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Legend Tribute-Itachi6Dark

You guys might be really suprised to see me posting this but yes. I saw some guys with Ennbay try bringing back RR. Apparently they’re not trying hard enough. They’re not being commited. Making little posts on this once great site making it look like garbage. So I hereby make this site a memorial. If any old RR soldiers stop by they will think about the fun times we had. Fighting major armies in Order 67, the war with FGR, the war with ACP, conquering servers,all the fun stuffs on chat hehe. Many great soldiers learned to be great from working with me on this army such as Benu and Ennbay. Benu has made all the way to leader of UMA but wouldn’t have made it without being under my wing in here. Ennbay has been a big part of ACP also. Being leader of RR has been way more fun then being leader of UMA. UMA has multiple leaders. So people hated me and still stayed in UMA because of the other leaders. But in RR every person in this army thought I was a great leader. I probably won’t forget my time in RR for a long time and I hope other soldiers won’t either.

Rest in peace Red Raider Site… lol


P.S.- I won’t reply to any comments or anything because this is the only time I’ll ever post I probably won’t even look at cp armies anymore. Sorry guys.

-Itachi6Dark Closing the Red Raiders

Well this post is a Tribute to the Legend known as Itachi6Dark. Itachi is famous for his part in creating and leading the Red Raiders, fighting in Order 67, Being an UMA Leader and his part in the CPUN.

Itachi6Dark: In early 2008 Itachi6Dark ventured forth into the World of CP Armies he did this by creating the Red Raiders on April 16th 2008. The Red Raiders were a new army that had little troops. However, by some coicidence or a message from afar they stumbled across the Club Penguin Rangers. Itachi decided to comment on their site asking to be allies, this inturn would lead to a great friendship. It was I , Red Destoyz, that responded and inturn commented on the Red Raiders site. Itachi then made alliances with many other armies including the Elites, Nachos and the Union. However, the Red Raiders were strongly opposed to ACP seeing them as too corrupt. They then were one of the first armies to join the Club Penguin United Nations (to those unobservant ones that is the site you are on currently ^^ unless i copy and paste this anywhere so then it will be the site i posted this on originally)Then in the Summer of  08 Order 67 occured and Itachi helped the CPUN against the forces of ANTA. Mr Deedledoo, Ktman2 and Itachi then lead the CPUN against ANTA. ANTA backed down as we all know adding to another one of Itachi’s feats talking down leaders of Nachos and ACP.

From then on, however, things started to go downhill. Red Raiders led by Itachi did win the CPUN’s Royal Rumble but then a famine of troops occured. Itachi struggled maintaining troop levels and it became a struggle to keep the Red Raiders alive. Itachi met more of his friends like Ennbay and Benu2 and they helped him out of some hard times. The Red Raiders participated in alot more Wars and the results were both good and bad. Also Itachi decided to join the Underground Mafias Army with Benu2 and started working up the ranks. Itachi became more active in the UMa but started to decrease in inactivity in RR, but he still ateneted Wars, PB’s and events in general.

Itachi then left RR on February 6th 2009, leaving behind a Great army that has a legacy for all others to aspire to. He rose quickly through the ranks and became UMA leader in 5 months. There we was a strict but fair leader and he helped UMA soldiers become more disciplined. He helped them through the rebuild project and won the more Perviest Soldier in UMA in 2008 and 2009. He still commented on the CPUN site and RR site rarely and then some months later retired from UMA. He then slowly faded away and there we lost a true Legend for us all. He has many friends gone and still here, his legacy will live on through us until the end.

Every fall, rise Higher! -Itachi6Dark (Red Raiders founder, Order 67 Veteran, former CPUN Minister, former UMA Leader)

Mr. Deedledoo on Itachi6Dark: The legendary Itachi6Dark was the former leader of the unstoppable Red Raiders. He was one of the first members of the Club Penguin United Nations. He was our Minister of War. We credit the ‘Royal Rumble Practice War‘ idea to him. He did have a way of making plans in a rush or announcing war with some army he sees but sometimes, they were worth it. He was with the CPUN, during Order 67 and he and the Red Raiders became a well-known army. He proceeded to leading the Underground Mafias Army and left the Red Raiders. After being a great UMA leader, he decided to retire. Itachi, was a great member of the CPUN and we are honored, to have had him by our side. This is what he wanted, to be in the Hall of Fame.

There we had it a true Legend for us all. Hopefully i produced a proper sign off to Itachi and I will be doing more of these soon. Thats it, Itachi6Dark, we now say farewell to him and his Legacy.

Stay Red.

 -Red Destoyz




7 Responses

  1. Amazing post… I think Itachi6Dark is epic and amazing. and nothing else. *wary* I wouldn’t say hes better then Dee, but yea… He’s good

    “Every fall… Rise Higher”~Itachi6Dark

  2. Btw… 947 words…
    “Every fall… Rise Higher”~Itachi6Dark

  3. Remember Sky, Dee is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, he will get you while you are sleeping. Also if Itachi comments on this who wouldn’t go “:OOOOOOOOOO, ZOMG Itachi is back!!!”

  4. lol

  5. nice size

  6. Holy cow, you need to shorten your name

  7. Hahahaha that’s what she said, Gordonedward

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