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Shimmy Edit: As you can see WP, has to piss me off again, so its all cramped at the bottom again, What do I do to deserve this? xD, well oh well, I think you can still read it!

Now from my last couple of posts, I think you will know that I do not give much away from my title. Well today I will be posting about bots. Recently a soldier of the Blue Miners Army pc’d me asking if I worked for CPUN, I said yes, and he told me recently when BMA had been fighting parka’s they had used bots, it seems whatever we do, it always comes back to bots, I told him I would post about it, but this bot nonsense should really stop they really is no point in it, people get stressed out because of bots, here at the CPUN, we are happy to help anyone who needs help just leave a comment and we will gladly help you. Now back to this…

Recently the Parkas have been at war with the Blue Miners Army, it has been a hard fought battle with both armies getting high averages, but recently whilst the BMA have been either practising or fighting, the parka’s have invaded with bots that say Join Parka’s Today, the BMA were outraged and have gone a bit “OTT” with their reaction and remarks towards the parka’s but I think the Parka’s were wrong to use bots, they was no point in it and it has caused much up roar and for allies to help allies, the Parka’s really didn’t have to do it. If they wanted to cause trouble they should of picked a different to cause it, using bots really is one of the worst things to do, but that’s not the only point of this, apparently there is a new system of hacking on the blocks, where it helps you make bots and hack CP, if that is true, I hope that CP is on the job trying to shut it down, because this could cause trouble for the CP world, if anyone knows of any hacking websites for CP except for the obvious ones, we would really like to know, it would help us greatly, so just comment if you have any more information on new sites out there for hacking into CP. Now back to the parka story….

As we all know its wrong to use bots, but I wonder why they did, is there really any reason to use bots, do we need to use bots, where does it get us, people always know when we use bots, it doesn’t get us anywhere, we never win a battle we never are happy after we use bots, so why do we do it, is there actually a motive,of course we need proof for the bots thanks to BMA for these pictures:



So we can see that clearly the Parka’s did use bots, but as it was a one off, no punishment has been found in the Book of Laws (We will let them off this time) But hear this as a warning, one more act and they will be trouble (DUN DUN DUNNN!!!!). I decided to get some interviews (as always) on the subject.

Interview with Sky (CPEM leader and fellow person here at CPUN)

Me: Why do people use bots
Sky: To win, and to have pleasure
Me: Do people get pleasure out of using bots?
Sky: Yes, they think its funny, makes them popular
Me: Do you think its right to use bots?
Sky: No, it’s wrong because it’s unfair
Me: Is using bots a sign of weakness in that you have to hack to win?
Sky: Yes, it is horribly un-fair
And finally…
Me:  If you use bots, do you ever win?

Sky: No, it counts against the army, making you the loser

Interview with Sercan (Gt Leader and Very well known person)

Me:  Why do people use bots
Serc: People use bots to make they’re army look big-huge, after they get many noobs , experienced people to join for a good rank, etc. They’ll stop using bots. On other hands, You can use bots for coins, fun, make yourself be “king of CP” for noobs.
Me: Do people get pleasure out of using bots?
Serc: Some yes, some no. Personally, No. But one of my friends got obsessed and cried when Penguin Storm got shut down…
Me: Do you think its right to use bots?
Serc: No it’s not. It’s cheating at all.
Me: Is using bots a sign of weakness in that you have to hack to win?
Serc: Yes it is, you open 20 Penguin Storms on recruiting 30 minutes before battle, get many noobs, steal enemy armies noobs, then after you get 50+ you shut down the penguin storms since they are lagging you. That’s why sometimes you see nachos/uma have 50 at recruitings, then after 5 minutes you see they’re leaving and BOOM! Size fails from 50 to 10. Example: Battle of half pipe, I personally took pictures to prove it.
And finally…
Me:  If you use bots, do you ever win?
Serc: No, your mind wont be clean because you cheated, in some days you’ll realize you should’nt have done that, even if you get army of the year, you’ll know you don’t deserve it even if you used bots just for 1 battle. And, that’s horrible. A big lose. (Like ACP losing Breeze and Mammoth same day)

Interview with Blueswill (AR High Rank)

Me: Why do people use bots
Blue: People can either use bots for entertainment, creating lively action, or to cheat.
Me: Do people get pleasure out of using bots?
Blue: Only cheaters and hackers would get pleasure out of it, since they are too lazy to get it legit.
Me: Do you think its right to use bots?
Blue: No, if you use it for hacking/cheating purposes.
Me: Is using bots a sign of weakness in that you have to hack to win?
Blue: Yes, it definitely is.
And finally…
Me:  If you use bots, do you ever win?
Blue: If you use bots and you win, you’ll always get that feeling that you didn’t do it legit and that it wouldn’t be fair to the other players.
As you can see they all think that using bots is very wrong, in any situation. I think that is probably the overall opinion on bots in CP warfare, nobody really likes them. Of course here at the CPUN, we despise bots and hope nothing like this ever happens again!
Thank- you for reading my post
“Quality not Quantity”

8 Responses

  1. wow parkas are very very rude and they are preying on innocents.

  2. Yea… What can we do? Also, no other posts *eek*

  3. lots and lots of small armies are going to attack mammoth

    Date: Saturday, January 29th
    Server: Mammoth
    Why: to show ACP that we are ready to fight.
    1:10 pm EST
    12:10 noon CST
    11:10 am MST
    10:10 am PST
    6:10pm GMT

  4. Finally got the internet working properly again (I hope). Sorry for delaying this post and Atm’s and Pwn’s. At least we have posts coming up! The post I made on the first week of January is still a draft. It’ll probably come out in February. XD

    I heard the Parkas used bots and ‘allies’? Hmm.

  5. It is true… I fought for the opposing team

  6. Gosh dang it, I hate having so many freakin posts. :l

    And now to my take on why people use bots:

    THey use bots because they either don’t have enough people in there army so they don’t have the confidence or faith that they can win or they just want to look big in the pictures for CPAC.

  7. That post was sooooooooooooooooooooo bad

  8. My Mum could type better than that…. No offence

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