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Shimmy222 Friend or Foe

CPUN Edit: Everything’s been uncovered.

Greek Geeks

Greek Geeks 2

We need to host a General Assembly for more plans this holiday! A Practice Battle is coming soon between five armies so let’s wait for that. Anyways, yep, everyone’s been doing great so far. We need to get back to our roots. General Assemblies, Practice Battles, helping armies, the Supreme Court. We hope to hear from old friends this holiday! Has anyone started their holidays yet? 😀



Recently as I was scrolling through gistha2’s photbucket I discovered some pictures.

And this guy is our Head Reporter. Vote SHIMMY OUR OF CPUN


24 Responses

  1. I vote that shimmy should be out of the CPUN

  2. Lmao This is so funny to me for some reason. You delete all the pages I’ll just restore them. XML Documents FTW!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. Wtf, Rex have you not been looking at recent post comments, someone tried to frame me, I think that kind of name looks noobish, I use namefunk.com for everything I use, anyway as editor I can not delete everything, Rex why are you trying to get me out the CPUN, so you can get revenge, life is not about revenge Rex now stop trying to get it, anyway why would it be on Gishta2’s, The two people were Greek and Ladtom, why would Gishta2 be the photo taker? That I am confused about :S
    But please stop Rex, it really is starting to get annoying
    P.s Get ready for an epic post 😉

  4. If you want even more proof, that I trust and love the CPUN, go here to see me quitting the CPAE

  5. Wow wow,
    Let me give you guys some background info. First of all Deedledoo, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions just because of some random image on photobucket. Basicly, this person “Greek Geek” informed me of this. And showed me the picture of it via this link http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/4148/screenshot20101211at160.png
    I took a picture of these and uploaded it too my photobucket for future reference. I have no idea who “Greek Geek” is or who else may be involved. But I am here to back-up Shimmy until I get proof it was the real him.
    (Same comment on CPAE and CPUN’s posts.)
    – Gistha2

    • Rex wrote the post, Mr Deedledoo DID NOT.

  6. First of all, I don’t have any conclusions and didn’t acuse anyone. I haven’t even commented on this post of Rex’s yet. I haven’t even spoken of the cause to the whole community.

    Whoever this Greek Greek is, we need to hunt him down. If it isn’t Gistha or Ladtom, then who is Greek Greek?

  7. Actually techininally it’s impossible for one person to do this. Also btw I wasn’t doing this out of revenge.

  8. Its all sorted, Ladtom and Gistha admitted it, I am back, hopefully this doesnt happen again
    P.S I quit CPAE

  9. Shimmy, you dont understand. dont you know that it was me AND Shimmy?

    P.s- Rex need to talk to you
    P.S x2- Idc, we didnt need Shimmy anyway in CPAE

  10. Ugh guys,

    See for yourself, there both at it now…..

    [11:13:54] Gistha2: My copyright is registered through “My Free Copyright” with all rights of the website (blog) and image.
    My Copyright Details Supplied My Registration Supplier:

    Copyright:All Rights Reserved
    Registered:Tue Nov 23 17:55:33 UTC 2010
    Fingerprint: ce9faa8b57f632dfd9372d5294835aa738bd04860d91218497a415929191489e
    Title:Team Red Custom Penguin
    Description:A trademark image of our website.

    The direct link of the uploaded image with copyrights to me is located at
    URL : http://i845.photobucket.com/albums/ab12/Gistha2/gtcptravatar-1-1.png

    My copyright claim is regarding a image, copied onto another image which was then uploaded onto the internet at the following links:

    The direct link of the image with a copy of my image is located at the
    URL : http://clubpenguinsmac.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/smacheader.png

    A copy of the infringing image is located on the header image of
    URL: http://clubpenguinsmac.wordpress.com/

    I believe in good faith that the use of the content that I claim to infringe my copyright is not authorized by law, or by the copyright owner or such owner’s agent. I also verify that under penalty of perjury, that all of the information contained in my Infringement Notice is accurate, and that I am the copyright owner.

    – Gistha2

  11. @Lad You didnt need me so you tried to get me fired from CPUN so I would concentrate on CPAE, sure you didnt need me

  12. Shimmy you think your the best at everything.
    But all you are some bloody betrayer, who thinks they can hack who lives down by the road who goes to a normally school.

    If I didnt know you, I would of thought you were mad, and thought that you were god. “Oh sure you didnt need me, Oh right, Im not allowed to post?!?!? Fuck this, I was YOUR best reporter, you have to admit//” All kind of crap, so I have one thing to say to you.


    I understand your love to CPUN, but maybe they should see the other said of your broken down face.

    CPUN, you dont understand that Shimmy has no heat. If he dosent get things his way, he immediately strikes for revenge. This is why his CP Armies life is soo unpredictable, a strike of genius, but then a touch of madness. Its very hard to understand.

    But when people do understand, is that your intelligencer’s in Clubpenguin armies, has brought you to your peek, and the top of your game. You have come to the point were you can just merrily swat a side an offer from a small army news site. Where 3 months ago, you would have gratefully accepted.

    The whole point of this comment was to show the unpredictable life of some CP army authors.

