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ACP;The Turning Point? ll GT vs IV

Dee edit: Dee here. Sorry to have to edit on this wonderful post. 🙂 I have news. Cas and Sky’s post are scheduled to be published 2 days apart with Cas’s starting on the 17th. If you have any posts ready guys, just tell me and I’ll give it a schedule. 😉

And.. I have finally made a brand new Members Page! There are currently only NINE (9) armies on it. I kept them on because their Representatives are active. Please check out the page, it loads quite fast. If you are representing one or more armies on there, simply re-copy the form and re-register by filling in the form again and commenting on the page with the form updated (if not) info. :mrgreen: I would like our most active Representatives (the ones who I kept their representing armies on for their loyalty) to be the first to populate that page with their comments but most importantly to comment the forms of the armies they are representing first. (For example, I’m Sky and I represent two of the armies that have been kept on that Members page so, I can simply copy and paste the two armies info, if needed, I update the info, and finally I comment it.) It’s for record purposes guys and also, I wanted to give the privilege to you all. 😉  Thank you for sticking with us. It’s good to start anew. 😀

Sky Edit: My Post is ready *WARY*
Hello friends, random people I barely know, enemies, and fellow associates. Before I begin this post I would like to say Justin Bieber is gay, yes I know quite shocking. Wait? What? You already knew? Okay then never mind, let us begin with the post shall we?

Table of Content

1. ACP; The Turning Point?

2. Golden Troops vs The Ice Vikings

3. Some Ideas

4. A Few Words


Section 1: ACP; The Turning Point?

As you have known, ACP the most powerful army in Club Penguin is at war with the powerful and strong Night Warriors, and the feared Nacho Army. Well shockingly ACP got into this problem by helping the Doritos of Club Penguin who; ACP Leader Mchappy claims were being abused by other more powerful armies. They declared they will be helping DCP on terms such as only helping when they need the help. But, it didn’t stay like that for long as NW and The Nachos prepared a full-scale invasion of ACP’s Nation. But first let’s go to see how it happened with more details.

On February 3, 2011 Mchappy declared The Army of Club Penguin will be helping The Doritos of Club Penguins to defend their nation. It was a shock to nearly everyone, Mchappy ACP Leader admitted he was not happy with DCP’s past action in the past weeks in the DCP-NW War.

Mchappy set up a few terms first to avoid hostile situation with the other armies, the terms were;

  • When we go to a defense of their nation, we will start at the Beacon.  Once a DCP leaders asks for us to help we will attack the enemy.
    • We will be doing this because it benefits all armies at the battle.  It will help ACP grow because we will be recruiting.  It will help DCP know not to rely on us.  It will help NW because we won’t fight them right away.  See?  Happy faces, eh?
  • We will never attend any type of invasion.
    • I’m not getting ACP stuck into any situation.  That will be your problem DCP and yours only.  If you do invade I honestly will have to root for the opposing army.  I don’t think you should try to act like the big boys at this point in time.
  • We will help defend until DCP say they are going to stop attending.
    • Confused?  If DCP stop attending their defenses than ACP won’t attend either.  Another point to this is if DCP so happen to “forget” to come to a defense, ACP will stop helping and won’t help again.
  • “Yay, war!”
    • This is not a war, at least for the ACP.  We are acting as a second line for the DCP.  They will battle until they can’t battle anymore, that is where we step in.

-ACP Post.

But, shortly after Mchappy would make an agreement with The NW Leader Venddeta to not attack NW untill February 18th or ACP would give all their servers to NW. And on February 6th NW declared ACP broke their agreement , or so NW says. NW accused of ACP attacking them in a DCP Defence, ACP countered by saying NW attacked them first, and ACP used self-defence. There was much flaming on both sides, NW gave all their servers back to ACP excluding Mammoth, which they said they made neutral. But, ACP ignored NW’s claim of Mammoth and prepared for the massive scheduled invasion of ACP’s Nation.

