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The Differences Between Large Armies and Small Armies

For many years of Warfare on Club Penguin there have been Small Armies and Big Armies. This will never change unless a violent power struggle occurs between all armies of Club Penguin Warfare, well if this happens then it will change but the possibility of this occurring while most of us are here are very low however it is still possible.

So back on topic where I went slightly off there, well as we all know Big Armies have power while most small armies do not. However these small armies always want power and that is the main reason why people create Club Penguin armies in the first place to get as many people as possible in their army and to make sure everyone knows their name. However this is no easy feat to accomplish as there is a lot of competition out there. There are 10 spots in the Top Ten (to state the obvious) so the competition for them is fierce. There are regulars in there such as ACP, NW, IW and Nachos and the rest of the spots are usually filled by a selection of 10 other armies.

Small armies want these spots and let’s face the facts here who wouldn’t want their army to be in the Top 10 (by the way Dee you need to make you own Top 10 as I wouldn’t always listen to CPAC) as you normally get to the exclusive “World Power Club” where you are averaging around 20 on your chat and a steady stream of people wanting to join your army. Well let’s face it I think we all know who those armies are and if you are still not sure then look back in my post as I mentioned them earlier. However, these small armies do whatever they can to get into these Top Ten spots. The solutions these small armies think up vary and some of them you would never guess would work to get them popularity.

The most frequent form of operations a small army to conduct is to advertise and/or recruit. This involves the little soldiers that army has and they go around recruiting for people to join their army and advertising their site by spamming the link in a comment or chat or making banners and asking people to show them. They carry on doing this until they reach about 10 active troops. When they are this size there are 2 different routes to go down to reach Club Penguin Army success.

The first route is the more extreme one to opt for, however most successful small armies use to get larger. The plan is to declare war and then invade a much bigger army. The small army knows it won’t be victorious however that isn’t their game plan. They are hoping as they battle this larger army more people will notice them and they might get more troops from various other sources. The sources of recruitment being haters of that larger army and general passers by and even people who hear about this battle that will be inclined to help this small army. By doing this the small army receives what it wants, to gain more troops willing to help. This scheme continues until the small army is a large army and this has happened for many armies throughout the history of CP warfare.

Well some people might be wondering what is the larger army going to do to prevent this and there are several ways that larger army can prevent this from even happening. The first option is to ignore the smaller army trying to invade them and attack them. However this normally leads to the small army claiming that they won as the larger army didn’t turn up so that is not always viable. Another option would be to turn up and battle the small army however this is not a good idea either mainly because even though you would win (If you don’t well you should as a big army) you are giving the small army what they want. So really there is only one successful method larger armies can use and that is public discrediting which is basically telling all their allies and other armies about this army and saying not to trust them and to ignore them etc.

Order 67 the famous battle between the CPUN and ANTA that you have all heard about. The Battle between the large armies and the small ones, the reason giving that they were fed up of small armies in general. But after that Shadow said that they wanted small armies to prove they can stand together. There are 2 different reasons here and I’m not bringing up the topic why ANTA was really established but my point is rather different. This is the only time that Larger armies have banded together to try to stop small armies all together.

In my own personal opinion I think they were fed up of small armies attacking and invading them in an attempt for the small armies to expand. Never before and not yet after have the large armies ever got so annoyed and gone to such extremes as to deal from the problem at its core. This leads to further questions and answers that cannot be explained fully, for instance if Order 67 did not deal with the problem with small armies so what could possibly stop them. The answer to that is nothing at the moment can stop small armies attacking a large army and rising to the top. As Order 67 allowed this to happen as ANTA surrendered so small armies can live on and grow to the size of large armies.

Another more important question to be answered is will there be another 67 style of events and more importantly what would happen if they succeed this time. Well if to answer it simply it would probably lead up to the end of Club Penguin armies that is almost certain.  If there were some chance that the world of Club Penguin warfare would to survive another Order 67 then you would have a choice of about 10 armies to join or none at all.

If there were any small armies left they would have to live under the rules ANTA set out and wouldn’t last very long under them. If any army opposed this regime then they would be crushed by the others. A very bleak future indeed that is why at the moment we are stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment while balancing on a high wire. Some small armies are setting a bad stereotype for other small armies and it’s still happening. Some Large Armies are already getting annoyed and it’s like a time bomb waiting to go off yet we cannot see the timer.

So in all small armies do not have a lot of power but there are of ways for them to gain power. A prediction for the future is we will have some more new armies gaining positions in the Top Ten and I think there will be another Order 67 in the next year or so. Also I have to guess but I think there might be a Small Army World War at some stage in the future which could develop further.

This is my first post and it is a little long so here is a picture of this year illustrated by the Blue Boy in the Fallout Series.

That about wraps things up for this post thanks for reading.

Stay Red.

~Red Destoyz


8 Responses

  1. Wow I really learnt a lot, thanks

  2. np 😛

  3. cool that took me a long time but who cares its cool rock on

  4. epic post 😉

  5. Very nice post for a BRIT!!!! JK Epic post Red it was unbiased.

  6. Epic posts, but there should be more posts a day 😐

  7. haha Nice.

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