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Changing Name?

Shimmy Edit: AS you may have seen, there is a bunch up at the bottom, that is because I keep moving but it wont work, WP is really annoying me right now but going to have to leave it because it wont work, hope it doesn’t spoil the post, I think you can still rad it like that

No, CPUN are not changing there name, dont worry, you can sit firmly back in your chair, I am posting on Armies changing there names and why they do it. Recently a very well known army, RFW (Roman Fire Warriors) changed their name back to the original Fire Warriors, it was announced by Pringle after the tourney loss over Night Warriors were they averaged about 15, they was not much fuss about it, everyone got back to doing what they were doing and the Fire Warriors recently averaged 40 at an event and are back to what they used to do. But this leaves us with this question, why do armies change their names.

Now they are many different reasons here are a few

  • Club Penguin: One of the reasons is that their name will not show on CP so they change it so it will show and they can recruit better, if your lucky your second name shows, if your not, then you could be on your 6th name before it does, trust me I have done it before.
  • Publicity: Some armies do it because they think they name is cooler if they change maybe they only change one word of the name so it makes so more people join because its a more fun or cooler name.
  • Recruits: Changing a name sometimes attracts more recruits, in which I mean noobs, sometimes it helps armies because they like the name better or it finally shows on CP so people on CP can see it, they might of shortened the name making it easier for people to read and type, that probably brings more people in.

So from that it looks like a name change can only be a good thing, but of course there is a twist, sometimes a name change can be bad. The name can become too complicated and the army will slowly, maybe some of the other leaders don’t like the new name, so they quit and the army dies. Maybe they didn’t check if it comes up on CP or not, but they are too late and they die. Maybe everyone in the army thinks the name is boring, so everyone quits and the army dies. These armies sure do like dying. Anyway I decided to get some interviews on this topic (As I always do) I interviewed, CPUN’s very own Red, ACP’s Ias and CPAC’s Skloop:

Interview with Former ACP Leader Ias: I am in Italics, Ias In Bold

1. Why Do armies change there name

Either there was a bad event in their history that they want to disassociate themselves with, or they just generally want to revamp their image. Some find it makes them more exciting, some just want to get rid of their old name. Somtimes if there is a leadership coup armies want to start fresh but don’t want to move armies so they just change the name. Accompanied
2. Do you think it has a bad effect on some armies

On some armies, it can indeed. It means that they have to gain a whole new noob fanbase. For example if ACP changed their name, noobs on servers like Mammoth, who have no connection with any official ACP, will just think this is another army. Also, some people who are out of the loop will have no idea what happened to the old army.
3. Whats the biggest success story you have heard about an army who changed there name

Well Roman Fire Warriors frequently have changed their name between the aforementioned name and Fire Warriors. The reasoning I am not fully aware of, but they have done it two or three times now, and are still a Top 10 army, and they are the only Major army that comes to my head with name changes.

4. Do you think it is a good idea to change your armies name

In certain circumstances, there is no harm in doing so, and sometimes it can be beneficial, although I doubt any growth in the army will be down to the name of that army. In a lot of cases though, it simply does more harm than good, and is severely detrimental to the army, for the reasons I have mentioned above. Overall, don’t change name, to be on the safe side, don’t change it.

5. Do all armies flop after a name change or do armies prosper

The majority of armies will not see a great deal of difference following a name change. Very few people will join an army based on it’s name. There are exceptions to this, such as if there is a party (Say, an Ice party) those with Ice in their name (i.e Ice Warriors, Icy Troops, Ice Vikings) will greatly benefit. But this will only be a temporary thing, and only work once a year at the most. Also, if an army is something like the Army of Club Penguin, most noobs will think this is THE official Army of Club Penguin and join it, but any army with a name like this has already taken the name.

