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Club Penguin Stories 4: Revenge! Part Two.

Hey there,

Part two is here, it is very long though.  And I have to tell you that I am going to Remaster 1-4 as I am doing 5.  So I am going to make changes to every story and correct it to make it sound better.  It should only take a few days.  If you would like to be in number 5 please comment on this post and please tell me if you are male or female.  If you are wondering why Soccer is in so much of this story its because he was probably the only person who i actually talked to a lot (besides Dee).  So here it is:

A young brown spiky haired child roamed the halls of the CPUN International Cadet Training Hall.  He was wearing black, white and yellow gloves and shoes.  He also wore black shorts with yellow straps and red straps, and even steel armor.  He also wore a multicolor belt and a black hoodie that’s sleeves only reached his elbows with a white inside.  He smiled and put his hands behind his hair.  His blue shiny eyes kept glancing back and forth eagerly.   He was Reikou Mikado, Top and youngest cadet in the school because he was only 7.  He strolled down the hall and stopped at a closed door.  He pressed a button on the side and the door opened to reveal his room.  It was neat and well organized.  He had one dresser in the far left corner, his bed in the far right, a table in the middle, his TV on the right wall facing his bed and a closet in the left wall, also a small couch in front of the table.  The walls were painted black and the rug was a black shag carpet.

Reikou walked over to his bed and sat down.  He laid down and smiled, but stood up when he saw there was a note on his pillow.  It was looked like an old piece of parchment and had a seal that was made of black blood and a heart with an ‘X’ through it.  Reikou picked it up and broke it open.  It read-

Dear Reikou,

Reikou, this is your Father writing this letter to you.  My name is Ventus and your mother is Rebecca.  You have a special gift.  Your mother had the power of Light and I had the power of Darkness.  You have both of our powers and one more, the power of Internal Nature.  Internal Nature means you can control Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Lightning, Darkness, Light and even the power to make Matter with your mind.  I am creating a new world for everyone… remember that!  Light and Darkness are eternal and so are its Bearers.  You are the Light the Key… the Darkness the Shield.  You will help save the Earth and the CPUN not me… I know that now.  People now know me as Master Xehanort not Ventus.  The CPUN knows me by Speed015.  My true name… that now covers my lies is D.i.Z… I use it whenever I am talked to.



Master Xehanort


“Whoa… my dad is alive?  I had a mom?  I can control EVERYTHING!” Reikou looked at the letter like it was a prank. “No way…”

“Yes way son…” said a mysterious voice from behind Reikou.  He turned around and saw a man wearing red and black robes.  The man’s face was wrapped in red cloth except for his left eye and his mouth.  Black bands with buckles covered his right eye and he was wearing red, yellow, tan and black robes with weird lines and symbols on it.  He had three bags attached across his waist and going diagonal across his legs.  His yellow eyes darted around the room and he smiled. “Son… finally!”

Reikou looked up at the figure that called him Son and gasped.  Reikou ran up to the figure and hugged him. “Dad?” asked Reikou.

“Yes Son… I am D.i.Z or Speed015, Master Xehanort or Ventus.  I died many years ago… seven if I am right, at the age of fifteen.  I also died when I was fourteen.  My father and mother named me Ventus Mikado but they died fighting a person named Soul Eater.  When I was eight he sealed himself inside me.  When I was thirteen I fought against killers.  Then when I was thirteen Soul Eater, using the name Riku Darkheart, fought inside me to get out.  I ended up letting Soul Eater eat my soul and I died.  Luckily Hazer the First saved my soul and made me a new body.  Hazer the First sent me back in time and when I was fifteen Ktman and Dee saved me.  Sadly I had to die again to save the Earth from Hazer the First, who had created a demon army and attacked everyone.  I died and killed him.  Then I fell into Darkness.  I slept in Darkness and saw images of Earth.  I finally found the portal to True Darkness and came into a new world.  There was a man in a black cloak that taught me secrets of Light and Darkness and then I found the Door to Light.  I took on this Realm body to find you and know I must return to Darkness before my Master regains hold of me again.  Son… call on me when the Earth will die….” D.i.Z melted into nothingness and Reikou was hugging air.  A portal of darkness opened up behind him.  He ran into it, hoping to find his father.

