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Back to roots.. AW vs CPR vs CACP vs CPEM vs ACPA vs DCP Practice Battle!


DECEMBER 29, 2010

Thanks to Charliem21 for helping notify the guys. I saw him on each site. Let’s notify them one more time! 😀 Comment here if you did notify them last time, and comment also if you are going to notify now.

December 2010

The Fight for the Next CPUN #1 Army

Howdy again guys! How have ya’ll been? 😀 It’s Dee here and I’m going to arrange the first Practice Battle held be the CPUN in months and probably the most organized in years. I’ve promised some armies to be given a PB. Yep, it’s for the next title of ‘CPUN’s #1 Army‘ which was already achieved by the legendary Red Raiders back in 2008. Well, I’ve decided to gather up our most active and strongest members to join an exciting CPUN hosted 6-way Practice Battle! So who will be in it?

Here are the competitors for this big war:

  • Aqua Warriors

Leader(s): Layne, Elimz, Aan10

Aqua Warriors Uniform

AW Uniform

Site: www.theaquawarriors.wordpress.com

Joined the CPUN: August 6, 2009

  • Club Penguin Rangers

Leader(s): 321Fishpop and Red Destoyz

Club Penguin Rangers Uniform

CPR Uniform

Site: www.cprclubpenguinrangers.wordpress.com

Joined the CPUN: April 23, 2008

  • Cowboys Army of Club Penguin

Leader(s): Ballion54 and Dozy

Cowboys Army of Club Penguin Uniform

CACP Uniform

Site: www.cpcowboysarmycp.wordpress.com

Joined the CPUN: November 9, 2010

  • Club Penguin Elite Marines

Leader(s): Flarenoid, Wyoskyguy, Gostt

CPEM Uniform

Site: www.elitemarinesarmy.wordpress.com

Joined the CPUN: November 24, 2010

  • American Club Penguin Army

Leader(s): Xcheeto

Site: www.americancparmy.wordpress.com

Joined the CPUN: July 25, 2010

[No uniform image available. Colors preferably: Red, White, and Blue]

Pwn: There is now an open space!

  • Defense of Club Penguin

Leader: Charizard58 and Ben Quincy

Site: www.dcpdefenseofclubpenguin.wordpress.com

Joined the CPUN: December 14, 2009

Defense of Club Penguin Uniform

DCP Uniform

If you’re curious, you can go ahead and check out there sites! I believe it’s a good idea to have spectators to watch over the armies and see how they prepare for the upcoming battle. These armies are some of the CPUN’s most active and biggest medium armies right now. If you aren’t in the event, don’t worry! Come to the next big battle which will come sooner than you think if this one is successful. 😉 Any starting-out-leader would learn something good from this event. 🙂 Anyone can watch and is invited to stay at the CPUN chat! Invite your friends to watch this awesome event!




  • What: Battle between AW, CPR, CACP, CPEM, ACPA, and DCP
  • When: Saturday, December 27 2010
  • Where: In the neutral server of Summit


  • 10 AM PST
  • 11 AM MST
  • 12 PM CST
  • 1 PM EST
  • 6 PM UK (GMT)



The Judges

To army leaders and participants! 😀 I suggest you guys copy the details above to your army site as soon as possible. Armies have one week to prepare and get ready. I suggest you guys offer a promo to your troops who, win the battle or not, but still attend the 6-Way Battle.

Here are the judges for the battle:

  • Houndy66
  • Rex5556
  • Pwner1
  • Jd2222
  • Speed015
  • Gordonedward
  • Clubhot4
  • Need more judges

If you’d like to be a judge please apply here. Be sure to observe the following rules!

  • Judges must be in a neutral status. Judges cannot fight during the battle.
  • Even the judges do not fully decide the winner. The battle results will be seen through each army’s eyes like a normal battle.
  • Judges should supervise the battle at all times. This means going around each room of the server Summit inspecting for armies and observing them.
  • In the end, judges will give the Top 3 armies out of the 6 armies who will participate.
  • Judges will also come to army chats from time to time to check in


  • Armies may not bring allies who are not listed in the six participating armies. But, armies may team up against other armies and form a temporary alliance. In the end, each army must have already vanquished the other – and that is why it is a temporary alliance.
  • To defeat an army, armies will have to either outnumber the army by the end of the battle time, make the army retreat, or have the army surrender.
  • Armies must stay inside of the server Summit. They may chase each other around in all rooms. Judges will be roaming around the whole server to inspect and observe.
  • Recruiting during the battle is allowed

Attention: The use of hacking and the bringing of other allies will be noted down by the judges.



There we go. 🙂

For any questions during the battle, please come to the CPUN Chat.


Who will be in that chat during the battle day?

  • Judges
  • If possible, each participating army leader and a 2iC or any other one accompaniment.
  • Spectators

I hope leaders will come to the CPUN Chat. At least there will be on central chat where we can all communicate in and it will be much easier. Pleas don’t be afraid to come to that chat at anytime to ask us for questions. Armies may be late but the battle will start when at least 3 armies are present. If only two armies are present within the first five minutes, the battle will start.

