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2nd Official CPUN War Division!

Jack: Okay, so far three things have been decided. First off, our first leader is Atm 23, but don’t worry, we’ll hire more than one! Secondly, our name is “The Coalition” and I’ll be constructing the website from now. Don’t worry about getting a high position, we’ll still have plenty of those. The first Coalition meeting discussing the CPEM and Cowboys ordeal will be posted on the Coalition website which can be found by clicking here. Anyone who needs added to the Coalition website, please leave a comment on the latest post. (That includes Dee.) If you have any donations, such as: Graphics, Uniform ideas, or People, please feel free to comment away on this post, or on the Coalition website. Thank you.

Dee edit: I think we have an issue right now that may make use of this division – but sadly it’s a CPUN vs CPUN issue. The Cowboys still accuse the CPEM for using allies during the Royal Rumble. Results for that will be coming soon so I’ll give my own opinion in that upcoming post. Right now, the Cowboys, out of all honored armies, are threatening to hack the Club Penguin Elite Marines. See CPEM’s distress call here.


Well I know that this post has been mentioned plenty of times, for the 2nd Official CPUN War Division. Basically I’m in charge of bringing it back. Myself and Dee have been in deep discussion about it every time we see each other on xat, and It’s an ongoing project I’ve been working on for months. I personally know that a War Division has been craved for CPUN, and a successful one at that. So I’m going to do my best at setting up this Division for you. Now, a friend of mine came up with 2 possible names we could call this Division.

A: Club Penguin Empire.

B: The Coalition.

Don’t worry, I have graphics set up for both, so I’ll let you guys decide on which, and even if you can think of another name, that would be good also. The website is set and ready to go, and I’ll launch it as soon as things are finished off here. Now, many of you are now thinking, who will be leading this great Military? Well, that’s another fun part for you to decide. You can vote for someone who has nominated themselves, or vote for yourself if you have nominated yourself. Here’s what I want your comments to look like:

Nomination Sign-Up [W/ Example]

Username: Donut67890

Past Ranks and Armies: DW Leader, Nachos 2ic/ Temp. Leader, Cookies Leader, ACP Lt. General, MFW Leader, RBA Leader, FF 2ic, UMA 2ic, RPF Temp. Leader, WW Warlord.

Why you should be nominated: I’m quite well recognized amongst CP Warfare. I’ve accomplished quite a bit in my rankings amongst other armies, and continue to further my career. Leading the CP Empire/Coalition seems to be the perfect fit.

Vote Sign-Up [W/ Example]

Username: Donut67890

Who would you like to vote for: Mr Deedledoo

Reason(s): Dee is a great and well respected person in CP Warfare. He is known for holding his high ranking in the Army of Club Penguin, and creating the Club Penguin United Nations. He is a saviour amongst smaller armies helping them to accomplish many things they’ve never thought they could. Dee is a great influence to others, and would make this group of Military Operatives shine.

Description of this War Division

I plan to create this to be one of the greatest and most organized forces in CP Warfare. Let me start off by saying that the leader will not be in control of everything. The King/Queen will be in charge of the government and the servers. They will control who gets such things as land grants, alliances, enemies, territories and can also overthrow anyone which they oppose to being on their land. They will also get a say in which servers to invest in to make their land bigger and better. The Leader will control the Military forces, in charge of when/where the forces invade/defend. They will lead all scheduled battles, and may choose a number of other operatives to help him control the forces in different areas. The Field Marshall will be partly in charge of the military only being under the command of the leader. He will also control punishments and crime, rules for the servers, chat, website etc. He will also control what happens with the soldiers, example if one steps out, He/She can fire that soldier and banish him from the Kingdom. If you want that soldier to return, you can grant him access again.

That just about sorts out the high people of the army, that are in the control of most things. Now we will move onto the Court Marshalls these are the people which decide the fate of others, if one person decides to Court Marshall someone, both people must provide good explanations. The Court Marshalls will be gathered up by the King and the Field Marshall. The Court Marshalls must be understanding and clever people, if you would like to recommend anyone feel free.

Now, onto one of the other juicy parts, the Government type. Most people have said that they want this War Division to be a Democratic Republic. But I haven’t gotten the opinion of all CPUN viewers, so I’d like to ask you all to vote on this poll for which you would prefer.