There was a loud crack of lightning and Soccer appeared in a wood above New York, America.  New York was now a shadow of its former self.  It was flooded so only the tops of the huge skyscrapers were sticking out of the water and statues were spurting out more and more water as well.  The wood was on a cliff over the scene and Soccer frowned.  He hopped of the Cyber Cycle and walked to the edge of the cliff.  He looked down and saw a small pathway down to the water.  Soccer walked down the path and stopped two inches from the water.  The path most have been made before the Great Flood of New England because it seemed to go under the water to the undersea roads below.  Soccer stared across the crystal like water and was amazed at how smooth it looked.  He slowly saw a dark patch of water form in the far right of the lake and slowly spread to fill the whole lake.  Soccer un-latched his AK-96 and held it at the fire.  He clicked a switch on the side of the barrel and a red line grew out of the base to point at the black blob.  The blob grew and grew until it filled up the entire lake.  Soccer started backing away, back up the path, until he slipped on a rock and was sent sprawling to the ground in a heap.  He slid down the smooth path and his leg got caught in the black water.  The water seemed to act like a monster and the shape of a hand seemed to form around his leg, pulling him in.  Slowly Soccer was pulled into the water until only his head was above.  Then with a violent tug he was pulled into the water and sunk like iron, even though he could swim very well.  He thought he would never see life again and he would drown, but he was strangely calm.  Soccer’s stomach gave a violent flip inside of him and the water turned around as well so he was floating up instead of sinking down.

Soccer finally reached the top of the water and sucked in a breath of air, feeling relived that he could breath he looked around.  He seemed to be in lying in on the top of a hill.  He looked to his left and saw a puddle that was black, it slowly faded to blue and then it melted away.  He got up and shook of his wet clothes and looked at the sun.  A small sign to his right read ‘Sunset Hill’ that looked over the sunset.  The sun didn’t move in the thirty minutes Soccer looked at it.  He sighed and turned around, there was a path leading down the hill and he ran down it.  When he reached the bottom he looked around in awe.  He slumped to the ground and looked at the nonmoving sun.  He looked to his right and saw a small sign that read Sunset Terrace and sighed.  He got up and walked around.  He saw many people wearing strange clothes and even stranger buildings that rose into the sky.  There were some shops that sold shield, staffs, and weird swords.  He turned around and saw a small kid wearing a blue cloak and sun-hat that covered his face jump up to a tree and send out a burst of fire from his hand at it.  Soccer gasped and bolted away.  He ran into a big circular clearing with a tower at the right.  Soccer looked at a sign on the window that read Sunset Station.  Soccer shrugged and walked inside.  There was a train inside and a small counter next to it.  Soccer went to the counter and coughed.  The person turned around and smiled at Soccer.

“May I help you?” asked the woman at the counter, Soccer thought he had seen her somewhere before.  She had shoulder length brown hair that shined of the lights in the roof, and she was wearing tan shorts, and an orange tan top with flowers at that bottom.  She had yellow, black and white shoes and a bright smile.

“I need to board that train… and try to get back to America,” Soccer explained what he had just gone through.

“Oh…another penguin?  I was a penguin once… my name was Sambabeat96, but now everyone calls me Sam.  I was on leave from the CPUN, you’ve heard of it, well I went to New York, is it still flooded, and then I heard a voice from behind me and a heartless appeared in front of me and dove into the flooded lake.  The water turned black and grabbed me and sunk me in… then the water changed direction and I floated up here,” she explained to Soccer.  He realized where he had seen her, in the CPUN library of lost comrades.  She had become lost about two years ago in New York.

“So… one ticket on that train to wherever it is going!” Soccer handed her one American dollar and she smiled.

