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What do you think?: Invasion Rules & Other Topics.

Hello CPUN.

I’ve taken some time off my busy schedule with the Legion, and the brand new CPUN site updates to bring you this post of a freshly built up argument about CP Warfare. If you haven’t noticed, recently the Army of Club Penguin has been at war with the Night Warriors, Nachos, Dark Warriors and the Ice Warriors. Recently, the 4-Army alliance has claimed Mammoth from the grip of ACP, making it neutral amongst the armies in the alliance, they’ve also made a massive dent in ACP’s Nation. But, recently many Legends returned, including Boomer 20 and Oagalthorp to help claim back what they believe “belongs” to them. But, what has gained bad karma for the ACP, is that they’ve decided to “make the rules” and they’re the Invaders. In my opinion, I believe that the Defender should make the rules, not the Invader. A typical, real world example:

Japan decides to Invade the land of USA.

Japan suddenly decides that they USA isn’t allowed allies to help them defend their land.

Doesn’t something seem a little odd? Last time I checked, the Japanese Government doesn’t run America. America should have the right to do as they please with their land, until it’s claimed and invaded by someone else.

Above is a picture of the current ACP 3ic, Flipper. Stating that the Night Warriors will be unable to bring allies, unless ACP does. Now, not only does that give ACP an advantage, GMT wise, it also gives them the advantage of being able to get allies on first if need be. I believe it’s up for the Night Warriors to decide how their land is defended, and whom is defending it.

That’s all for this half of the post, don’t forget to comment what you think. 😉


This part of my post, is going to be about Armies Names & Recruiting.

Now, do you think that what an army is called makes a difference? I believe so, let us take ACP for an example. (Sorry for always involving ACP, but they are the best example 🙂 ).

Now, they’re one of the oldest CP Armies, and are arguably the most stable, largest and well-organized armies in the business. Although, does it really matter whom is leading ACP? I was in a discussing with one of my friends, and he believes anyone could lead ACP. He simply stated the following points:

-ACP comes up first when you type in anything army-related into google.

-ACP has the best names for recruits to join.

-ACP never seems to have recruiting sessions.

He believes that anyone can lead ACP, that it doesn’t take much skill, he believed all you need to know how to do is to edit pages, make posts and add people to the ranks. ACP pretty much makes itself, whilst other armies are generally working hard recruiting, ACP has not problem getting soldiers, finding recruiting, not important. On average, when I asked someone from ACP, at least 10 people Join ACP each day, and 2 people quit. According to recent research. Most are recruiting from everything, other than CP itself.

So what do you think?


The final part of my post will be on one of CP Armies most talked about Subjects: Pink Mafias.

(Just for the stand-out effect, I’ll post this in Pink.

So, I’m pretty sure you’re aware that “Army Legend” Trickster “confessed” that he was the Ultra Army Legend, Pink Mafias. Recently, many people have been investigating the evidence, personally, the people who think he isn’t Pink, massively outweighs the people who thing that he is Pink Mafias. I’ve taken the time, to also research some of the things that have been thrown into the rumor bag. Trickster said in a comment “He was best friends with Compwiz” who is also a Retired UMA Legend, when he’s asked about Compwiz, he would reply that “He has talked to him on the phone.” Then, when he was asked to call Compwiz and ask him to come on to any chat, he replied that “They aren’t friends anymore”. When asked to bring on any other UMA Legend, he replied the same thing. He also refuses to answer any questions, and he always come up with “His accounts were hacked” “He forgot his passwords” Etc. ACP Leader, also evaluated the WordPress account IP on Pink Mafias, and on Trickster, both were totally different. He also apparently gave away Pink Mafias’ wordpress pass, yet no one has posted with it, or even used it in the slightest.

Personal things, he doesn’t respond to telling what Pink Mafias name was, what Compwiz’ name was, and he also feel happy to tell everyone Boomer’s name Etc. He will also refuse to answer questions about his past websites. He also claims that Pink Mafias, UMA PM, were all banned and/or hacked.  We’ve also questioned his thoughts on ACP, he loves ACP (Trickster). But when we interviewed some pass UMA soldiers, they said that Pink hated ACP with a passion.

I was doing some research using the WBM and came across some interesting articles.

One of the very last posts, was Pink posting that he was selling his account “Uma Pm” for real money.

Another thing, is that someone from UMA told me that Trickster said he “created” Pink Mafias in Late 2006, although, I have a picture which I’m about to show you, which shows an item which Pink’s penguin is wearing, which was in the catalogue (according to CP wiki) in February 2006.

But, of course this is just opinion through my research, what you think is entirely, up to you. Do you think that Trickster could possibly be this Army Legend?

Edit: I’ve just received a stand-out comment, saying that both the accounts “Pink Mafias” and “Uma Pm” has memberships, whereas Trickster has never bought a membership for any of his accounts, even from the start of his career.


P.S This post is exactly as I’m typing this, right now… It’s 992 words long!



17 Responses

  1. 1st. Enjoy all, happy investigating! :mrgreen:

    • I like how your picture is the same of Trickster’s icon on Xat.

  2. Hmm, nice post but, who are you?

    Donut: I’m someone who’s been with this site for a long time. 🙂

  3. good post good investigative journalism also i was wondering if i could join, not as an army but an individual

  4. You can’t just ask.

  5. “also evaluated the WordPress account IP on Pink Mafias, and on Trickster, both were totally different”
    ATM: Ever heard of an IP Address Changer? Or the term of “moving” where a person and their family moves from one house to another?

    And about the Late 2006 and Feb 2006 item thing.
    ATM: Mis-use of words by Pink obviously.

    “he doesn’t respond to telling what Pink Mafias name was, what Compwiz’ name was”
    ATM: Pink was 9 back then, now he is 14, he is smarter.

    And my final response to this post in this comment: I know Trickster, he isn’t stupid, not at all. A rather smart guy. I believe him, Pink Mafias is back people, believe it, or be a loser like most people.

    Donut’s Edit: 1. Trickster just confessed he isn’t Pink Mafias, 2. Trickster doesn’t own this pic, plus he wears the UMA uniform one now.

  6. “ACP comes up first when you type in anything army-related into google.”
    Correction: CP army related. I googled the word “army” itself, ACP wasn’t even on the first page.
    Why are armies telling each other what to do?
    I hope CP armies don’t get so dumb they make the UN-CP wiki seem true.

  7. Pink Mafia? Wow! I never knew that mafias could be pink!

  8. Oh and Deedledoo, the BlackHawks’s name is one word “BlackHawks” and not two words “Black Hawks”. Just thought I’d let you know 🙂

  9. Corrected that Rail. Call me Dee. :mrgreen:

    The Pink Mafias – Trickster thing interests me. But also the tragic news of the ACP falling. Now it’s time for some action after years. 😛

    And lol at Jarlo.

  10. Thanks Dee.

  11. @my other comment:

    Sorry, I’ve never seen you use KlowN as your name and I accidentally skipped your signature at the bottom.

  12. An invasion rule that needs to be taken off is “You need at least 5 to invade”. Who made that up? How do you think small armies fight? Take that rule off!

    • No, that rule should stay. To be a respected small army, you need at least 5. Plus, it will help them to get bigger.

  13. I think armies should agree to take off or let the 5 rooms rule before the battle. But guess what? The armies still complain as they even agreed. 🙄 People this day are so ignorant and selfish-ish, it’s completely idiotic.

  14. Exactly… there are lots of servers that aren’t being used

  15. Most of them are safe chat…

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