Interview with Sklooper CPAC CEO and ACP 3ic:
1. Why Do armies change there name

There are many reasons an would change their name. If you’re talking about someone doing it randomly, like the Roman Fire Warriors just changing their name to the Fire Warriors, it could be because the leaders think it will make them larger, or because the troops like it better. Armies also often change their name when they merge.
2. Do you think it has a bad effect on some armies

I’ve never seen a name change have a bad effect on an army. I don’t see why, unless all the troops didn’t like the change and left the army.
3. Whats the biggest success story you have heard about an army who changed there name

I haven’t heard a ton of success stories since it doesn’t happen often, but when the GW and CPST merged to make GT they got huge. Other than that the FW seem to be doing well with their new name too.
4. Do you think it is a good idea to change your armies name

I think it’s an ok idea, but I would make sure your current troops like the new name first. If they don’t like it, they’ll be unhappy, and many will likely leave.
5. Do all armies flop after a name change or do armies prosper

Name changes don’t usually have a big enough effect on an army to rise it a ton or kill it.
Interview with CPR Leader Red Destoyz:
1. Why Do armies change there name
Well mainly if their name isnt working out with recruiting etc they will change it to something more memorable. Some people change it when merging and some armies are forced to change their name by other armies with a simular name.
2. Do you think it has a bad effect on some armies
Depending on the circumstances of them changing their army. It is bad if they are forced to change it, however if they change it because the original name isn’t memorable then it can gain the number of recruits.
3. Whats the biggest success story you have heard about an army who changed there name
Sky Troops who were something (can’t remeber their old name) and they got to Medium in less than a Month.
4. Do you think it is a good idea to change your armies name
If you have alot of History then no, however if you need then recruits then it is a viable option to change your army’s name.
5. Do all armies flop after a name change or do armies prosper
As i have said it depends on the situation but mostly good.
Why do you think Armies change there names and is it a good idea to change your name?
Well that ends my post for today, I hope you enjoyed it, I know there a couple of grammatical errors in there, I will try and improve my grammar over the next few months here.
Thank-you for Reading
Shimmy, Your Head Reporter


16 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. Just CPR Leader? xD

    Shimmy Edit: Sorry Only thing that sprang to mind

  3. Everyone has Grand Glorius titles im not a noob >.< xD

  4. CPFBI wants to be part of CP United Nations but the members page won’t load so any way here’s what I remember:

    1. Leader: Super Pal 1
    2. Represnitive: Super Pal 3
    3. Government: Democracy
    4. Status: Medium

    I don’t remember anything else

  5. Your posts are improving Shimmy. 😛 More than ever. So is everyone else on the site. We have yet to see everyone else’s posts for this year.

    The number of interviews was just right. Sometimes name changes work (if you’re lucky), and sometimes they don’t.

    By the way, the Members page loads fine. Simply wait it for it to load and once you see the textbox below, even if the page isn’t finished loading, just press the X on your browser or Esc to stop the page from loading unnecessary stuff. We might have to figure out a way for this. Maybe start deleting comments.. valuable history. 😦

    Anyway, nice post Shimmy. Will add CPFBI.

  6. What does CPFBI stand for? 😛

    • I’m guessing ‘Club Penguin Federal Bureau of Investigation’.

  7. Hello.

    • FBI. o_O

      Extreme, why do you even bother showing up at the CPUN after you left us for 2 years? 😛 Kidding. Where the freak have you been?

  8. Great post as always Shimmy 😀

  9. What!!!! CPFBI WAS NEVER IN THIS!!!!! We wanted to be though!
    by the way CPFBI stands for
    Club Penguin Federal Bureau of Investigation

    • I already said that. btw, do you guys even investigate anything? I mean, are you just the CP FBI cause it sounds cool to you?

  10. That was the OTHER Club Penguin FBI, that was destroyed, They didn’t know that CPFBI already existed

  11. We investigate, ( it does sound cool I have to admit) the CP FBI is an Agency instead of an army, we help other penguins with cases

    • Then we’d love to have you join the CPUN. 😀 We have always welcomed armies, agencies, governments, clubs, gangs, and all sorts of CP groups!

    • Yeah, cases with what? Arguing who hacked there site? Someone stole there server?

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