Days after days, invasion after invasion, both sides claimed victory over their own battles, wich is not surprising. But, at the battle of Breeze, ACP’s Capital, NW Claims alongside with most of CP Army Community, and many ACP troops wich have admitted ACP lost at the Battle of Breeze, and no direct response from ACP Leaders, people wonder, has ACP weakened?  Do NW and The Nachos and their allies have a chance at this war? Or as Ias, former ACP Leader and CPAC Head suggested that ACP is doing a little bad and more allies will join ACP and other enemies will have peace, and ACP will win aging.

Now I think, this is The Turning Point for ACP, this war will decide, if they are worthy of keeping the title of “The Best Army in Club Penguin.” Will the #1 spot be handed to someone else? ACP troops wonder, if ACP is the army they want to be in, I have seen ACP troops leave to other armies, I myself question my loyalties, even if I am retired. Yet ACP still has a small glow of hope.

On February 13 Oagalthorp, as we all know the creator of ACP made a post, named “The Battle of Fog: Invasion of the NW Capital”

And I quote Oagal’s word:

Yes, you read that right. This weekend the ACP and its allies have successfully defended our nation. Four servers invaded, and only one servers untaken. Troops, that is absolutely phenomenal. Who would have thought that we could protect two fronts at the same time with such tremendous vigor? Soldiers, it is your zeal and determination that has convinced me and Mchappy that we need to take this war to the next level. No longer shall we be playing defense; we’re taking this massacre straight to the heart of the Night Warrior empire. Fog will be their first server to fall.

Brave soldiers and allies of the Army of Club Penguin, this battle will be of Biblical proportions. Veterans talk about the Battle of Breeze in WWIII. Years from now, you will still be telling the next generation of ACP about the Battle of Fog in WWV. We will be firing on all cylinders. Those who love freedom and justice will be pouring into and throughout Fog like an unstoppable flood. And NW, you will finally know what it is to drown. Fast.

  • DAY: Saturday, February 19th
  • TIMES: 1:00pm PST
    4:00pm Eastern
    3:00pm Central
    2:00pm Mountain
    1:00pm Pacific
    9:00pm UK
  • SERVER: Fog (NW capital)

We in the ACP have decided that, for the success of this battle on both sides of the war, it would be best if all battles from now until after the Battle of Fog be postponed. This will give either side ample time to prepare. This is an act of charity—we’ve all seen how swiftly the ACP is able to rally an army of troops at the last minute. Our enemies, however, are less fortunate in that respect.

As for the Nachos, we want you to help your allies in their time of need. This will be an honorable battle, and I humbly ask you to accept the challenge as well.

~Oagalthorp and Mchappy,
Until later,
March on!

As you can see, Oagal also claims that ACP has won most of the battles this week, but I won’t say my opinion who won or lost though, as you can also see, ACP is invading NW’s Capital; Fog, this is the turning point in the war, if ACP loses, moral will fall, and ACP may go with it, but if they win, ACP will have more courage and hope, don’t forget hope.

Also is there a possibilty us, the Club Penguin United Nation be invlolved? Of course many small-meium armies may join the war if it keeps going , so I ask, will we be dragged into this?

Who do you think will win NW or ACP?


Section 2: Golden Troops vs Ice Vikings

In Febuary 11 Ice Vikings would go through a goverment reform votings, IV leader 57to felt like they needed to change a little, so they went for three goverments, Communism, Monarchy, and Imperialism. Communism won with 20 votes followed by Imperialism with 10 and then Monarchy with 7. They kinda made a language with Russian, got a new flag, called their servers region very nice stuff.

Yet on Ferbuary 12, Ice Vikings came out of political changes and went to a declaration of war aginst The Golden Troops, with an Invasion of Snow Plow and Sherbert…with style.

