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Charizard’s #2 Epic Post

Oh hey there little fellow. You’ve come right in time for my #2 epic post, so before I beging I would like to say sorry for my inactiveness latly, i’ve been very busy eating my pie, staring into walls, studying all those important stuff in life. So let us beging shall we?

Table of Content:

1. ACP The Lone World Power?

2. The Turining Points of CP Armies

3.  The Nachos: Rising Once More?

4.  A Prediction: The Great Migration

5. Army In Focus: Water Vikings!


Part 1: ACP The Lone World Power?

Hello. Today, I will be talking about the various things, but first I will begin with ACP. As you know ACP is the #1 army, and has been #1  for neatly every top ten in CPAC. ACP can easily get currently 80+ and can even get sometimes 100+. At one battle Mchappy, the ACP Leader claimed ACP averaged 200+ soldiers in a battle aginst NW.

In the picture above is a comprasion of ACP The #1 Army and NW The #2 army. Clearly you can see ACP is much larger, ACP (Army of Club Penguin), and even some of their troops were locked out.


Lowest Average: 60+

Average: 80+

Tactics: Average (In some battles even better than average)

Capital: Breeze

Yet the #2 army itself strugles to deafet ACP in a battle, ACP from time to time has proven to be superior to the other armies under Mchappy’s Leadership.  So in the next few years or months, will ACP begin to decline? Or rise even more?


Note: I made this post on another site.

Part 2: The Turning Points of CP Armies

Turning Point: The point at which a very significant change occurs; a decisive moment

The First Turning Point: World War 2

These turning points make massive changes of course this is not the first time turning points have happend but, to find the first one we must go to the past to World War 2 The war between ACP and The Romans. World War 2 was time of raids, Oagal desribed The Romans outnumbering ACP 4:3, yet ACP was able to deafet The Romans with smaller couter-attacks , quick but devastating attacks and their allies. After The Romans defeat, many other clans and half of The Roman soldiers would join The Army of Club Penguin thus, making ACP the power that would later become the #1 Army of Club Penguin

The Second Turning Point: World War 3

Some pepole would say World War 3 was the second turning point that is correct. UMA would be discoverd by ACP on late 2006, weeks later Oagal found Pink Mafias site which was UMA‘s site, Oagal realized Pink Mafia advertised hacks for coins and such and put in a comment that if they did not take off the hack ACP would declare war.

One of Pink Mafia’s top troop named  Michael427, responded with the words “Bring it on.”

UMA and ACP fought for the control of Mammoth, even though ACP had grown UMA was still twice their size, Oagal decided to use hit and run tactics. With those tactics, ACP won 3 of 5 battles, even though with the recent victories, ACP was losing support from armies such as Nachos and CPUNSC .

At a shedueld battle, wich would be the last at Mammoth for a long time, ACP had about 12 troops, while UMA covered the rest of the rooms. Oagal knowing the battle of Mammoth had been lost, surrenderd. With that ACP would move to Breeze wich would become the capital of the ACP.

In Breeze ACP would train new troops, adapt the Rapid Warfare tactics aginst UMA, and send raids to UMA in Mammoth.  Pink Mafia decided to raid ACP in one of their meetings, Oagal quickly got word and looked for new allies where he found armies such as CPAF, who were nearly the size of ACP and The RPF wich would become ACP’s best ally.

After the battle of Breeze wich UMA was completly destoryed, ACP quickly took the chance with UMA‘s morale down and attacked Mammoth. After that Pink Mafia would retire, and ACP and their allies slowly grew days later Wool Socks would be attacked, and be victorious. And so UMA surrenderd World War 3 was over ACP won.

With this it would inturduce armies such as Nachos, RPF, CPAF, and the development of other armies. It began also with RPF and ACP becoming the two world powers, and thus making it a Turning Point.

Even though there are other Turning Points I will not list them all. I would like to say one thing The Next Turing Point is coming soon. This turning point may be the introducion of a new #1 army and other major armies. It could be a world war, development of hacks into armies.

