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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Further information on the Hacker registration commision Department

I have recived a lot of Awards lately due to this idea So i must mention the names which has been accepted into the hacker registration , Joining  the hacker registration commision is unavailble now due to the ending date and it has arrived! The people who i am mentioning has been accepted into the Hacker registration commision Department (HRCD)

People in HRCD

  • Charliem 21
  • Soccerfan
  • Mjgreico
  • Rex556 ( do not put swearing in your  comment please)


We also have A Service who is also against hackers  working with us called Club Penguin Omega Squad , Gistha2 And KieranFB are directors of it

We also have A list of hackers found so far


  • Necron
  • Miroos is not a hacker but Uses it as a trick for powers
  • Nacho
  • Divine
  • Anon Hacking group
  • Neos


We are also going to do some More posts soon and a magizine too , Goodbye to all , p.s: comment and tell me how many fireworks you had last night i had 100 around my area

Over and out


And btw what is cpuns chat link


9 Responses

  1. Chat link is xat.com/theclubpenguinunitednations

  2. Are you accusing rex? We don’t have hard proof of that.

  3. As in of swearing alot.

  4. I did soccer

    go to the apply page for the first post i made

  5. I only saw one curse, everyone curses at some point.

  6. IF you guys dont mind, i think i will create a more “official” hacking department. Dee, with your go, can i create a page to do so?

  7. Miroos is a hacker, He hacked CPAE

    • Miroos is BEAST. 😀

  8. 321 fish pop dont go creating my ideas thank you

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