Now, onto the finale of my post, It’s time to talk about how this is planning to work. This force will not be like regular armies, it won’t run around claiming servers off of other armies. It will help the underdog. Say for example, the RPF decides to declare war on ACP, obviously RPF is the underdog, and would require our assistance. So our forces would be directed to attack ACP territory and defend RPF territory, and if needs be, give a land grant to RPF so they can survive. We might also attack armies that are giving much trouble to the CP army universe.

I hope you enjoy this War Division and I hope to see you there when it is completed!

Website: *TBC*

Chat: *TBC*

Leader: *TBC*

King: Donut67890 (for now)

Field Marshall: *TBC*

Court Marshalls: *TBC*

This will likely be completed by Friday of this week.

Happy New Year everyone!



18 Responses

  1. 1st enjoy! :mrgreen:

  2. King?
    Jack: Indeed.

  3. I’ll join… Just tell me what I need to do
    Jack: Well, you can either nominate yourself or someone you know for the Leader or Field Marshall position. Before you do make sure you read the duties that are required on this post. Thank you for your commitment.

  4. I think B: The Coalition is a good one. But the CP Empire is also good, as it sounds quite large and powerful.

  5. ‘The Coalition’ seems better. Nice idea. I can join if you want but I don’t know what to apply for.
    Jack: I hope you don’t mind, but I’m putting you up for leader. You seem like a capable guy, but if you don’t want the position you can give it to someone else. Hope you don’t mind.

  6. I’m glad this was brought back up. The King and Queen sounds weird though its ok. XD

    Let’s nominate and vote but I think the first thing to do is to get at least five armies from the CPUN to join it with their commitment, like the UN Security Council. Aside from us, CPUN army leaders should also be able to run for positions because they will and always will have the control over the army. 😀

    Therefore, I suggest that the War Division consist mostly of army leaders of any size. 🙂 BUT if you wish to have the positions given (court marshall, etc.) to be filled in by our people that’d be fine too – but with at least a council of fuve permanent armies.

    Agh I’ll explain later on. :p

  7. Red Destoyz
    CPR Co Commander, CPEM 2ic was in lots of armies before i left including: Red Raiders, Elites, IW, Nachos, UMA (cant remember the ranks). I was a Colour War and Order 67 Veteran. CPUN Legend. I trained Articsledder IW 2ic, Chapa23 RPF 2ic, Benu2 Former UMA Leader. 4 Years army experience and been in CPR all that time and seen many Legends come and go..

    Nominate me as i have nothing better to bo doing at the moment and i need to do more in the CPUN than the odd post now and then.

  8. I LOVE THIS IDEA! Also I say A CP Empire since “The Coalition” dose not mactch this at all in my last post look at the defenition of Coalition : P

    Also, I will join. Vote for Tyranical Goverment : P

  9. I think we’ll have more than one leader. Atm is the first, if he accepts, I’ll choose a few others to join him.

  10. Okay listen this is what happened.

    Ballion retires
    Cowboys merge into AR
    All the leaders of cowboys become leaders of AR
    This event happened.
    And then today I bring back cowboys.

    Please remove all this about cowboys because this matter has nothing to do with Cowboys. Since I am now the only leader there are going to be alot of changes. I’m sorry for my bad grammar because my battery is nearly dead. I’ll talk to you later.

  11. I wanted to share a cheaper web host with you… I know how hard it is to find a good cheap webhost. http://www.wildgriffinmedia.com

  12. Username: Charliem21

    Past Ranks and Armies: CPWS Leader, CPL Leader, Leader MIP, Leader Team Black,3ic Team Red, 4ic Hot Sauce Army (rebellion), Major General CP Flyers

    Why you should be nominated: I think I should be nominated because I am a good leader and I think I could lead The Coalition very well.

  13. Is it me or is this starting to look like Desert Storm. “The Coalition.” Lol.

  14. I wouldn’t nominate my self to a high rank.

    “If you try to catch two horses at the same time you will only catch one”

  15. I voted communism*wary*

  16. Username: Wyoskyguy

    Past Ranks and Armies: CPEM Leader, CPR Graphics Designer, ACP Staff Seargent, CBACP Division General, N.A.M. Formal Leader, FF Leader,

    Why you should be nominated: I should be nominated because I have lots of experiance in leading armies, N.A.M. was the largest army during my reign, then after I left, it fell. CPEM won that tournament, CPR has epic GFX, CBACP I’m working on, FF failed because I was a noob

  17. Oh yea, I want to run as Field Marshall 😀 All my experience are in my comment above

  18. wafles

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