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Shimmy’s Special Suprise!

I am doing well with my  alliteration recently, maybe English is finally starting to take an effect on me? Now by now you wan’t to know what the surprise is, so the surprise is…

The Small Army Top 10 is back!!!! And better than ever. Yes after some considering I have decided that it is time to go back to my old ways, the top 10, but this time with a new set out system, everything is different, Why, you may ask? This is because my top 10’s were not fun enough and they definitely were not up to the high standards we have here so let’s see if I still have it in me to plunger up a terrific tremendous top 10.

1. Non Member Army
Well as always something goes wrong and this time I can’t put pictures up. Sorry. The NMA recently have been at war with the wizards, this is a great war with NMA averaging 6-7, a very good total, if they keep going they could be medium next week!!

2. Water Vikings

A recently formed army, and this army is on a winning streak, they are beating through everyone who challenges them, they are averaging 8-9 at events and if they beat tacos they will be medium next week, for sure!

3. Sky Troops
The Sky Troops, an old army have been secretly moving through the ranks with an experienced leader in Alex Cone and a great army they are starting to average 5-7 at events, and are successfully pulling of victories. I have high hopes for ST.

4. Vikings of CP
Another Army who have been heard of for a long time but not that big and then suddenly shoot through the roof and start getting big numbers, VCP are also averaging 6-7, as you can see this was a very hard top 10 to call.

5. Crystal Warriors

Yes! The Crystal Warriors are back after their last spell in the top 10. They used to get big averages but they dropped and KingFunks is hoping to bring them back to their former glory, and Good Luck to him too.

6. Fire Vikings

Another new army on the block, they recently had a scheduled event in which the opponent did not show up but they got 5-6 soldiers out into the battle, and I was seriously impressed with their efforts! Keep it up!

7. CP Green Team

As I was checking out this site I was very surprised, its a rising army getting 4-5 at events and performing tactics like it was a piece of cake. It was brilliant, I truly hope this army go far because it has the potential.

8. Dark Republic

An army that was around before but has come back recently and done very well, getting 4-5 at events and pulling off some good tactics, they have only started so they will do well in the future I guarantee it!

9. Earth Warriors

This army has not been talked about for a long time after a horrific drop in activeness but they are getting themselves up off their feet and are averaging 5+ Unscheduled I would like to see what they do scheduled, very good keep it up!

10. Icy Troops of CP

What generation is this now? They just keep going on forever but I actually have faith in this one they are starting to average 3-4 at events and are quite active, a few more soldiers and they would be up there at the top of the top 10.


Well that’s it for my first top 10 in a while, I hope you enjoyed it because I enjoyed making it, if this goes well, I am hoping to make the next one in two weeks time. In the mean time with Dee’s permission I am hoping to start a tourney right here at CPUN, it will get as more viewers and some more armies to add to our members.




6 Responses

  1. Tourne*thumbsup*
    Top ten *in the middle* because NT averages 5 at events. But weve lost a lot of publicity with the triple name change.
    1. 2. 3.
    So yea. I wanted to recreate my first army since my return again.

  2. Good to see this again. 😀 Welcome back!

  3. Where…is…Banana…ARMY (rage)

  4. I’m guessing their medium.

  5. Tacos are medium (maniac)

  6. Will sticky this in the weekend.

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