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***HAPPY NEW YEAR***||Sharing..

December 31 2010 – January 1, 2011

***2010 – 2011***

Well people, this is gonna be a short post. So you don’t have to worry about using up your time here instead of being with your loved ones.. 😆



If it ain’t new year for any of you yet, I may be the earliest one here to greet you all – but I surely am not the only one to experience the new year this early. So, on behalf of everyone in my time zone and on the other side of the planet – Happy New Year. 😀

As the Head of the Club Penguin United Nations, I have many people to thank this year. I believe that every single person – from those who made the best posts, the best contributions, the most outstanding ideas, to those who simply gave us one hit, or commented once on our site through-out the whole year – has helped the CPUN. This year started badly and the months in which we went defunct and inactive many times seem long. But, I am happy that the year ended with joy and success – unlike last year, this month was the month I moved country. I didn’t shut the CPUN down because it wouldn’t be a happy ending. I’m thankful we’re all alive and well during this new year.

Well, that’s all I have to say. My sharing will be posted in a comment shortly after you guys. 🙂 I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and ADVANCED HAPPY NEW YEAR :mrgreen: .

Please feel free to share anything you wish in this post. What you are thankful for, Any great achievements?, A funny story, complaints, follow-ups to unfinished ideas, suggestions or anything else you would like to say. I think you guys get the point. 😉 If possible, maybe you guys can suggest something for the CPUN for the next year. We, I, will be happy to read them. 🙂




Enjoy the holidays and fireworks everybody!

Happy Holidays from Dee! Oh, and Happy New Year 2011 too!


P.S. New Banner by Aan10 – former leader of the Aqua Warriors. He made all the graphics, headers, and banners this year! Thank you for everything Aan10. 😀


7 Responses

  1. I’m thankful for the support that I and the Aqua Warriors get from the CPUN and you, Dee. Thanks so much for being there for us, just as you are for CPUN and many other members. I think I can speak for many people when I say thank you for everything. 🙂

    I am also thankful for Aan10!!! Great header, banners, and buttons Aan! 😉

  2. hello i am mjgreico i am a offical judge of cpun if you need judge for a battle i have a website http://undercovercparmy.wordpress.com/ and i am sometimes on my chat

  3. I’m actually 13 hrs and 8 minutes away from the ew Year in my Time Zone. xD

    I’m just thankful for my all of the freinds I have made here in CP Warfare. Its just so fun to meet and talk with people who are half way across the world from you or are even in a city nearby. 😀

  4. I’m Thankful for having an awesome friend called Dee 😀

  5. My new years is in 5 hours.

  6. I am thankful for being accepted into the CPUN by a great guy called Dee, who gave me the best end of the year I could wish for, Thanks CPUN

  7. I liked it when I joined CPUN, then I met a destructive pizza (its my theme of the year :LOL:”

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