguin vs The Night Warriors of CP (and allies.)

To my knowledge nad my very strong will to look at least 4 different sites these are the only major wars going around, so let’s begin with The War of The Titans. (or so NW calls it.)

The War of NW and it’s allies against ACP-DCP Alliance has taken a drastic turn.  NW accused of ACP  attacking NW and breaking it’s agreement terms they made earlier witch would make NW owner of all ACP Servers. But NW gave them back along with Nachos and other armies they made a full scale invasion of The DRACP Nation. (Democratic Republic of ACP.)

The ACP was slowly pushed back, losing most of the battles including their Capital Breeze, witch was a heavy blow for ACP morale. After much fighting and flaming ACP scheduled one single invasion that could switch the side of the war in their favor; The Siege of Fog NW’s Capital. Oagal promised many legendary leaders of ACP would come to this battle, the most epic battle since The Battle of Breeze in World War 3.  Many people thought ACP would lose, other thought they would win, and they were right.

Quote from ACP Site:

A great victory for ACP.  Another long battle that ranged for an hour and a half.  I believe we have no need to be ranked third in the top ten.  Thank you everyone who came to the battle.  We did so good and at times maxing over one hundred penguins.  We have proven to NW that we will not let them walk all over us.  Without Oagalthorp and all of our soldiers we wouldn’t have done as great we did today.  Now that we have attacked them we have them were we want them.  We will never surrender until we have nothing left to give.  While writing this post I noticed Vendetta also made a post.  He took a picture of me; yet cut out most of it.  I said that I was proud of Vendetta being locked out of rooms because it just proves how big ACP was.  I just wished NW could have gave a better fight.  It wasn’t as fun to attack an army that was just dancing.  I took a lot of pictures along with other people.  If you took a picture please comment them, I’ll be sure to give you credit.  So I would like CPAC to check again.  Who is the number one army?  Still not us.  Than please keep updated with ACP site.  Click on the pictures for a better perspective of them!


I only put one picture since it would take too much space XD so anyways, The Battle of Fog was a massive victory for ACP with them numbering and incredible 100+ which they have not gotten it a while, now ACP is in a massive boost with morale, NW leader Venddeta said most of NW’s troop were locked out of rooms and the server Fog it’s self and that the ACP leaders would not change it. Yet shortly after this battle, ACP schedueld a massive ammount on invasions of NW’s invasion A.K.A as Oagal calls it “The March of Destrucion”. Some people thought ACP was too cocky, they may have been but let’s see the results of what has happend so far.

Battle of Hockey:

The battle of Hockey as an Euro invasion, ACP had okay numbers for an euro battle while DW the main Euro force battled ACP, ACP claims victory, in my opinion DW was crushed by ACP’s size.

The Invasion of Icebound:

Yet another Euro invasion, ACP once more dominated the field as NW and it’s allies have very few Euro troops at their disposal, ACP claimed it was a no ally, but they came to agreement for allies to be allowed. Even yet ACP Claimed victory with a strong force of numbers.

The battle of Frozen:

I think this was an euro invasion XD it should be, anyways ACP had a much stronger size, while NW and it’s allies proved stronger than before.

Siege of Ice Rink:

Ice Rink was a poorly fought battle, as NW and it’s allies put no resistance.

Re-taking of Snow Fort:

ACP has only provided one picture so I can’t say much.


No pictures yet.

Well this war has turned to ACP’s favor or so I think…XD anyways ACP’s Euro invasion has been sucessful, but they still have to take Breeze back, and the other allies aren’t going to keep staying in the defensive, they have already planned invasions, this war is going on very fast, and is very confusing XD also, officials are declaring this is near a World War. Ya know what that means? WW 5! 😀


I was going to put more wars but their kinda slow, and I want to get to this next topic.


I go around sites to look for news and such and I was looking in CPAE (Which no offence, don’t like it’s post since I already know about whats happening.) and something caught my eye. A post made by The Infamous (well infamous here atleast.) Lental. The post was called “Upcoming Hackers.” I went to the post and Lental, it was a hacking group by Fiddy former UMA Leader (fired for hacking LT) Fiddy claims they delted RT site and are hoping to hack all medium armies going major. Fiddy said “for fun.”. So yeha….anyways,  a other post made by Lental explained the situation getting worse.  It explained Syndicate wanted to hack LT which they did (Or did they?) WT wich they did (WT was a CPUN member who applied right before Dee made the new members page.) They hacked RPBF who was going for medium.  Ioioluk fought back by hacking Fiddy, though Fiddy claimed that was a fake IP adress. The Cyber Battle kept on and then LT was delted.

In the new LT site, Ioi claimed Fiddy did not know how to hack he claimed he got ACP to report LT site.

Quote from LT Site:

Hello , ioioluk4 here with the new site . Most of you think Fiddyy hacked us . NO he didn’t . When i came home and i saw our site deleted , i thought i am going to retire and going to be called a fail to have messed with a hacker . But thanks Juju for clearing the things up and telling me the truth . Fiddyy didn’t hack , he simply told ACP chat ” REPORT LT SITE ” . That’s why our site got suspended . Fiddyy says only him reported it , but hey , to suspend a blog that did absolutely nothing , they must be at least 10 persons and it certainly couldn’t be the hacker himself alone doing it .


