Cowboys 2nd Gen

Well with all this commotion Ballion merged Cowboys into AR and Dozy quit and made the new Cowboys and is needing people back. With a new Leadership and new rules i interviewed Dozy12 Cowboys Leader.



R: Why did you bring the Cowboys back?

D: The reason I took Cowboys back is because i put so much time and effort into this army and i didn’t want us to die even if i would of been a leader of a Major army.

D: there is still a lot of work to do to Cowboys

D: AR don’t need any work right now

R: Do you think all the troops that joined AR with Ballion might rejoin Cowboys?

D: Well i probably could persuade a couple of them

D: I already have Josephp3 back and Josh

D: Of course the other people Ballion gave ranks that they never deserved to probably won’t

R: Do you think Cowboys can recover from this devastating blow to your high Medium Ranking?

D: Well in one day we already have over 10 active so i think we can maybe get even higher than that

R: Do you think Ballion was a good leader?

D: No Ballion wasn’t a good leader

D: He was a great leader

D: Despite retiring twice he brought Cowboys to number one Medium!

R: How are you going to change this Generation of Cowboys from the last?

D: Well I am not going to give people with Little experience high ranks as Ballion did and we aren’t going to have the chat all mods and owners

D: Oh and when i say “Cowboys Forever” I will actually mean it

R: So you will not merge Cowboys?

D: Not even if I am offered Leader of the ACP

R: What about Leader of the AR? xD

D: Well I’m not sure if I am still leader of the AR but i know i was

R: If you could summarize what the Cowboys are planning to achieve in 6 months in 5 words what would that be? 

D: Hmmmm

D: Friendly, kind, major and epic

R: One final question, Cake or Death?

D: Cake 😀

R: Well thank you for your time to do this interview and i look forward to seeing the Cowboys Rising again soon, and i chose cake too 😛

D: Thank you too 😀


Well as you can see Dozy has high intentions for leading the Cowboys. You heard it here first this Cowboys might be better than the first.

Stay Red.

-Red Destoyz


2 Responses

  1. Fasto merged cowboys btw.

  2. You have your facts wrong Fasto merged cowboys . Also dont be surprised if u see me back in a few weeks after exams are done.

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