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Pwn: Sorry for editing your post Shimmy. Dee, my post is ready. AND YOU’D BETTER LIKE IT BECAUSE IT TOOK ME OVER AN HOUR TO WRITE AND I HAVE A HEADACHE NOW D=<

Hey it’s Shimmy here and today I am going to be discussing if CP Warfare become boring. Carry on if you dare…

Recently they has been the big war between NW and ACP plus DCP and TG getting involved but for people who are not in those armies it doesn’t excite them, maybe they can go and watch a battle, but they have nothing to do, of course there is the odd battle and the odd invasion/defence, but no big wars have been happening recently, Why? Well they are many answers to this question and I will explore some now.

Laziness: Maybe some leaders or even soldiers have been getting lazy meaning they cant arrange battles because nobody will turn up and it will be boring.

Attention: Usually when a Major army declares war, its the big thing, but Small armies want attention as well (After leading many small armies, I have first hand experience at this), they want to be noticed by larger armies, and people will say, “Hey there good, lets put them in a top 10 or battle them” and then they can start growing as an army. An army doesn’t grow without attenion.

Lack of Interest: When a massive war happens most people are interested by it, and go and watch or fight, but when other wars happen, not many people are interested so they don’t come because they think it is boring.

I think you might of guessed what’s coming next…Interview time!

Interview With Red Destoyz, CPUN Reporter, CPR 2ic, and 2ic in many other armies 0_0.

1. Do you think it is interesting for people outside the armies which are in the big wars?

Nope as a person who isn’t really interested in Big Armies much anymore I think we are in a lul at the moment. Nothing ever interesting happens for Small/Medium armies  and when it does its normally a One off.

2. Do People have more interest in a large army war then a small army even if they are in the small army and not in the large?

Yes, because of the fact that a Small War involving Small Armies is not that interesting. 4-5 soldiers facing off doesn’t really appeal as qualilty CP Warfare entertainment. However, 2 Big Armies with lots of troops filling up whole rooms creating an amusing display is rather interesting. It’s small wars that lack this and therefore is not interesting. Also you have to put the factor in that Major Wars have more of an impact than Small wars. As when you go on Busy Servers you can evidently see the impact that this war has had.

3. Is Laziness a factor of why less wars are happening?

To sum it up briefly, probably, however there may be other factors. Army leaders might just be pre-occupied with something else in the time being. I would wait and see what March brings for now.

4. Do all Small armies want attention, is this another factor, because they get no attention they don’t have a war?

Good point raised there, yes hit the nail on the head. Why have a war when you have barely anyone to fight it and it won’t get you anything from it. Thats also why they are a Small Army, no attention meaning they are Small. If they had attention they would’nt be small. It is like a neverending cycle or which Small armies which have attention do not exist. You can either be one or the other, meaning be a small, unknown, quiet army or be a Major army.
Great Interview with Red there, with some great answers, Do you agree with what he said? Are small armies only called small because of attention?

Interview with Sercan, GT Leaderr, and a very well known person

1. Do you think it is interesting for people outside the armies which are in the big wars?
Yes, it is very interesting, as I was one of those some years ago.

2. Why if Small armies have big wars do people have less interest than a Major war even if they are in the small army and not the Major?
Because small armies are a bit boring, and they always dream of things like “MY ARMY OWNZ BREEZE!!21@#!#!!”, “MY ARMY GOTZ 10000213W121 AT OUR LAST EVENT BUT WE FORGOT TO TAKE PICS!!1131”. Not armies are like that of course, but small armies almost everytime fails, so people would be much more interested in something like , ACP vs NW.

3. Is Laziness a factor of why less wars are happening?
Yes it is. But also, another reason is that the respective army is scared of losing it’s servers in a war.

4. Do all Small armies want attention, is this another factor, because they get no attention they don’t have a war?
ALL small armies want attention, so they can get recruits.

