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Banana Army, New Army on the Block

Dee edit:. 😛 Mhmm. Pwn, I guess that’s the privilege of being a CPUN Member. I just got an idea. Since we all have our own ‘Army in Focus’ or ‘Top 10 Armies’ and other stuff, maybe we can make them official channels of the CPUN? We can make badges! On the side bars we can have a list called ‘Channels Featured in the CPUN’ or something and below are badges. For example, a nice GFX showing ‘ATM’s Logbook’ and another nice GFX badge saying ‘Charizard58’s Army in Focus’. These would be the shows our viewers wait for all the time. They’d know what we feature on this site.

ATM Edit: Like I said before, my logbook entries don’t have to be at the top since they aren’t CP related.

Pwn here!

Today the army in focus will be my own. A biased post 😉

I have recently recreated an old CPUN army, the FRW. It’s name has changed to the Banana Army, and we are getting a lot of site activity. bananaarmycp.wordpress.com

Yesterday we invaded 2 servers (found open on CPAC list). The first one we had a battle with a small army to see who would win. Here are some pics for that one:

So we won that server (Icicle) with little competition.

I’d say our size was Shimmy’s Top Ten size. Speaking of which, I kind of miss. Can you bring it back, Shimmy?

The next server was Cold Snap (and I just recived a comment today that Cold Snap is some Top 10 Army’s server, so ‘m not sure what we’ll do with this one yet XD)

We had CPAC Top 10 Army size.

As you can see, we’re HUGE.

What do YOU think? Do YOU think we’re just Shimmy’s Top 10 size, or CPAC Top 10 size?

Comment your thoughts!



14 Responses

  1. 1st! 😀

    I remember the FRW. Good to see another nonmember friendly army again – like the ole’ AOH. 😆


    Your a leader of them, and it’s not cool to advertise.

  3. You should do one about CPW *wary*

  4. Lmao Flipper

    In time, you’ll probably be in CPAC Top 10.

  5. I waited 5 minutes on your members page and it wouldn’t load. Can you delete it and make a new one?

  6. Although, I managed to find out how to apply, if it’s okay I apply here, because it wouldn’t load.
    Name: My name is Kooldude 247, army’s name is Platinum Warriors.
    Leader: Me, Kooldude 247.
    Abbv.: PW.
    Government type: Democratic Republic
    Date joined: August 4th, 2010.
    Site: http://platinumwarriorscp.wordpress.com

  7. Plus, I will be the representative for them.

    • I’ll be making a new Members page with clean comments and draft the old one. Probably after a Division Check-Up. 😉 Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for joining.

      If our Editors and Authors have nothing to post for the next few days, it’s okay. Take a good break. I think I need to do some posts now. :mrgreen:

  8. CPUN, have been recently inactive…. I must admit.

    But you should see CPAE :O:O

    • What does active mean to you? ^^ To me, I don’t care if we have less posts. As long as those posts are commented on.

  9. Let’s see. CPAE has a big gap from the 16th to the 22nd. There are two posts stickied on top both from the 22nd meaning the second to the latest post must be the one from the 16th. You have a post made recently on the 24th with only one comment. (scn)

    We only have one day gaps for each post. But I guess you guys are doing good too. :]

  10. Dee, look at the CPAE site now…

    Also, vote for your best small army leader here


  11. Your best small army leaders mostly consist of CPAE founders. Anf I did look at your site with the 2 sticky posts from Jan 22nd with 5-7 comments on each and the posts below were from the 16th. O_O That’s active.

    We don’t need to sticky all our posts to get 5 comments by different people. 😆

  12. What i think is that it’s all nachos 😐

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