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Good Ideas in CP Warfare|How should they improve??

Hey guys, long time, I know, Busy with my newsite/alliance, CPBC, available here, I want CPBC to become a part of CPUN, like SMAC part of CPAC, but anyways, good ideas in CP Warfare.

Everybody wants there army bigger, but is merging the way you should rise? What about ACP? They didn’t merge, and look at them now, getting 100+ at events, but then again, look at GT, merged from 4 armies, and they were in the #2 spot for a long time. Look at NW, supposedly, they were a couple armies merged together. How can it improve? Fair merges, no matter what the size (in activeness), the leader of the merge-into army gets owner.

Colonizing is becoming more popular these days, NW has armies as there colonies, UMA does, it improves the armies active count, which is good, but bad for the army that become a colony, they have to listen to the main leader, so really, it’s like being a mod, you get to power over some people but for the most part, you listen to all higher ranks. How can it improve? You become an owner on chat, and if you are the only owner, you can lead in battles/tactics sessions/recruitings.

Server sharing
For the most part, every army has there own server, some have 20+, others only 4. But what’s the deal with sharing 50% of a server?? or 25% of a server, how do you even do that? Couldn’t small servers be for small armies, medium servers be for medium armies, and large servers be for large armies? Which means that small armies could invade a larger server, or recruit in a larger server, because I mean, one recruiting session isn’t gonna make all the ACP soldiers go to that army, no, they can be in 2 armies. How can it improve? Large armies can give some of there servers to small armies who barely get 4-5 active.

Here’s an interview with DuskShadows5, an EFM soldier
What do you think of merging?
I think it’s a stupid idea
So what do you think of colonizing?
I have no idea what that is so… it’s great! 😀

Colonizing is like where a small army basically joins the army, but gets there own site and stuff
a small army.. joins the army.. arent they already in the army?
Yea, that’s a problem with colonizing
Ok, so what do you think of server sharing?
I think that is ok when it comes to small armies
But large armies ~ No
small armies are well.. small so if they share a server with another small arm they can pratice, train, recuit together, etc. Big armies hsould have there own servers since they are big they can protect their server. Medium armies, no, because of the same reason of big armies
Ok, I think that’s it
Well, that settles it, for the most part, I don’t want flame war comments on this, unless it’s actually smart flame wars. Thanks!
-Wyoskyguy|X-zay|Night Fury


6 Responses

  1. This is a good post ;D

  2. ACP was successful because it was one of the firsts, so it didn’t need it, it brought the idea after the color wars.

    Colonizing, that is how life works buddy.

    Server sharing, almost every server is shared except:

    Ascent, CPA
    Big Snow, TG
    Brumby, ACP
    Caribou, IW
    Deep Snow, IW
    Hypothermia, PH
    Icebound, NW
    Oyster (currently hasn’t been claimed)
    Permafrost, DCP
    Pine Needles (currently hasn’t been claimed)
    Polar Bear, Tacos
    Shiver, TG
    Sled, IW
    Snow Bank, CPBW
    Snow Board, TG
    Snowbound, WW
    Snowcap, IW
    Zipline (currently hasn’t been claimed)
    and most safe chat servers, see http://clubpenguinarmyadvertising.wordpress.com/servers-used/

  3. FLAMZ WARZ!!1!SHIFT!!111!1shift!!1lol!!1!pie11!!!!!

  4. Lol xD

  5. FIFTH COMMENT! O_o Hehehehe. by the way, I will be saying hehehehe quite a lot since it’s my signature laugh 🙂

  6. Guys, look at his post on CPAE.


    Its got everyone talking…..

    LadTom2 aka lentalsoup

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