Two different opinions to two different people, Sercan goes down the road of saying, it is interesting for people outside the armies. What will the third interview be like?

Interview with Wyoskyguy, Fellow member of the CPUN and is very well known around the small army community.


1. Do you think it is interesting for people outside the armies which are in the big wars?
Yes and no.
2. Why if Small armies have big wars do people have less interest than a Major war even if they are in the small army and not the Major?
Small armies are 1) usually easier to rank up and 2) you learn everything you need to know in armies.
3. Is Laziness a factor of why less wars are happening?
Hell yea.
4. Do all Small armies want attention, is this another factor, because they get no attention they don’t have a war?
Yes. Small armies want to prove they are the best of all armies.
Now here with an interview kind of in the middle, some bits no some bits yes, maybe this interview speaks for the everyone, we are in between, maybe it does not, if you don’t think so Comment with your opinion?

Those were three very interesting interviews all with different views, maybe this is a subject that needs raising, it is a very interesting topic to discuss, even if it is only with comments.

Well, thanks for reading my post, and I hope that you liked it.


P.s Hoping to get my next post out by end of next week


51 Responses

  1. Also, 2nd *wary*

    Shimmy Edit: I saw your first comment, which I trashed because it had personal info in it, also on your first comment it said there are no interviews (there are 3) and I used to use colour but I stopped, it hurt people’s eyes xD. I do not believe that Gistha is gay but think what you think. Which Kieran btw? Also I saw a lack of respect for what I did for CPAE on the site, oh well your choice, haven’t seen gistha in while, really want to speak to him, if you were wondering school is good and I quit skype, too boring got other things to do E.G Homework, I got half term the same week, I am going to some people’s houses from NPS, (Tej and maybe Kypros) Of course this new idea won’t include me becase you know whatever I do, you have to make better, so looks like just gonna stick here, I like it here better though, good to catch up Lad, just if you wanna speak to me, no personal info. Other than that, Please do not give personal information on the site
    First Warning

  2. Hi. I am Railfan1, leader (and only member of) the CP BlackHawks. I do not have ANYONE in my Army apart from ME. I was wondering if you could PLEASE write a post about me and my army? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I would love it if you could do that! here is my website http://clubpenguinblackhawks.wordpress.com/ So if you could do that it would be really great! Your friend, Railfan1:)

  3. I will admit . . . I didn’t read much.

  4. @Mchappy Same.

    If your bored and aren’t fond of this world of virtual fighting, retire.

  5. Did ANYONE read my comment? 😦

  6. HELLO?

  7. We’d be happy to have you as a friend of our site Railfanone. 😉 Hang-out with us and you may gain our respect and be able to advertise here.

    I myself am bored. I don’t think we’d lose ‘business’ unlike the CPAE though. >.>

  8. Agreed! 🙂 Hey Dee, I started my own CP Newsite! Club Penguin Battle Central http://clubpenguinbattlecentral.wordpress.com/ !! If you need the banner code, I can email it to you guys (:
    ~χ-zαу αкα ѕку

  9. Sky Edit: If you don’t have something nice to say. Don’t say it at all
    Deedledoo, if you like to abuse CPAE, then our site is welcome to you….

    So in the mean time, I think that YOUR CPUN should delete itself, and I personally reccomend that you get on with REAL LIFE, not a virtual world for children. What are you now, 16?

    Get a life….

    LadTom2 aka lentalsoup

    • Dee gave you the first blow of the attack. A second shall be thrown, agreed?

      Like I usually do, I give my analysis of your comment. And as you might not have known, I can take almost ANYTHING you say, to the offense. Here, I give to you is my full dissection of your last comment, my dear Sir.

      “Deedledoo, if you like to abuse CPAE, then our site is welcome to you….”
      Hmm, I seem to see a lot of comments from you saying that the CPAE is better than us, or things you think are wrong with the CPUN. It seems as thought YOU started this conflict between the CPUN and CPAE.

