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AIF(Army In Focus): Club Penguin Rangers

The CPR, well Sorry Char I stole your post, but I was too excited about this army, I had to make this post :D, I also want to show my dedication to this website, and that I would never do anything bad to it, I love this website, and always will, with great reporters, we march on together, Now for the Army In Focus, Club Penguin Rangers:

Who are they?

The Club Penguin Rangers, are a very old army, created around 3 years ago, they were created before many of the top 10 armies we see today, which I think is very interesting, they have  not always been that successful but always come out at the end of the tunnel. CPR want to get rid of armies who dictate, they were also one of the very first armies to join us here at the CPUN!! 321fishpop created them but they were led by Ktman, then Mr.Blub then back to fishpop. Here is a little snippet from there History page:

The Club Penguin Rangers was started in early 2008. It was the idea of 321fishpop. One day, Fishpop came to Ktman and asked him to lead his army, while he remained second in command.  The army was content with Ktmans Club Penguin Mythbuster site.  Soon after, Red Destoyz became third in command and head of Senateand Red Spaniel became member of the senate and the judge. Each one started there own branch, The Light CPR (Red spaniel) and the dark CPR (Red destoyz) which by some glitch got hundreds of thousands of hits. Then Red Destroyz made this Website, the official Club Penguin Rangers site.  On April 23rd 2008 we joined the CPUN, which sealed our fate as an army. We met sveral other armies, but one stood out. It was the Red Raiders. Lead by Itachi6dark, they were almost the same as CPR, and we became good friends. We worked together in Wars, Had practice battles, and both armies even collapsed together. Other armies we met included the Water Warriors, The Navy, (Which changed names several times).   Soon after Takeshiemiko and I, Articsledder joined.  I had already been an unranked soldier in the Elites, but one day I found Ktmans site and joined right away.   Takeshiemiko had joined the day before me, and we both were givin ranked of major.  Back then, all we did was go on Mammoth and battle any major Army we could see, becuase we were pretty strongly allied with Elites.  Soon After Benu2 and Mr Blubob joined. I was promoted to Colenol, along with Blubob, while Benu became a senate member. Then… all small armies changed forever…


Wow exciting, then the CPR became in-active and died :(, but with the help of many exprienced leaders including the creator 321fishpop, they have come back and are raring to go, here are some details about them today:

Name: Club Penguin Rangers

Leader(s): Red Destoryz, Ktman, Fishpop and Benu2

Estimated Active Troops: 10

Troops average at events: 4-6

Most troops at a battle:15 (Unscheduled)

Least Troops at a battle:1

Description: A upcoming army, soon to be very big, has expreinced leaders, and very active solders, everyone is very nice, and their chat is never dead 😀

Capital: Permafrost

What are they doing next: They are forming an alliance to take down ACP

Estimated Amount Of Soldiers: 30-40

Rising: Yes, definitely

Top 10 Rating?: #5

How long before appearance: CPUN top 10 (Next one) CPAC top 10 (1 month- 2 Months)

How Much did I like writing this post: A lot

Well watch out for this army, they are coming to get you, this army is recruiting a lot and getting a lot of troops in, they are soon to be big, so be careful your territory is next!

Thats it for today, I hope it was ok D:, sorry if it was not, Keep on Reading




8 Responses

  1. Yay CPR Army in Focus thumbs up to Shimmy 😛

  2. […] 6. CPR army in focus on the CPUN site by Shimmy check it out https://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2010/12/15/aifarmy-in-focus-club-penguin-rangers/ […]

  3. maybe Sky Troops next? we actually created the alliance they are in. well, technically, i did, but who cares.

  4. I give you a 10/10 it’s okay beacuse I am really busy these days, with the CP Armies and my own life it has gotten nearly immposible for me to make posts.

  5. cool..

  6. Hey I’m Going Away on Holidays till the 23rd (Thursday Australian). Sorry But I won’t have computer access.



  7. We’re going to have a big PB soon guys. Wait for that. 😉

    It will be the CPUN’s biggest armies. If I didn’t list you down, please tell me if you’re big!

    Aqua Warriors vs American Club Penguin Army vs Cowboys Army of Club Penguin vs Club Penguin Rangers vs the Club Penguin Elite Marines!

    I’ll post about it soon.

  8. Sounds Awesome Dee. I’m going away in a few hours

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