57to on IV Site:

have gotten a little tired of the lack of results we have had lately.  Everyone seems to have lost interest and doesn’t care anymore, dread logging on and try to make up excuses not to get on, If your that way than just quit this army now. As of now IV is going to change we are going to get back up to the top and get 20+ at battles if we don’t dramatically improve this week, I 57to, will resign from Leadership in the Ice Vikings. I’m dead serious. we can’t afford to mess around anymore.  Things will also change in the daily go-abouts of IV we will now log on every single day to recruit, train, or PB an army, maybe even scare off some noobs on mammoth From here on out IV will log on to cp everyday, if you don’t like it than leave because this is the new IV.In honor of the new communist  regime rising to power in IV we will invade a server this will also be the key factor in this weeks assessment on if i leave or not. Also since this will be the first Server that will be taken under the new regime I am considering naming it the capital of our nation. The server we are Invading belongs to the Golden Troops. It has come to my attention that they are not the biggest fan of communism. It turns out they started a war against our brothers(UMA) in an attempt to eradicate them! This kind of menace will not stand and threaten the regime. The people of the DRGT are absolutely intolerant of communism their hate for us obviously glistens brighter in one leader than all the others; Casiusbrutus. When i entered the GT chat this morning he saw the communist sign in my name and immediately demodded me. I tried to tell him that communism wasn’t that different from GT’s “Democracy” but he ignored me. His arrogance and foolish acts against me and UMA will not go unpunished. At this Point the Ice Vikings Officially Declare war on the D.R.G.T and will continue to wage war against them until Casiusbrutus is removed from leadership. This war will Officially mark the beginning of the Communist Regime in IV. This war will be for glory and for revenge against a”Democratic” menace. So Comrades we march on the enemy only to bring us honor and victory!

If you are going to stick with IV and come on whenever possible and will log on to cp everyday! Comment Saying “Long Live the regime!” and also say if you will make it to the battle or not! Remember this battle will mark the official communist era in IV, i wouldn’t miss it if i were you!

Power to the People

Premier 57to

As you can see IV declared war for past actions aginst UMA, it seems war is inevitable, so who do you think will win? The new Communist Ice Vikings, or the Democratic Republic of GT?


Well this is it for my posts I would like to say to all haters -COUGH- Lad -COUGH- just f*** off, honestly you’re making your self look like an ignorant moron. So please stop annoying us. Oh and Happy Valentines 😀

~Charizard The Great. (1800+ Words next stop 2000+)


13 Responses

  1. 1st. God approves.

  2. I hate Justin Beiber too, but I hate how everyone trashes him, so what he is having puberty problems, let’s face it, he is more successful than a lot of people.

    Charizard: Thats true :p

  3. Im already confused about this war so I cant say anything

  4. I agree with soccer793. I personally don’t care so much about Justin Bieber either way though. His fans make a big deal about his life, I don’t think his life is important.
    Anyway, feel free to rant about how Disney ruined CP here: http://anti-clubpenguin.wikia.com/wiki/Disney

  5. Ice Vikings are communist now? LOLZ. I remember when Communist was an insult folks would throw around CP. Quite frankly, I wonder how it would work in CP (in real life it means they control the economy, how can you do it in CP?), but hey, I’m not really against CP Communism. I don’t really like real communism though.

  6. Lolwut

  7. ACP and NW….. Close… IV and GT…. GT! (Or I hope).

  8. Justin Bieber.

    He’ll grow up one day and lose that famous voice of his. But then, people would still like him AS A SINGER because of his looks. Wow. Music today.

    I heard the ACP finally lost Breeze. Such tragic news. 😮 GT vs IV? That’s new.

    Excellent post as always Char. 😉

  9. Yah. He sounds like a girl though. 😛

  10. jarlo u are, she sounds like a girl

  11. Wow this is ac awesome post cpun rocks so do the reporters.

  12. I think large armies should make an alliance to stop NW and Nachos NW are to greedy one day they’ll try to get more and will be attacked by a weak point and be smashed to peices by allies of ACP.

    Next IV vs GT IV this was a very very bad idea your going to get owned badly GT gets 25+ at most events and lately you’ve been falling with 10+ at battles so in my opinion i think GT will rise up against IV and make them wish they never declared war on GT

    In My Opinion IV is falling the troops dont really have it in them when it comes to battles PB’s and recruiting ESPECIALLY recruiting when 57 comes on IV chat and says Mammoth Town (example) when theres about 15-20 on chat theres about 8 on cp and some of them are people who arent on chat if i was u IV i would shape up

    Thankyou ~james30072~

  13. Am back till Tuesday

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