And yet the signs are coming there is much war within the low top ten army. The Communist rise as a goverment. And maybe even the increasing threats of hacks. Anyways, with that I finish my post.



Part 3: The Nachos; Rising Once More?

Ahhh yes the Nachos. One of the most recognizable armies in all of CP, and one of the earliest armies, they are known for being rivals of ACP, and their troops attitude. Recently (A couple of months ago, I think) The Nachos suffered a huge downfall, wich made the Nachos lose their long #2 held spot for The Top Ten, wich was taken by Night Warriors.

And today Nachos have been slowly climbing back up. They suffered many defeats and many victories. And now The Nachos look like they are going to re-take their #2 spot.

They are at a war aginst DCP, Nachos have gotten 40+ at some of their battles, and seem to be rising. Yet will the Nachos fall once aging, or will they reclaim their throne of 2nd place?



Part 4: A Prediction: The Great Migration

Pepole wonder. What will happen after CP shut downs. What will the CP Army Community do? Well I have a come to a conclusion after starring at walls and the floors, I have come with a conclusion.

Let’s go to the future.

*Years in the future (Who knows maybe months)*

3:00 PM EST Saturday

It all started at the great battle of Mammoth. ACP lost Mammoth to the new and stronger UMA, they have grown to such heights ACP cannnot stop them. Finally nearly every single army in the whole CP Army Community has rallied to defeat them.

All the armies readied their soldiers, then it froze. Everyone was panicing, they couldn’t get on CP the whole day. All the leaders of the strongest army decided to do the battle the next day…..

*Next day*

The next day everyone was shocked, Disney unable to to keep up the pay sold CP to another company, but that company deleted the CP Site due to problems. Everyone was panicking, Major Army Leaders met for once not fighting among themselvs.

They were deciding….where to move….where to take their massive community to another place.

*In the Present*

So what’cha think? Of course, the first choice would be  Rune Scape. Others would chose MineCraft, World Of Warcraft, maybe even the xbox. This will be known as the “First Great Migration” due to the other will come migrations, and yet, even the leaders of other major armies may finally unite and their darkest time. Of course the CPUN may play an important role here too ya know.


Part 5: Army in Focus: Water Vikings

Well well well, looks like we have an Army in Focus. So who is the new AIF…it is the Water Vikings!

WV started on December 28 after two armies merged and wich one was Water Troops(Led by Zakdude a CPAC Reporter) and the other was MV(Led by Hood Liger). The first days of WV, it was event here and there, the wouldn’t stop, and wouldn’t post results and such, but WV would be a family sort of army. They would be active and nice things like that.

On January 8, Hood Liger they claimed they maxed 9 but, there were no pics. Yet more events would be made, keeping the army active. Making it quite nice. On January 22, at a tourney battle, WV would show their strength at the event getting huge numbers.

After this glorious event, few depressions witch they climbed up, and fell back down, and came back up. They slowly made their site look more bad ass, and better owners, more active, more stronger on January 28, WV would go on a unshedueld event.

After that, WV would have allies, enemies, more better graphics, and more servers, on January 30 another incredible event.

Today IV is doing well, with some personal posts, and event posts. They’ve been invading servers and such.

Current Owner Ranks:

Poseidon Rulers: Zach610, Soccerman179

King of the Ocean: Teh Kitteh

Hydro Champion: Skaterboy692, 123John3, James30072

Well there is there owner ranks, some of those pepole, well all of those are in the top ten army the Ice Vikings, about 2.5/4 of these troops are IV. So you could say this is a sort of branch. And WV have also commented to join the CPUN!

Site Link: http://watervikingsarebosses.wordpress.com/

Note: Some of this info in the post may be outdated.

Well, this is finally it i’m done with my #2 epic post.

~Charizard The Great


23 Responses

  1. First

  2. ACP got 200+ at the finals of the “End of the Year” tournament.

  3. That ACP Vs NW picture is copyright of ACP and me, the person who made it. Please give me credit.

  4. SHIMMY: I know I need to post by my religious studies have been piling on me meaning I will be inactive for about 1 week, I am sorry, as soon as I finish I will be doing what I used to do!

