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Hackers/ And a department Which shall be added to CPUN

Hi there , i  have thought of this idea called Hacker Registration department  The reason for this is because  I have had 30 pces a day telling me that armys have been Hacked by Hackers i am getting annoyed by this  and i am going to sort something out about it , This is to do with nations so its part of cpun

I am creating  the Hacker registration Department and i shall be head , you can join too it is completly free to people who dont work at cpun and its free to people who do work at cpun heres the form

Non members of cpun

CP name:

Why do you want to join:

Will you help us find hackers?:

Members of CPUN

Cp name:

CPUN job:

Why do you want to join The department ?:

You shall be employed at the end of the month with xats too

Have a nice new year


p.s: i shall post all the hacker names soon


15 Responses

  1. Cool idea

  2. Yeah I Agree with Miroos.

    CPUN Name: Charliem21
    CPUN Job:
    Why Do you want to Join The department: Awesome idea and I want to help sites that have been Hacked

  3. You shall be added on The 1st January 2011 if i think you are appriproiate

  4. Its a good idea but I think you should wait for someone of a higher ranking approve of it before putting it into action.

  5. btw, our new header is BEAST. Who made it?

  6. oh lol i thought this was to hack sites

  7. It’s an ok idea but it has many flaws.

  8. Pretty good idea… like what Charizard said, it has many flaws, we had a Anti-Hacking week awhile back(not really a while back, but kind of) and that helped. I’m just wondering, but why did Miroos comment, Isn’t he a hacker or something, maybe it’s just my imagination.

  9. CP name: Soccerfan8

    Why do you want to join: Ive never been hacked and ive been in club penguin for 4 years and xat for 2 years and a half

    Will you help us find hackers: Yes

  10. Soccerfan8 is here.. How you doin’?

    Anyways, of course I agree with this. We’ll form a department right away! 😀

  11. How will you be able to pay the people who work in this department xats? That could be very tricky, as this is the first mention of an actual employment in the CPUN. Graphic sites charge, but with only a few people running them, the money goes around. If a bunch of people join this department, either they will be paid 5 xats a month, or they won’t be paid at all. And who will pay them?

    Great idea, a lot of issues to work out though before this can be implemented.

  12. Cp name:Mjgreico

    CPUN job:judge

    Why do you want to join The department ?:Iwant to help armys find there hacker

  13. Cp name: Rex5556

    CPUN job:Reporter *wary*

    Why do you want to join The department ?: because I have no other shit to do

    Edit: Comment changed due to wrong information

  14. CPUN Job: Justice


  15. Cp name: Super Pal 3

    CPUN job: Reprenetive for CPFBI

    Why do you want to join The department ?:
    CPFBI has been hacked several times, I think it’s a BRILLANT idea to form this

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