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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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I’m Back!|CPUN War Division – Part 2

Sky edit: sorry donut, I feel bad for editing your post, but it’s kinds important. CPEM has changed it’s name to EFM or elite fire marines. Once again, sorry donut

Yeah, I know I just left, sorry. It wasn’t my fault, my Laptop broke and I couldn’t get on, so I read up vid my iPad. So, I’m back with my new and improved laptop, prepared to fill CPUN with my quality, fully detailed and informational posts. This first one will be about the future of our War Division, so I hope you enjoy. I’d also like to speak to all the Representatives who were in the Coalition, I can usually be found on DW chat.


CPUN Official War Division – Part 2

Well, I hope you enjoyed my last post about this topic, but today we make some alterations before moving on. I’m not planning on making a new website for this Division, this will solely remain CPUN property, on the CPUN website. I’ll be talking to Dee about getting a new page, but from now on all topics related will be posted here. Now, I know there was a common argument about how this division would work, and who is in control. Well, this time it’s going to be pretty simple. Our War Division will be an Imperialism. Not only that, It’ll be known under the name on the CPUN Legion or just plain “Legion”. In this Division, it will be run by 3 main people.

  • Emperor.
  • Legate.
  • Advisor.

Now, each of these people will not only have the main power over this division, they will also get an important role each. But of course, if one is unable to attend an event, the next highest will cover, ETC.

Emperor: The Emperor will mostly take charge over the Legion’s Empire. He’ll/She’ll also declare war, and create events for the Legion. He will be the one that most people look up to, and obey.

Legate: The most important role on the battlefield. The Legate will act as the “Battlefield Commander” giving orders on the battlefield, controlling soldiers, tactics, formations and much more. The Legate will only answer to the Emperor.

Advisor: The Advisor acts as the third belt, who can do any of these things with permission from the Emperor/Legate. He will also act as a second voice, giving options on who to help or hinder, his role is important.

So, as you can see, I have a pretty good stack of roles packed up, and anyone can become them, all you have to do is like last time, nominate yourself/someone you know whom you think would make a good job of the position. So, you can continuously vote right up until my next post on this topic. After the “Legion” page is created, you’ll see events popping up on the website, along with a box where you can sign-up to join us, or apply for us to help you, ETC. This is indeed what I plan to make the most organized force in CP Armies, and that can happen with your help. So, it’s all down to you guys from here, you may do as you wish with whatever role you want.

I’d like to point out that if former roles, such as Atm23 which to re-join they can, and as whatever position they choose. There’s no limitation to this force, so don’t be feeling closed off. If you have a question for myself or anyone else associated with this Division, please feel free to submit your question in the comments box, I’ll try to reply to you ASAP.

On a side note: Thanks Dee, for entering me into the CPUN Hall of Fame. It means a lot and it has been a pleasure to serve this website under you Dee. 🙂



12 Responses

  1. It is a good idea, but I dislike using the word Emperor. I do not think that is what the CPUN is about.

  2. Yeah we do not use Emperors as we are an Alliance of Armies not a Dictatorship

    • Dictatorship? Apparently, you didn’t read the description of Emperor.

  3. I got a couple of questions. How many Emperors can we have? Also, I want to be advisor ^.^.
    Kk now that that’s done :p
    Vance Aka Sky via iPod

  4. Emperors (In this case at leasts.) does not stand for dictatorship. The Emperor is the one who decides basically which to help/hinder during war. He will also decide things like land grants ETC. It’s not in any way going to control the Division, and it is still 100% soldier based. Also, we can have more than 1 Emperor, hope this helps. :mrgreen:

  5. “The title was first used as an honorific for a military leader in ancient Rome.” -This is what we take an Emperor to be for in the CPUN, obviously I did read the description. But of course, I agree… CPUN isn’t about dictatorship, but this is an honorary title we’re using.

  6. But, we need probably >5 emperors so that it is more fair, you know how American congress works.

    • Or just ONE unselfish emperor.

  7. People can change.

  8. Power corrupts men. That is why power is divided.

    “There is enough Natural Resources for every mans need, but not for every mans greed”

    • One quote does not apply to all men.

  9. I’d nominate either ATM or Char and possibly Soccer for Emperor, they seem to have to most understanding on this topic.

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