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Prediction of the Future: The fall of ACP

Hello fellow CPUN viewers this is Charizard58 here reporting. Sorry for my recent in-activeness lateley I don’t have much time and I also don’t know what to post of. So I was making a history post, deleted it. Current news post deleted it. So I got a new idea what if I try to predict the future so I am.

In this post I will be talking ? possible ways The Army of Club Penguin could be destroyed in the near future. So let us beging shall we?

Section 1: The Coalition

The first way in my opinion is the most likely as you know at the current state ACP is in today it is nearly impossible for a single army to defeat ACP in a war alone.

Let’s see the defenition of Coalition: is a pact or treaty among individuals or groups, during which they cooperate in join action, each in their own self-intrest, joining forces together for a common cause. This alliance may be temporary or a matter of convenience.

Now that you know the defenition of Coalition I will tell you an example in CP Armies.

Now if for some reason most armies leader of the Major Armies were mad at ACP (Insluts, nationlal leaders not respected, stealing troops ect.) of course an army like Nachos or Night Warriors or the strongest army in my opinion would start this mega-alliance aginst ACP. Such an alliance would be so strong that troops of ACP would panic and defect (Switch sides).

This is the most obvious way I see the fall for ACP but, after this many “survivors” will attempt to re-make the ACP Empire but that is talk in another time.

Section 2: The Rebellions/Defection Of The Lower Class

In my time in ACP I have noticed the lower ranks (Corprals, Seargents and Staff Seargent) make atleast 60% of the army is made out of those ranks. In my early days I kept faith in ACP I would see troops saying their leaving to the Nachos or any other army since they aren’t noticed. In the recent Mammoth War I remember a mod rank saying something about nearly a dozen  ACP left and joined another army beacuse “They were being treated like dirt” I have take serious look into this, what if one day the lower ranks would make a rebellion beacuse of a bad leader of being treated like dirt?  They would most likely lose since they won’t have any leader but, other major army leaders will support him.

And of course what if a very convincing man convinced most of the ACP noobs to join his/her army? Wich would most likeley be a major army. With this his/her major army would grow massivly and ACP would drasticly lose troops. Thus making them fall to a stronger army.

Well thats all for today I will be leaving for vacation and stuff so bye!



24 Responses

  1. First suckers.

  2. First!

  3. lol 3rd

  4. Great post. I’ve seen many people, more than usual, complaining about the mods now. Some of the mods there disgust me. 5 mods on and no one’s taking care of the chat. Then they ban the wrong guy.

    These guys were once asking for mod help in a Mammoth battle and I scrolled up and found that they were asking for help the whole time but a mod or two out for the about 7 that were there were just ignoring them or telling them why should we follow you, we don’t want to go on Mammoth.. I saw that and quickly responded asking them their location – got on CP – and helped them out. Then one of the mods said he was gonna take over from me and lead the team – the same mod that was just treating the soldiers like trash.

    It disgusts me. He kicks me out of leadership of the squad on Mammoth even if I was the one that actually went out there to help them. Thing is, he was a higher rank than me and didn’t care if I was an ACP Legend. I didn’t even know the guy. In 5 years we’ll be having a full chat – full of mods.

  5. Yes. I am absolutely disgusted w/ ACP. They are jerks. They claim to always own Mammoth, and they always claim to always win, even though there’s 2 (ACP) vs 5 (CPEM), they still say that. It makes me kind of mad. We always own them. I think they are noobs.

  6. ACP doesn’t take suggestion… I had an awesome bomb that took more cloud space then any other and I thought that if every ACP member that was actually there (which is usually around 50) then the whole room would be fogged up, it already gets close with the joke bomb. I told them how to do it and they said I was spamming 😦 .

  7. And when I say fog up, I mean the fog that comes after 3 messages on top of each other.

  8. ACP had hell yesterday. Capn went bonko, mods were cussing with no punishment, and people are mad. I have to agree with Capns statement though, Not the part about Taoh, but with Mitch and the nutcase he is, and how Shab needs to be quiet.

    • The part about ACP chat sounds awsome and a lot like RPF. xD Wish I was there.

  9. In future posts I recommend using FireFox or Google Chrome to spell check. Because when I read “Insluts” it took me a bit to realize you weren’t talking about Amsterdam

  10. Also, ACP you get noticed more often that RPF. One time when Justinbronze was in FGR and I was helping him fight ACP, wem ade fake ACP accounts and they actually got added to the ACP ranks faster than I have been added to the RPF ranks ( ACP join time – a day. RPF join time- Not entered since 4 months ago reposted numerous times)

    • Maybe you should use spell check too “wem ade”.

  11. this also sounds like a prediction for the fall of the US. section 2 at least.

  12. ACP = US amirite?

  13. Americans are definitely being treated like dirt. It’s disloyalty. It’s natural for armies smaller than ACP to be defeated one in a while but when ACP gets defeated, well, lets say that they think ACP is an invincible army.

  14. Why do people say amirite? instead of Am I right?

  15. Ikr for I know right. O_o

    I guess I just say things with complete spelling and stuff because my iPhone uses a full keyboard. Even my grandmother thinks my e-mails to her are perfect. I don’t use too many really complicated words though. I’m just good at speech, protest, and all that stuff. What they hey. XD

  16. As long as I am around, ACP will never fall.

    • I like that. But without you, we may be pretty much hopeless. Not without you but I mean, when you’re gone. 😉 The future seems blurry.

  17. I have heard about a lot of the crudeness of the ACP mods. I tried to join ACP years ago and was never added. I sometimes wonder what my future would have been if they had. Oh well, I’m happy where I am now and I have Aan to thank for it.

    Like I was saying though, it seems that there really is a lot of unrest in the lower ranks, even for the higher ranks. Many ACP soldiers feel like they just don’t make a difference in such a big army and treated that way. I think the ACP is going about things a little wrong. They need to take a tip from medium armies that are strong and full of loyal soldiers:
    Value all troops. Make them feel necessary and wanted for the success. At least try to, because then you get a bunch of people who want to stay and help out even if they aren’t a General or something.

    But that’s just my humble opinion 🙂

  18. My name is Mjgreico i am a new offical judge for cpun

  19. Right Layne. Instead of getting the usual flow of ACP soldiers that never ends anyways, medium armies do their best to keep people from leaving and instead making them want to stay and keep coming back.

    I saw about 3 ACP members yesterday telling the owners to mod them. They were in all CAPS and seemed to spam ‘MOD ME’ over and over again. Is this the future of the ACP

  20. I have my curiousity to thank that I am here now.

  21. I say all armies gang up and destroy the ACP and scatter all of the noobs around CP Warfare for other armies to take. The ACP has had World Power too long, its time for change.

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