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ACP’s Monopilazation of Servers

321fishpop Edit: I can see that my post has created alot of controversy.  Please let it be note that the opinions expressed here are not the opinions of the CPUN.  They are mine.  Here I stand.  I can do no other.  God Help Me. Amen.

Dee edit: The last two posts by Shimmy and Atm were drafted for a one day extra gap. 😛 Stay tuned for those!

Pwn: My post is ready too, Dee.

A recent post on the ACP site announced the second invasion of one of Club Penguin’s new server, Grizzly.  The post can be found HERE.  ACP continues to consume more and more servers, shutting the door on many smaller armies.  In other words, it is monopolizing territory, making it immeditaly unavailable to others.

ACP’s large size and strong influence on many corrupt orginazations such as the CPAC make it easier for its leaders to snatch servers from the graps of many smaller armies.  Becuase they have the backing of the CPAC, they can justify (wrongly) their gluttony.   Such orginazations are easily corrupted.  Their authority over the issue of server ownership and control should be put to question, or even completely disregarded.

Does ACP require so many servers?  Most ACP soldiers spend most of their time on Mammoth, when they are not in some far-flung campaign in other servers. It is not uncommon for ACP soldiers to show up on random servers, even those owned by smaller armies whos ownership of the particular server is recognized by the CPAC.  These soldiers quicly claim said example server as ACP’s, and all others armies are immediatly attacked.  Sadly, ACP’s bulk quickly can overpower such armies, and the server is overun.

ACP already claims control to ten (10) servers in Clu Penguin.  Although this may seem like a small amount, relative to the number of servers Club Penguin runs, the ten servers under ACP’s control when coupled with many other large sized armies (IW, Nachos, UMA, ect. ect.) takes up a large amjority, leaving little to other armies.

Servers are a nescessary for an army, especialy one that is just starting out.  Servers are used for army events, Practice Battles, parties, recruiting, and such.  By cutting this off, an army is starved from fresh recruits, leading to its downfall.

Thanks for reading.

321fishpop, CPR Co Commander


33 Responses

  1. Yeah. They got to much. Small armies want a new server as theirs and its already owned. 1st!

  2. All’s fair in love and war.

  3. Interesting.

  4. CPR Co Commander?

  5. i agree dee 5th!

  6. we are invading ACP
    Date: Sunday, January 16th
    Where: Mammoth, Forts
    11:00 AM PST
    Noon MST
    1:00 PM CST
    2:00 PM EST
    7:00 PM GMT

  7. Why don’t you research more before making a biased post? IW has around 30, DCP has around 20, RPF has around 20, etc. There are way, way, way more armies whom claim to have authority over more servers than ACP has. Also, Grizzly use to be ACP’s (was on our Nation page forever) than I heard that UMA owned it so we are Re-Invading it, with it still on out Nation page. Also ACP owns 10.5 servers with the share of Christmas… I ask for you biased to stop because saying that ACP has too much is plain down stupid. Do you research!

    Shimmy Edit: Wow Mch, take a chill pill, Red made a very intresting post, He is merely pointing out that ACP keep getting more and more servers not that they have the most, Now go take your butt somewhere else JKS

  8. If one of the administrators, or editors read this please.

    A new organisation has started, to stop hacking and make Clubpenguin Armies live long, not needing to worry about hacking….

    I though this was the right time to mention this comment, since GordenWard made a post somewhere along the lines of hacking.

    The organisation is called CPOS- http://cpomegasquad.wordpress.com/

    It is lead by Gistha2, a computer expert, and unlike Waddle Squad, I think this website has the potential to become big.

    Some people may not know Gistha, but if you ever saw V3nom hack the DCP’s site, then Gistha was the one which closed the site down. He has delt with many hackers before, and now plans on stopping them once and for all.

    I am asking CPUN, if you could put the CPOS widget up on your website somewhere, or make a post about this upcoming site.

    For more information about CPOS (Clubpenguin Omega Squad) Please go to the following website


    Regards, and I do hope that you read this comment in though


    P.S- Hey Shimmy 😀

  9. Hey, Dee, can we change the background of the site? I’m fine with the header but wood is a little “average.”

  10. Reminder: 100,000 hits bamboozle is today!

  11. Ah damn, I liked posting on Fridays. xD

  12. @Shimmy’s Edit: No, he made this “wonderful” post saying we have quite too many. I guess we have been claiming to invade servers frequently now but I felt like he didn’t even check our nation page before writing this post.

