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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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CPUN 6-Way PB Results

January 5, 2011

Greetings CPUN Members! 🙂 I’m sure a lot of you are eager to know the victors of last month’s 6-Way Practice Battle or also known as, the Royal Rumble. We had 6 armies go up against each other in one server all at the same time with the free-will to do anything they want on the server as an army. They were allowed to go to all rooms, battle any opponent, team-up with another army participating in the battle and take another army on. Well, I guess this is a great way to start the New Year.

I’ll narrate the story from my perspective. The battle started on time and we had enough people on CPUN chat. I got army leaders and their assistants to come over to our international chat and here were the leaders that went there.

  • Wyoskyguy – CPEM
  • Red Destoyz – CPR
  • Grillch200 – AW
  • 9ooo and friends – CACP (Went to chat after the battle)
  • Pwner1 – Judge
  • Speed015 – Judge

There were more on chat. Anyways, I invited all armies to come to chat 5 minutes before the battle. I tried leaving a message for DCP but couldn’t get into their chat. I believe they did come though. As for the Cowboys, they ignored my message an hour earlier but then went to chat after the battle.

From what I heard before getting on chat, judges spotted several blue armies. The CACP rumored to be allies with the DCP were on first and claimed the Snow Forts. The Aqua Warriors were identified later on and resided at the Forts as well. CPEM and the CPR were already around the server on different rooms during this time and later headed to the Snow Forts as well where the whole battle took place. The first three armies slowly died to my surprise. The Cowboys were declining in number and constantly kept disappearing after half an hour. The Defense were hard to identify later on as well but like the Cowboys, there were still pieces of them left. The AW fell after half an hour but were revived by Grillsch and brought a few more Aqua Warriors online and reached a number of 2-3. As for the CPR, they kept a good 3-4 through-out the whole match but failed to have enough people on to be able to make an offensive move to any of the participating armies.

I was in CPR’s side. We did our best. 😛 Take a look at these pictures: Credits to all army sites and providers!

Early in the Match

Earlier in the match..

AW Line

AW looking good here..

End of the match

What it looked like towards the end

In my point of view, the Cowboys of Club Penguin owned a quarter to a half of the match and the Club Penguin Elite Marines owned the rest. All the judges believe the CPEM won the match due to their size until the end and their consistency through-out the whole match. Cowboys win second place for obvious reasons. But we also want your opinions. Judges, please comment your side of the story. Witnesses can have the floor as well. For this poll, anyone can vote. But please choose honestly. Being the top five out of all the CPUN armies here is already an honor. 😉

We’ll be having another one by the end of this month if we aren’t busy! 😀 We have new departments to fill out and introduce meaning – more people. Hooray. I love more people. :mrgreen: This will give more people a chance to join the CPUN without the skills of a reporter. Though we do have reporters (and some of the best around), don’t forget that the CPUN is not a news site. You have a much bigger future here. I’ll ellaborate that in a post this month. This year, we were taken on by the official coming of News Sites into our virtual world. But why do we feel harmed? We aren’t a news site afterall, are we? 😀 We’re much more than a news site. We’re an alliance. We’re the Club Penguin United Nations.

End of post. Vote wisely! 😉


P.S. Please don’t officially open any departments aside from Donut’s yet (though you may brief and post about it). We don’t want a scrappy opening do we? If you want me to fully promote your idea and get everyone’s attention to it, I will. Just hold on to it for now. :mrgreen:


7 Responses

  1. Ok. Before any one says this. NO, CPEM did NOT have help at this. So don’t say all of that. Them blue guys at the end WASNT helping us. It may have looked like they was with us, but they wasnt.
    Ok guys? Good -.-


  2. Sorry for post over Red’s post. 🙂 I’ll resticky Red’s post after a couple of days. Gordon’s will be the next, scheduled on the 10th (automatically). And Soccer, don’t be shy to publish your draft. 😛 BTW, the CP Flyers joined us. That would be a great addition to the next Rumble line up!

    I’ll post my opinion later. 😉

  3. Great, thanks. Can’t wait until the results are in. As Gostt previously stated. CPEM did not have help, we had troops from BMA. But those troops joined at theirwll. Not us forcing us. Honestly, from the pics on AW site, I thought they would be bigger. Same for DCP, I had known DCP to be one of the larger armies. The Cowboys I knew were gonna be large, but I did not expect them to die out. All armies impressed me, but CPEM did the most (well duh :lol:) then I would say CPR, then AW and DCP. Cowboys I knew had that many, but they fell, so that was a surprise. Well, even though I missed a huge partcof it (due to my lunch) I was surprised to see how big all the armies were.

  4. Woops, I made a ton of mistakes… Try to make it look and make sence. Thanks

  5. Deedledoo, I hate calling you that, I always have to scroll up and stuff. xD

    What is your nick name- Deed ? Or is it another 4 letter word, idk

    LadTom2 aka lentalsoup

  6. Dee

  7. dee make a post saying i am a new member to the staff and i am a new offical judge

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