What I suggest is a call-time. Get your troops to come at a slightly earlier time so that when the battle starts, you’ll have had enough players. Note down the names of the soldiers who do come early and give them a small reward later on. 😉

To everyone willing to help, let’s tell these armies and other armies about the event. Tell individual people who you think might enjoy watching this battle and direct them to this post and the CPUN Chat! 😀 The more the merrier. I think this will be a great get-together activity. Let’s see who the true new CPUN #1 Army is.

I’d like to specially mention UMA Legend, and former Red Raiders leader Itachi6Dark who created this whole idea (and introduced it to the CPUN) of a Royal Rumble Practice War in which all armies fight together in one server and bash each other.

2008 Participants:

  • Red Raiders
  • Club Penguin Rangers
  • Royal Penguin Arsenal
  • Metal United Army

Here’s a picture I was able to take from the RRPW’s second event:

RRPW 2008

RRPW at the 2008 Music Jam

The CPR, then led my Ktman, won the second RRPW. I believe the first RRPW was won by the Red Raiders though. 🙂 I need to dig out more of these posts from the ground and show them to you guys.

Anyways, yep. I think it’s gonna be fun. Knowing that each army I put are fair people, I’m sure nothing serious and bad will happen. Don’t worry armies, the CPUN will be on the watch if anything goes wrong. For any questions, comment here! 😀

For the news staff, it’d be great to report on something CPUN-related this time. Take pictures and combine them into one results post for all to see. 😉 Everyone take picutres. I hope this will boost your standings! Top 10 reporters, try considering the participating armies if their size on Saturday will be within your standards. Thank you again to our supporters for their splendid posts! :mrgreen:

Until then! ^^

Happy Holidays from Dee!


P.S. Our friends over at the Club penguin Army Express are doing a similar thing. We wish their event good-luck! Also, I’m fixing the Hall of Fame page at the moment. Sorry for the delay of the new additions! 🙂


32 Responses

  1. Nice post and I like the idea of the Giant PB. 😉

    Sorry, but I won’t be available to be a judge. The reason is because I never get on the computer on Christmas Day cause I go to my sister’s house and all that. Sorry again! D:

  2. By the way, the leaders of cowboys are me(dozy12) and ballion54. Please fix the mistake 😛

  3. I better change the date. I forgot it was Christmas Day. I’ll change it to the next day, Sunday? How about that? 🙂

    Oh wait, is Holiday for all of you? Can I make it on a Friday?

  4. Dee DCP does have a uniform Pic on the join page

  5. Dee make it on Friday, also thanks for putting DCP and on the join page the uniform is there

  6. lol wow…

  7. hello Dee.
    you mentioned on Sky Troops site taking the Strong Troops and Sky Troops case to CPUN court. it is up to the Strong Troops. while i am confident that they will not pursue a court case(as the majority of the evidence would help my case), i will defend myself in a court case.

  8. My only complaint is that it’s on Christmas. I’m sure most of the troops cannot make it. Friday or Thursday sounds good.

  9. Hey Dee, Im 85% sure I can make it!
    Wanna make me a judge?

  10. I’m 75% sure I can come.

  11. Sorry for the mistakes guys. 😀 I changed the date to a day next, next week. A week after Christmas. Hopefully everyone will be prepared! Get your troops ready! BTW, Sky check out your CPEM site. 😉 I’ve added more judges. If you want to be a judge, comment here!

  12. Dee, CPEM is the smallest 😦

  13. i will be a judge for you

  14. I lead CPR too……………

  15. D we have changed uniforms as well as leaders until January and possibly until July. I am CPEM’s leader while Flare is grounded. I wish we could change it to this Friday, but I don’t see that happening. It’s to soon and CPEM is likely to lose since were the smallest. I wish luck to all other armies

  16. Hey dee, FGR site has been recovered. And i wanna know if You’ll help me recruit for it. I need leaders first and foremost then we can focus on soldiers after that. Can you help?

    Make a post or something?

  17. AW will be there

  18. I have alerted the ACCA (American Club Penguin Army) about the battle.

  19. can i be a judge or can my army be in it

  20. my penguin name mjgreico

  21. Guys ACPA cant go Ill be busy and like all of my troops cant come sorry

  22. Deedledoo the 27th is a monday… So what is the real date everyone is confuesed…

  23. http://elitefighterscp.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/mem.jpg thats our new uniform

  24. Is it me, or did we gain 200 hits in a day?

  25. Guys ACPA cant go Ill be busy and like all of my troops cant come sorry!!!!


  27. what exactly is the timing?

  28. I can prob judge, if I’m at home…

  29. Dee, you forget CPEM banner yet? xD

  30. I helped notify last time.

  31. I might be able to judge, if you wish for me to do so.

  32. Dee, I really need to speak 2 you… It’s super important…

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