      “I think that YOUR CPUN should delete itself”
      I’d like an explanation on why we should ‘delete’ ourselves. I didn’t find anything that backed that statement up in your comment.

      “and I personally reccomend that you get on with REAL LIFE, not a virtual world for children.What are you now, 16?”

      “reccomend” is spelled recommend just to let you know. Dee can do whatever he wants. Notice how you said personally in that sentence. Thats what you think, not what he thinks. And now back to the beginning of your comment:

      “Deedledoo, if you like to abuse CPAE, then our site is welcome to you….”
      In this comment of yours you seem to be firing only at Dee and his life. But in the sentence quoted above, it seems as though you meant you can start abusing the CPUN as a whole, not individually.

      “Get a life….”
      Anyone who is in Club Penguin Warfare and says this to another member of this virtual armed stuggle, obviously hasn’t taken account to their own CP Warfare life. You spend so much time here too, and even more time than Dee. I suggest you back off and focus on your own site than trying to bully others.

      Now who wants to give the final blow for the knockout?

    But what do you mean by “gain your respect”?
    anyways, thank you so much!

  11. Oh, and did you see my site? 🙂

  12. and mister Deedledoo, don’t listen to that Lental Soup guy, just ‘cos you are 16 doesn’t mean you should stop playing CP! that’s just a suggestion though.

  13. That’s where you’re wrong Lental. 😛

    You are the one too old for going on CP itself (which I believe, you still do). If you compare yourself with me, that gap between me and you for a ‘better life’ would be 95%. Who’s the guy that seems to be so active in CP News all time and is so successful in being better than the CPUN? (scn)

    I do NOT go on Club Penguin itself. I don’t have membership and no xats or days. I’ve never had any since the beginning. I was never willing to put my life into these sites or money – and I still haven’t, which probably shows why we aren’t progressing the way we should be. But then you’d need to find someone to lead the site and would be willing to put his whole youthful life into it.

    You are too old for the CP game itself and are too young to be handling sites. This is a place for big boys. Don’t trust everyone you meet on the internet. Considering the many times you have needed help to repair your site but still insists on claiming that you are better than our site shows how you need to mature a little more. Consider the number of your own REAL LIFE CLASSMATES you brought here to CP sites only to get them all to BULLY AND FRAME (for God’s sake) a fellow REAL LIFE FRIEND. And you did this all over the freaking INTERNET. Do you remember? Who needs a life and real friends now? Wow. Taking on Shimmy over the internet was a really tough thing to do. 😀

    Handling an alliance like this takes little off of my time and I’m sure all the people who have quit armies to come here for a part-time job would agree. It’s not heavy work here in the CPUN. I will admit it takes only a little off of my time – but we all remain happy here together.

    WordPress blogs, and Xat chats aren’t virtual worlds for children. They’re for big boys.

  14. To hell I would, but what the hell? You covered it perfectly (y)

  15. I was kinda thinking the same with lental and him spending more time than Dee, I noticed, it takes awhile for Dee to comment on a new post, sometimes days.

  16. Totally, Lental does it immediately. Good luck, I’m currently playing CoD, it’s pretty epic

  17. Dee…. get a life. Thats all I can say.

    A 16 year old, on a virtual website? What are you, gay?

    • Lental… get a life. Thats all I can say.

      A kid trying to bully others with nothing to back him up? What are you? Stupid?

  18. Akmost everyone goes on the internet, so are you accusing the world being gay?

  19. That’s all you CAN say Lental. 😆
    I don’t think it’s even worth replying to you with any appropriate speaking anymore.

    You can’t bully your schoolmate (Shimmy) in real life, so you do it over Club Penguin stuff and through Skype.

    You can’t bully people in real life so you try to bully people over the internet. 😛 Let’s see you trying taking on ANYONE in real life with your petty, childish comebacks.

    Go help your parents.