    Please no unnecessary edits on posts.

  5. No offence CPUN, but I think your falling, big time……

    Shimmy Edit: No Offence Ladtom, but I think were better than CPAE and I think they are falling, also don’t come on here to make flaming comments just because you got your website back, don’t go back to old traditions.

    • No offense taken. 🙂 We don’t fall down to your insults. We stand up and prove you wrong. Plus, why would we listen to you? xD From most people, I hear your a noob. And these people that tell me this aren’t in the CPUN.

  6. Falling big time? We got like 10,000 hits since December! I’m sorry we didn’t post for a few days.

  7. Agreed with all except ladtom, and lad, my lolwuts need to speak with you.

  8. Superb post Charizard. Truly Epic. Credits to Flipper for the picture. 😐

    No offense taken Lental. Atm said it all. We don’t fall to your petty back-of-the-class wannabee bully insults.

    I knew you’d come back here if we didn’t post for at least a couple days. Yes. I knew. 😛 I know you judge our greatness or whatever it is your ‘teasing’ by the number of posts we have. That’s where you’re quite wrong. The last 5 posts alone could take on the whole bunch of stickied posts you had, have, and will have put together. Most of the time, you change the date of your posts, keep posts of the 2 big guys (Lental and Gistha) up on top of everyone else. You get all the comments and make it look like the latest posts were just recently made (because you fiddled with the dates) though those posts were made 2 weeks ago.

    You like to judge our site by the number of posts. Hmm.

    What if we judged your site by it’s content and the way you treat your staff. Tell you what CPUN.


    Comment here if you did this^. I’ve had enough of the tiny paperballs Lental constantly throws at us with his plastic slingshot.

  9. BTW, I’ll comment o Donut’s post in a while. 😉 School, school, school..


  10. Nice one dee, I didn’t expect that from you.

  11. By the way, the cheats page is up and running.

  12. Well everyone I am leaving all CP Armies for some reasons, keep me on the site 😉

  13. Dee, Just so you know, Elite Marines (CPEM) is now Elite Fire Marines (EFM) cuz of that hacker xP He didn’t hack us, but sky wanted to make a new site and chat. here’s the new site link: http://elitefiremarines.wordpress.com/
    That’s it. 😉

    -Gostt / Shadow

  14. Once again, Dee speaks the truth.

  15. Thanks for letting us know Gostt.

    I’m gonna go scout for some more site members. (wary)

    How you all doin’ this week?

  16. Pretty good! I like pie. And my mom made brownies 🙂 but no gf to share valentines day with 😦

  17. ZOMG I never thought of the fact CP might shut down!
    I hope it doesn’t ‘cos I’m not allowed to go on Runescape or World Of Warcraft till I’m older 😦

  18. Huh? ^

  19. areAre you talking to me ≈★||ѕнa∂σω||★≈?

  20. Oops typo 😉

  21. Let’s imagine this:
    Club Penguin is a cup, and armies are a piece of ice, that conforms a extremely salty tea (the salt is Club Penguin people), and as the time passes, the tea heats. (i know it’s crazy placing ice and so much tea, but just imagine it happens)
    When Club Penguin armies were ice, they stayed all together. Some had left, but that doesn’t matter.
    At our actual state (water), many armies are disordered. The servers are example. To give up an idea of what I am saying, I’ll give you an example:
    Army A claims one server, but then Army B claims the same server Army A just claimed. So disorder occurs because it’s confusing what to do.
    The state we will enter, water vapor, means that Club Penguin Armies will vanish from Club Penguin, as they leave. At the coup room, there are many coups, wich mean multiplayer games or games with multiplayer modes (Halo, Minecraft, Call of Duty, etc.). When the water vapor starts cooling, some will fall to the floor (that means, they are soldiers that will never go to an virtual army) or falls into other vases that are very cold, and they turn back into ice.

  22. Just take the ice as cold water. I hadn’t thought about it later, and the water (not the cold one) as hot water.

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