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ATM’s Logbook – Entry #2

Donut’s Edit: Sorry for not being on, I’ve had trouble with my internet, so I’ve been doing everything on the iPad, expect something new from me soon though!

Hey people. This is ATM 23, your best man, Automated Teller Machine, Mr. Steez, whatever you wanna call me just as long as its “ATM Approved”.

NOTE: Some language in this post is not for young children. I *’d out some of the words.

So, as you might have known if you actually read my first entry (yeah thats right, I saw how the first entry only got 3 comments :l) I’m going to be doing this every once and a while but since I’ve been extremely bored with homework thats takes 7 hours each night, I’ll be doing this maybe about, eh, once a week for the next 3 weeks or so. But since I’m actually starting to write this post right now on Monday at 8:02 PM, I’ll be updating this saved draft throughout the week. So, lets go. BOOM!

So last week I talked about the Green Hornet and now I’ll talk about another awsome movie that comes out soon. It is “Fast Five” also known as “The Fast And The Furious 5” (Hell yes, April 29, 2011 in the US). The 5th installment of the hit series The Fast And The Furious. This series of movies is some of my most favorite of all-time. For some reason I just love the idea of Los Angeles, Miami, and Tokyo cops and FBI and villains going as and against drug cartels. But sadly Letty won’t be in this one cause… nvm. Go watch “Fast & Furious”. But the new addition is Dwyane Johnson, which gives the movie a step up in BEAST by making it a Diesel Vs. Johnson battle.

So as I sit here, trying to study my vocabulary words for a test tomorrow but keep getting distracted by the computer with the 1080p HD screen right in my face, I just keep looking at stuff (Perv, I don’t watch that stuff). And I found this really awsome funny video. See here:

Lmao This was obviously fake but look how the guy just keeps on talking as some freak runs up to him with a gun. Then I love how the guy is like “Holy s***!”. And why would the producers have enough time to bleep out the cursing and blurr out the hand signal he sends to the viewers.

Now enough looking at other people’s videos, lets look at some of mine!!!

Enough with videos… for now. Next. This is the part where I talk about stuff I think is stupid. Here is the official Top 10 list of the day January 14.

  • 10. History Tests that have to do with Colombus and all that missionary sh*t.
  • 9. The word ‘legit’.
  • 8. The word ‘stereotype’.
  • 7. LeBron James and his big a*s mouth.
  • 6. Idiotic Phoenix Suns fans.
  • 5. Bandwagon Laker fans and Lakers Ground.
  • 4. Boston Celtics
  • 3. People who think there all bad and that.
  • 2. Missing Shots in basketball.
  • 1. Turnovers.

Pretty beast right. Here is the song of the day:

We gotta remember all them Cool J cookies don’t we?

And here is some more Kevin Hart:

That guy is hilarious. haha I’ve gotten really bored of talking right now sooooo…

Here is the quote of the day: “And then suddenly, as the old saying goes, we got ourselves a game” – Unknown

Thats all for today. And just to let you know, I won’t be active every Friday and Saturday till March 19th cause I have to focus on our basketball games. (If this isn’t posted on Friday in PST time, its not my fault) Goodbye.

-ATM 23

“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, then some people make it happen”


6 Responses

  1. ???

  2. my army would like to join cpun

  3. I have yet to read this on a nice afternoon. 😆

  4. Bleh, I think I might stop the logbook entries. No one seems to care and they aren’t entertaining to anyone.

  5. Eh. I think they’re interesting! 😀 You’ve got a huge love for basketball.

    Guys, ATM here has a huge channel full of videos he made himself and has tons of subscribers. Check. Him. Out. 😮

    Lol at the Local Vandalism Reports. I’ve seen the vids where a dog would poop into a guys mouth as he reports about the local dog pooping from the sky or whatever. 😛 Your vids are cool too. Legit.

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