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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Hello world!

The war is:

Banana Army, Bunnycorn Warriors and Water Vikings vs. Pheonix Bandits (that’s how they spell their name) and Tacos

As I, Banana Army leader, declared war on PBCP, I will tell you the summary of this war.

When Banana Army first started, we had our eye on 3 servers: Icicle, Cold Snap and Oyster.

Those are now Banana Army’s servers.

Oyster was PBCP’s and Icicle was being invaded by the Lemons.

After winning Icicle from the Lemons, Banana Army turned they eye on Oyster, owned then by PBCP.

Before the Banana Army could invade it from them, they gave it away to the Water Vikings.

Banana Army quickly invaded it from them.

There was peace for a while, but then war was declared.

SUMMARY: War started because of an old rivalry.

Then Banana Army set up to invade Pine Needles and Mountain because PBCP didn’t own those servers.

At this point, BCW (Bunnycorn Warriors) join in with Banana Army.

Banana Army and BCW didn’t even have to fight.

Summary: PBCP surrenders Pine Needles and Mountain

A few days later, The Banana Army calls for an invasion of White Out against the Tacos and PBCP.

BCW agrees to help.

At this point, Water Vikings join the war.

At this point, Tacos join the war.

The rules were:

no flaming or claiming, all battles are fought in Snowforts, 30 min time period, allies and spying allowed, no hacking (bots, etc)

For this battle, the Banana Army, BCW, and WV joined together to form the…




PBCP‘s alliance broke the battles in Snowforts rule and 30 minute rule (according to Banana Army 2IC)

Red (PBCP owner) wasn’t too happy about the Banana Army 2IC claiming victory, so…

*picture contains language*


Red broke the No Flaming rule here.

Mini Peng (PBCP owner rank) surrendered.

Summary: Banana Army, BCW, and WV win White Out

Later on, I found Red abusing his power.

Sledderboy (PBCP leader) came on after the abuse. He also surrendered.

Then he gave the Banana Army PBCP‘s last remaining server, Flippers.

Summary: Banana Army gets Flippers.

So that’s how the war ends.

The only thing Banana Army has left to do is take the remaining part of Flippers from the Platinum Warriors.

It was an interesting war.

*insert witty catchphrase here*



16 Responses

  1. 1st. 😀 Pwn’s a lifesaver.

  2. 2nd. Epic job pwn!

  3. Bunny Corn…

  4. Why don’t you put this on the wars page now? 😉

  5. Dozy wanted to be banned, he even asked to be banned?

  6. It took over an hour *rage*

  7. Yellow hurts my eyes

  8. W

  9. Dee said it himself, pwn is a lifesaver FOR CPUN.
    Anonymous: And you need to stop flaming us

  10. Lentel you and Robert are the only ones who post Lol, but everyone at CPUN posts

  11. Since I’m such a lifesaver, I should be promoted (wary)

  12. Lol,
    Lental, are you trying to start a flame war??? If so, were gonna win, and if we had an ally flame war, we would totally win. Me alone, I’m in 2 others still active. Not to mention others who would fight for CPUN. I’m well known around the small army world. A legend to most. So trust me, you don’t want to be on my badside

  13. Not to be mean or anything but I never heard of you before you joined CPUN.

    P.S. I came into CP warfare in 2007, I find it funny how far I didn’t come, I probably could’ve been leader of ACP by now if I liked them more.

    • Agreed on the first part.

  14. I never knew Red lead any other army aside from the CPR. Hmm.

    I feel really exclusive right now. 😛

  15. xD why?

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