  20. Yeah, shut the hell up lental.
    Sick and tired of the line ‘fake and gay’. Is that all you can think of? Get a life, trying to pick fights. Are you a Nazi or something? We help you and you turn against us.
    How old are you? 18? 19? 40?

  21. Lentel, you think you can handle the website, you think you are popular in CP Warfare, you think you can get whatever job you like, just because you own a fail website, which I MADE grow, I came up with the name, I made it famous, I made most of the GOOD posts on the site at the beginning, then you fired me for no apparent reason.

    Get a Life? Did you actually just say that, all you do is sit in front of the computer, you probably don’t even know what a party is or Girlfriend for that matter
    your saturday nights are spent in front of a computer instead of at a party or cinema or a friends house, your probably not even allowed to go to the cinema by yourself without your mummy coming along.

    Dee, He is so small he probably couldn’t reach you, btw can you IP Ban??

    Lentel you think he’s gay, look at yourself, your the one who accuses everyone else of being gay, well maybe your just gay yourself. Now that both Gistha and Funks have retired you have nothing to do but make stupid comments here because we do better than you, you barely get 100 hits a day. You even spend more time here than at CPAE.

    I would like to end this comment with HAHA Lentel got pwned.


    P.S I wouldn’t of been able to grow CPAE without Gistha2 So it wasn’t all me

  22. I really want to know how old is Lental, for some reason I think he is 11 or 12.

  23. Im 12 years old. And Shimmy, we get loads more than 100 hits a day. Somewhere between 300 on weekdays, and 500 on weekends.

  24. Were not helpless withought Gistha2 or Funks, we have a big team, so beat it you red head ginger mother fucker of a Jew

    Pwnage (finger)

  25. So now your trying to insult me, Lol, Also I was on the site for awhile and I saw your hits don’t give me shit mate, 200 at the most on weekdays and 250 on weekends. Are Red Head and Ginger same thing? You think by insulting me you will get somewhere FAIL. I thought you told me you stopped being childish and babyish, obviously you lied.

    So lentel What does Mother Fucker really mean? Cause I have no clue

    You don’t either you just think its cool to swear, I used to do that until I met girls, but you still go to an all boys school so you will never know


  26. Shimmy, calm down. I bet your face is going red as Im saying this.

    If you want, Ill add you as contributer, to the CPAE site. Just already have. You can look at our hits there

    • Whoa, I missed a lot and its only been a day.

      Don’t you all just love dissing noobs? xD Its rather fun I must say. Especially when its ten on one.

      You see how Lental is starting to curse at Shimmy and other members of the CPUN? That is a sign of weakness. “Never let the opponent see you sweat, keep it cool” He is frustrated from all of the attacks that are being thrown at him, so he uses language to try and beat you. But as we expect before reading every comment, he fails and we just beat him to build his anger up. And Shimmy, why IP Ban him? He’s getting us comments and views everyday he comes here, something the CPAE rarely ever gets. Thank Lental, your comments and visits here are appreciated. 😉

  27. You don’t need to say red head when you call someone a ginger, and calling someone a ginger isn’t supposed to be offensive. Jew isn’t supposed to be offensive either. So if he was both a ginger and a Jew, you pretty much just called him a mother fucker, quite average of a curse choice.

    Ginger- a red head with freckles.
    Jew- a person who beleives in Judaism.


  28. Oh G-d G-d Lentel, taking pictures out of my book too, what did I saw to irratate you, also I led CPAE I know how to lead a website.

    I would like to see you IP ban me on CPAE. ATM is right we love the work you do for us, and putting a picture of me on CPAE, childish slightly??

    Two things, one I weigh 28 KG, where the hell did you get 45 from? Two we have a room bigger than your house (Not that your house is big or anything) for our fitness suite, which they probably can’t afford and NPS, they spend all their money on helping Anthony get to Eaton.

    Second Warning= Personal Information

    • Why did you edit this Shimmy? I wanted to see what he had to say.