    Now Shimmy, I would like you to read this post thoroughly and think about the decisions you make. Whether you have a good side to you or a bad side. I am still a bit half hearted on the fact that you deleted CPAE 3 times, but Im sure they were for a reason. The only reason I helped Gistha2, was for your own good. Before you slowly nod your head by looking at this, it is kinda true. We only did this, to see how it is like to get a taste of your own medicine

    Now people of CPUN, imagine your army being deleted/destroyed. All the hard work, effort and the things you could of done instead of donating time to your website.

    I tried showing Shimmy what it feels like when I tried to muck up Team red, but unfortunately you didnt understand how it felt.

    You might of guessed this, the whole point of this comment, is me asking you if you could come back to CPAE, and pretend nothing of me Gish’s yours and My past never happened, and start from a new dawn.2011 is coming up, and I really hope things get back to normal

    Its quite interesting. Before I opened CPAE, me and Shimmy were good friends, after pwning Rex, but since the OPENING of CPAE, then everyone has fallen apart. I dont know why, maybe due to pressure, or maybe because it reminded us of old times

    I dont know where to end this comment, but to summarise this, I am asking Shimmy right now if he could come back to CPAE and start a new era

    I really hope you read this comment with respect, and do take it into thought


    LadTom2 aka lentalsoup

    P.s- Apologies for spelling mistakes, I was writing this point quite quickly since my parents were in the other room 😀

    Would like to see the word count of this too xD

  13. @Lad/Gistha, that copyright comment is a fail, as you are using items of Club Penguin and claiming them as your own, you could be put into court for that. 😆

  14. “CPUN, you dont understand that Shimmy has no heat”, was meant to be “CPUN, you dont understand that Shimmy has no heart******************* not heat 😀

  15. @Lad Huh? I know I cant hack, I never thought I could, I never get what I want, cause everyone hates me, I feel secure here, Everyone is nice to me here, and thinks that my posts are good, I always get critism that my post are “CRAP” or people say ” You cant report, stop trying to show off that you can” In real life, I have got loads of friends, and I am actually quite liked, but then I come here and get depressed that the comments I get from people, Sometimes i just think, Why did I actually come here, what is the point, I do not want to be depressed for the next 3-4 years, but then I have people like Dee and ATM, who praise me and make me feel secure and that I can trust, but then I come across people Like you and Gistha, who as we know each other in real life, I feel I can trust you, but then you pull stunts like this, every once in a while, I get really dis-heartened, and angry at you, If I join CPAE, it will happen all over again, then we will be right here again doing the same thing, I really dont want to do it, unless I can trust you fully, why should I come back? I try to get everything I want, so does everyone, everyone tries not everyone gets it, I have deleted CPAE 3 Times, Yes do you want to know why, its things like this, where I lose all trust in you, I just feel like revenge, so does everyone, you got revenge on me by doing this, so I wanted to get revenge on you, its things like that, where I lose all trust in you, How do I have no heart????? I dont even know what that means, Now to your offer

    Why? Why should I come back, whats the point? If this happens again, there really is no point, so my answer

    I know your all thinking, Huh? Well actually fine, On two conditions,
    1. I host the Small Army Brawl
    2. I am a Reporter not Vice-President

    Because I wont to start off as normal, and maybe work my way through the ranks, if I want to. Its your choice

    Yours Sincerely

  16. xD ,
    welcome to the wacky and weird world of CPAE staff. This is crazy, first of all there’s this thing going on about Greek Geek going on with supposedly me and ladtom involved. Then Ladtom comments with something about copyright claims… Some people want revenge…. So lets list the weird stuff
    • Greek Geek blaming Shimmy
    • CPAE vs CPUN ???
    • Copyright Claims
    • Revenge ..
    • No heat/heart
    • People revealing information
    • Hacking
    • Deleting Pages…
    And who knows what’s next…
    – Gistha2

    – Gistha2

  17. Btw to clear thing’s up for all those people in CPUN going “What the hell ?” This is simply a glimpse of a long, confusing past. Ive outlived these events, Ive seen everything and I know there is no clear good and bad.I admit that both Me, Ladtom, Shimmy222 have all done something as bad as each other. So, everyone, in all of cp armies, its easier to ignore things like this that happen and move on. It seems to me like this is the last time. I apologize not just to CPUN but to all the CP army-affiliated sites which has been a innocent victim of something like this. Much like Ladtom, I hope, with the dawn of a new year. Things get cleared up.

    – Gistha2

  18. Ok, Shimmy I accpet your offer.

    Im not going to write another fucking long post, which took half my fricking life, but I understand what you mean.

    Nice try on trying to beat me word count on the comment xD

    Btw, I do not want CPUN to fight CPAE. That will be pointless. It would be nice to have a go though……. xD. Like a friendly news site match or something.

    Anyway, were giving CPUN to many hits, so lets talk on CPAE in the mean time 😀

  19. XD

  20. I need to talk to Gistha and Ladtom. Cause I am really confused

  21. Hello. THUMBS UP!

  22. Just because you have the same IP Address does not make you the same person. It could be somebody using somebody elses wireless internet, or they are brothers/sisters.
    Also, the picture looks edited

  23. LMAO FAKE PICS. Rex, FAIL, shimmy’s name is nothing like that. *ONO*

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