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Army In Focus: Puffle Warriors

Hello friends, enemies, and rarly spoken associates. It’s me Char here and I am doing an army in focus once aging! And the lucky army to be in focus is…….The Puffle Warriors!

Yes that is right PW is now in it’s 4th Generation. They have been getting strong 15+ troops per event, and have gotten to medium status. They were put to the 4th generation after Thunder Warrior was hacked, they are doing quite well now and have a bright future ahead of them. Let’s look at the current owner ranks.

Leaders: Kingfunks,  Blossom, Floppy, Doodygirl [lily]  and Jjribcool

—————–Main Owner Line———————-

Co-Leaders (2ic):Teh Kitteh[Darth], Pengasaurus2, Kennedy, Ganger, Charizard58

Third In Command (3ic):  Harryhas, Skyfish, Teddy, Bam117, Karaketel, Coolchill

Now that you have their current owners, let’s look to their history!

Generation 1 – Kingfunks4 made it in February during the Puffle Party (Lol!). Generation 1 did ok, they had a very solid army if I am correct they died out of in-activeness.

Generation 2- Floppy1064 (Did I get the numbers right?) did generation 2 after the death of generation one Floppy was overthrown by Funks and Floppy was put to 2ic, after the Legend Cup with made PW as the 5th medium army Funks left for vacation and Floppy and theflames were leader, PW was invaded by several diffrent armies and there were leader problems, after in-activeness Generation 3 was started.

Generation 3- Generation 3 is quite blury to me for some reason, I remember PW was doing okay they enterd tournaments and such but after Kingfunks4 made a drastic decission to invade The RPF wich failed UMA and RPF made an alliance and attacked PW at full strength with this many owner ranks were un-happy and attempted to overthrow Funks with a rebellion which was found out and then after things Thunder Warriors was formed.

Generation 4- After the hack of TW by Eyes21, Kingfunks and other owner ranks re-joined PW and with this they are now, they have been getting good 15+ at events have nearly won a tourney and have recently entered the ACP-IW (Soon to be ending) with ACP.

Recent pics:

Sorry for my slopinnes in this post. I will get better. Anyways Charizard58 signing off.


4 Responses

  1. 1st. 😛

    I think we should put a weekly Top Medium armies. And Small Armies too! Do any of you know where we can find those lists? I’m guess SMAC?

    It’s cool how former leaders are now rejoining their armies again. It must feel really good for the soldiers. Another superb post Charizard. 😀

  2. Right now we need 100 people to make it to 100,000 hits. O_O

  3. Nice post :d I normally would do it, but with school coming I can’t. I think this is most interest

  4. Reminder: 100,000 hits bamboozle is today!

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