Since Fiddyy is UMA leader , we will be invading UMA . Every LT and UMA troop is siding with LT as far as i know . If you are not sure of what side to choose then ask yourself this question .

Would you really support hacking , doxing and faking ?

I hope no , and everyone who supports these 3 will be destroyed . UMA , prepare for death.  Before i type the invasions, , i would like to show everyone the proof that Fiddyy was and is an UMA leader .

The invasions were canceled though, so is Fiddy really a hacker? Ioi also proved Fiddy was able to get an admin in RT to delete the site, and the same thing in WV as Zak claimed. So is Syndicate really a hacker? Many people are starting to doubt if he really is. So are they are they a threat? Can the CPUN maybe gain from this? I really don’t know. Anyways, comment on what you think!


Ohh look I got ideas! I think if an army in the CPUN is in the verge of death, or is hacked, the legion will help the army till they get back up on it’s feet. Ehh like the idea? Of course we may have a seperate group of some people who will help the army and watch it afterwards, it would be real good to have something like that helping armies and stuff.

My next idea is building a a sort-of alliane with a news site such as SMAC, it will be some sort of link that reporters like me and Shimmy will be able to get new information and such, and maybe SMAC can even mention us to other small armies or something like that :p the idea just came to me, ok?

Build a large top ten! Of course I won’t do it. Shimmy haz teh skillz for that,  I would do it if he can’t do it, and such it would get major armies attention to us.

Tournament! This tournament would be hosted by all CPUN Staff. It would be nice and stuff. Shimmy mentioned this in his top ten small in the end of his post, it would include major, medium and large armies all-together! It would be epic, who knows maybe after the WW 5 who knows? 😉


Well thats all for today folks! I can’t believe I did a 1600+ post without even trying :p. So anyways tip of life: Never ever ever ever ever EVER, drink expired chocalate milk it tastes like some sort of apple, grape and orange juice with a dead rat in it. So yeha….cya!

Sorry had to put that there…XD

~Charizard The Great.


23 Responses

  1. First! Yes I’m so awsome I got first in my own post 😎 also Trickster is Pink Mafia? Not what CAPC says! New post invloving PM in CPAC, check it out!

  2. No way… Trick is definitely NOT pm. I know the real pm, and he’s epic.

  3. I didnt consider the options… I now don’t think fiddy is a hacker. He has powers, which would be very easy to bribe with. But all armies. Unite! Ultimate Army Alliance (UAA)

  4. Worst post ever. xD
    Also, I’m gay. I told Sky to put this on my comment.

    That’s for editing Grant’s comment on CPAE! -Sky

  5. hello i am 2ic of the small/medium army called BPA and i am also the brother of the emperor 99kane.
    My army called BPA needs your help in a war.A army called cpfbi has been bullying my army for a few weeks and so we have declared war but they are to big to fight alone and the BPA empire would like your to lead us into battle.We have heard many stories about your army and with your help we can take down CPFBI once and for all.



    thank you

    from 99kane clubhot and the high council of BPA.

  6. Best post ever. XD

  7. The only person out of those line of legends that’s still here is Oagal I guess.

    If PM was still here, why wouldn’t Zippy500? I think both of them thought of it better to really retire from CP Armies.

    This ACP vs NW stuff is really big. 😮 I like NW’s way in some things. They aren’t an army that was made to protect Club Penguin unlike other armies out there.

    As for Lental, I believe you have fewer reporters that could compare to Charizard and all our other CPUN reporters. Unlike you, we do our best to keep our staff well cared for.

  8. I hear he treats his designers like crap 😮

  9. Syndicate..

  10. Really Gostt? :O

  11. please help my army it is called BPA we are being threated and keep being invaded by them they are called CPFBI they are a threat to all small armies.

  12. Can my post be back up?

  13. Wait what? xD


  14. Syndicate can’t hack?
    They report websites to WordPress so they get deleted. Hardly hacking at all.
    They buy chat passwords from the main owners. Hardly hacking yet again.

    Fiddyy is a liar and thinks he is so 1337 but he really isn’t.

  15. So 1337?

  16. 1337 meaning ‘Leet’ meaning ‘Elite’ in gaming meaning something like ‘cool’. 😉 Soccer’s post is scheduled for tomorrow. Shimmy Top 10 will be restickied on Wed.

    Fiddy is from TG right?

  17. So a nerdy version of cool…

  18. Dee, he’s formal UMA leader

  19. Oh yeah. I can’t cope up with leaders nowadays.

  20. xD some are noobs, others I dont know “how the hell they got leader?”

  21. Exactly. 😛

  22. please could CPUN help my army it is called BPA.We are being bullied and invaded by a army called CPFBI they keep saying nasty stuff about us and also they are getting loads of armies to gang up on us.Please could you make a post about this on CPUN so lots of armies can see it and BPA can have more allies.

  23. CPFBI aren’t bulling you, your lying. o.O

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