  29. You think I spent so long talking on skype to you, I didn’t get a picture of you, Lol fail, just keep reviling personal information, what do I care, the whole world knows what you look like thanks to V3N0M. It’s not like Pedo’s are going to start kissing the screen in front of my picture. If I plan to retire soon, then what do I care?

  30. Lental, stop making a foll of your self.

  31. No more editing. This is just getting funnier as hell. 😆

    Lental, you’ve probably been leading a pretty good news site for some time, but have you actually ever lead a fucking army or co-lead a successful one? I used to lead armies before I retired from the business so I have actual experience leading small armies in the OLD way.

    Sure, anyone can help promote small armies. But you seem really plastic right now being such a big boast. Do you yourself lead a small army? Do you know how those Top 10 people feel and how much they depend on your Top 10? Or do you just make a joke out of it. I don’t know my impression on you anymore. I don’t know if the CPAE is even a trustworthy site with good reviews.

    I’m not on the computer 24/7. :p

  32. Ok, well actually I never HAVE lead an army before. Like you, I have school work to deal with, as that is the main priority.

    Starting an army will take most of my time, plus it will be difficult to concentrate on both things. How would people feel if the president of a News site also leads the No1 Small army Top ten that he has just created?

    For me, it was a choice between Starting an Army, or Starting a News site.

    No2 was my choice, and thats how it will remain

    LadTom2 aka lentalsoup

    • “How would people feel if the president of a News site also leads the No1 Small army Top ten that he has just created?”
      ROFL Thats funny, I find it hard to see you even making it into a REAL Top 10 list.

      “For me, it was a choice between Starting an Army, or Starting a News site.

      No2 was my choice, and thats how it will remain”
      Of course No. 2 was your choice, you knew you’d fail miserably.

  33. I lol at Lent’s replies, honestly you’re making a fool of yourself. 🙄

  34. Lental, you’re basically calling out everyone who has ever lead an army. The reason people are even in his army stuff is because of ARMIES. YOU are the one that actually admits to take the time to spread news about this virtual world as your own full-time job. Good thing we aren’t telling your viewers that you are an unexperienced army folk.

    You ‘chose’? You HAD no choice. You TOOK the job of making the news. I swear, news gathering is as hard as hell. It takes a whole day to do news – and what’s Lental’s job again?.

    We aren’t even a freaking news site. We have less work than you have Lental. Stop using our own ideas against you, against us.

    I don’t know how people would feel. But if they feel you are bias, then I guess you’d be feeling so embarrassed and that your reputation is destroyed and you’ll go into depression in real life

    You take the time to:
    1. Go look for CP Army News 24/7 (Source: Shimmy)
    2. Come back here and make pointless arguments with us (Source: Obvious)

  35. Just ban Lental from the site

  36. Where would be the fun in that? directed to lental: ah shut up dumb butt. Just because your a little kid, and you don’t care about life, doesn’t mean you go f us out. I can very well edit your comments for limited profanity. I bet this guy is 3, because sure as hell he acts like one
    Also, my iPod says lental isn’t a word, and they want to change it to mental
    Btw, powned isn’t a word. It’s pwned :p

  37. This guy has problems…… so has the rest of CPUN.

  38. Dee What do you mean Source:Shimmy?

  39. Hey mental… Er lental, I would curse you out, but preferably, we have little kids who read these comments, and then repeat what they read, so yea. Shimmy, he means that he got the info from you.
    *chucks pie at lental*

    • “we have little kids who read these comments”

      Oh yeah I see the little kids.

      “*chucks pie at lental*”

  40. W/e Lental. 😛

    Shimmy, you commented saying all Lental does is stay in front of the computer the whole time, remember?

  41. Oh ya thats right

  42. xD I was bored and decided insulting him with pie. I mean, we should just turn off comments on this post. 48 with mine. Impressive, but laggy

  43. Lental soup smells bad. My mum has it all the time and it smells.

  44. We should turn off these comments and archive them so we can lol later

  45. We can lol at them now. 😆

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