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Order 67? Again?? What would happen??

Ok, some of you (Like Dee, Red, and me) remember Order 67, or have studied it so what would happen if it Re-happened? Devastion? Destruction? Prosperity? I am about to quote from the “White Alliance”

Order 67 could be used again
Posted on 15/12/2010 by clubhot4

All small armies are beening told that they must all revolt against ACP and Nachos and IW and other large armies.SWAT is leading the way for use all.CPAC has been told and I hope they do a post about it.Hopefully order 67 will be used again and I hope all small armies united will take down ACP and other large armies.This will be a war that will change clubpenguin warfare forever and I hope that all small armies jump to this challaged and fight for servers and freedom.

Ok, I have some problems with this.
1. There are to many miss-spelled words.
2. Clubhot4 is an idiot (If you don’t mind me using those words, if so, the hes dumb)
3. Order 67 was a horrible time for small armies, Large armies constantly raided small armies, making all small armies die out.
4. This is a dumb idea.
5. If somebody sees clubhot4, tell him to fix its Grammar. xD

So please, comment, or answer my poll.

For the 3rd Answer, Order 68 is where we leave Order 67 alone.

Well, I think that’s all,
-Wyoskyguy-CPEM Leader-IMAF Admiral-CPUN Author


15 Responses

  1. Order 67 was in defence i was there i fought in this and it was terrible. In my first post for the CPUn i theorised what would happen if Order 67 would to succeed. Doom for us all basically and there would be no point playing anymore. So “No” unless you want to quit this right now.

  2. Good points, oh and dee, can you sticky red tribute to itachi and this post. Thanks

  3. My post was first for 20mins >.>

  4. lol, sorry Red. But I knew CPUN HAD to read this. We might have to fight for what is ours again.

  5. Who put Heck Yes?

  6. LOL


  7. I say we grab clubhot4 and put him in North Korea.

  8. CPUN is pretty much built with small armies. Would we really vote yes on that poll?

  9. No, and Red, I put Heck Yes because of those noobs *no*

  10. I would like to say a couple of things.
    1. Please stop putting quotes around the White Alliance. We are an alliance too, and no other alliance has quotes around their name.
    2. Being the main leader of the White Alliance, I made my own edit. please read it and you can put it in you thing if you want.
    comment what you think of my edit.

  11. I quoted “White Alliance” Because its an organization, another reason why people should learn Grammar.

    • How come you don’t quote CPUN?

  12. idk XD a mistake…

  13. Since most armies that view this sight are small or medium, they don’t want to become vulnerable to large armies. Thus, they voted for “HECK NO!”
    In my opinion, Order 67 could happen again. But maybe like the last option in the vote said, switch it around a bit. Reverse it onto the large armies. And then again, medium armies could takeover small armies, right? Lol, I’m just hypothesizing. It could work.

  14. True… also thanks Dee for Editor 🙂

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