  13. You know, maybe so no one complains about whoever owns what server, people should be allowed to recruit wherever they want. Armies who own servers can use them for parties, practice battles, etc.

  14. Did you know, that we already owned Grizzly? And we were just re-invading it to get rid of noobs. So actually, we have’t claimed ANOTHER server, we just re-claimed the same server.

  15. There is also about 20 servers unclaimed, not to mention the new Christmas servers, which leaves about 40.

    Shimmy Edit: What are you talking about Major/Large Armies claim all servers leaving none for small armies, but you could argue that there is a different server system for Small armies, but most Majpr/Large armies have 10-15 servers each leaving about 2 or 3 for other armies.

  16. @Shimmy’s Edit to Flipper: ACP didn’t claim any of the new servers, so don’t talk chizz about us? 😯 Sorry if I went over the top; I just see no need for this post.

  17. Big armies small and medium can own the same servers, like ACP could own mammoth, Sky Troops could own mammoth too, and Snow Warriors could own Mammoth all at the same time. Besides CPFBI already has Grizzly 😀


    Mchappy : You need to stop acting cocky because Its not funny and You need a chill pill

    Clubhot: You cant invade ACP there to strong

    Ladtom: thanks for advertising i appricate it

    Flipper: small armys have 3 servers and there on smac have you heard a thing called sharing?

    Mchappy: Be quite on the Shimmys edit to flipper 1 please

    Yours sincerly

  19. This place used to have posts that weren’t painful to read and supported by the noob followers.

    I’m sure this is wrong and there are plenty of good posts I just haven’t seen but I read the top two posts and it hurt.

    I’m from CPAC so I know it’s annoying to get people complaining about the content, but really?

  20. 321fishpop is one of our newest members, if you haven’t noticed.

  21. Sorry for not publishing the other posts yet. I will tomorrow. 🙂 Internet’s pretty freaked up.

    Ias, well, we lost proper contact with the ACP since the last days you still used to come here. I guess there are less people faithful to the ACP here now than compared to the old days.

    I think it’d be fair to keep biased posts up unless we ban you all from fighting back. We sadly do not pledge to bring people the most accurate news, or the most accurate opinions – but we still allow people to freely give their opinions on our posts and argue. 🙂 I hope you guys still understand what this place used to stand for now that there are already many big source news sites around.

    Good to see you three here.

  22. 321fishpop isnt new he just is a new author he has been around for longer than most of us and this isnt my post Shimmy 😛

  23. He has been here longer than you and gardon, thats it.

  24. Personally, I am not a fan of the ACP. They have had World Power to long. I like the people in ACP but not the army itself.

  25. Well no he has been here longer than most people even you since me and Fish arrived with Ktman and Itachi at the creation of the CPUN however we did not post anything as Dee wanted 1 editor per army.

  26. Ohhhhh but you didn’t become an editor til now or did you quit and come back with fishpop. I was around the time of ATM.

  27. I agree, ACP has way to many servers. Leave some for the up and coming armys and stop being selfish. Its not nice :p

  28. Both

  29. sorry red my mind blanked

  30. Hey Dee. I’m back! ;D!!!!!!!! Can I have a job here again?

  31. Dear Current Club Penguin Army Soldiers:
    I was once like you, deeply into Club Penguin armies. Indeed, Club Penguin Armies are the reason I stayed after my membership expired (I didn’t get a replacement.) However, try not to get too caught up into it. There are things much more important than Club Penguin. Furthermore, there are things that matter a lot to you right now will not matter when you quit. For example, your rank. No one’s going to care, and few will know unless you get into a conversation about CP with them. The most important things in your life should be your real life and your studies. Work hard in school, and do well in your studies. Maybe even take a few advanced classes. If you pass the AP test, you’ll get a little college credit.
    I remember once dropping in and finding folks complaining that their leader “let his life get in the way of Club Penguin.” Your real life is more important than Club Penguin. It should get in the way of Club Penguin. There are more important things. Like alleviating real-world suffering. Figuring out the truth and the meaning of life.
    Not that it’s bad to play Club Penguin or Club Penguin armies. There’s nothing wrong with having fun. Just don’t’ get overly caught up in the army thing.
    Finally, I hope that you will all have a happy, healthy, prosperous and wonderful new year. I hope that this year will bring you joy, a better life perspective, see the end of your bad habits, and help you become a better person.

  32. … holy cow… Big comment

  33. @Takashiemiko, some armies have 30 servers.

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