“Sorry but we take Mummy not Money!” but she winked at him. “But there is a camp in The Woods off of a crack in Market Street!” she walked out from behind the counter and gave Soccer a dazzling smile. “C’mon I’ll bring you their… do you know Penguin38514111?  Yeah, well he’s there too!” she ushered him onto a train and he sat back as it started to quickly move to Central Station.

A kid, no older than 15 was floating calmly in a tube of blue liquid.  Another man walked into the room that the tube was in, even though the tube took up 75% of the room, the man put his hand on the tube and muttered something under his breath.  The man outside the tube was wearing a black cloak that covered his face.  His eyes shined golden as the man inside the tube opened his eyes.  The man inside the tube had red glowing eyes that struck fear inside many people.  He was wearing a bathing suit and he had brown hair that was short and spiky.

“Kamikaze… so you have awaken at last!  Train Heartnet is no more… Kamikaze is only left!” the cloaked figure smiled and pressed a button on a control console.  The liquid drained out of the tank and Kamikaze landed with a thud, cat style, on the metal floor.  Kamikaze looked up and growled, his red eyes looking at his master.

“So Hazer, you have lived?” Kamikaze got up fully and walked over to the glass, with one tap it cracked and shattered, he stepped across the threshold to Hazer Jr. who gave him an identical cloak.

“Yes.  Your chronic healing has aged you back five years but it has also made you stronger.  I need you to track down and kill these names.  My demons are after the others,” Hazer Jr. handed Kamikaze a paper and then melted into darkness and Kamikaze grinned.  The list included Mr. Dee himself, Soccer, Ktman, General, Casius, Pwn, Jedi, Godplaya and Ventus, Terra, Aqua and Reikou.  Kamikaze had never heard of the last four.  He thought they must be new recruits or something like that.  He prowled out of the metal room to start his hunt.  As he left he remembered the one who had hurt him so bad… Raikou.  He must die first… for making him fail… for making him die!

Soccer looked around at the strange group of people.  Penguin he knew.  And he knew Sam.  But he didn’t know the other.  There was one other person who said he was named Reikou.  Reikou was wearing a CPUN Cadet uniform and explained how he got here.  The other two said they lived there.  They were all in a huge clearing looking at a dying campfire.

“Well, me and Reikou have to get out of here as soon as possible…” Soccer explained to his new friends.  They all nodded agreement. “Penguin, you can come to!”

“Nah man… I like it here, plus I still haven’t found what I came here for.”

“Well then… Reikou uh, say good-bye so we can get out of here quickly… we have to talk in private.”

Reikou and Soccer said good-bye to all of their new friends and walked to the end of the clearing.  Soccer explained to Reikou how he got to Twilight Town.  Then Reikou explained to him how he ended up in the clearing.  Once their stories were shared Soccer handed Reikou a gun.

“Use this to defend yourself… you should know how to use it, since you’re the Top Cadet, so use it wisely!” Soccer explained as they walked through the forest.  Reikou nodded.

“So where are we going Mr. Soccer?” asked Reikou, a little confusingly.

“None of this ‘Mr.’ business.  I’m on of your father’s friends, aren’t I?  So this is what we’re going to do… well, we’re going to find your father.  He is being posed by a demon named Master Xehanort.  Your father was a great soldier in CPUN.  He of course goes by many names.  But he is locked in darkness now.  You must help me free his tortured soul from the clutches of evil,” Soccer explained.  He then rehearsed the spell that Speed told him to say and another heartless appeared.  It turned around and sprinted through the woods.


“Hey!” Reikou yelled to Soccer.  “It made a portal!” he pointed to the spot where the heartless had turned into a portal of dark matter. “Like the one I came through!”

“Your right kid…” Soccer stopped and gazed at the portal.  “Ready?”

“I guess…” Reikou replied.  Soccer nodded and stepped through, closely followed by Reikou.  They had no idea what trouble they would get into.

Kamikaze slowly walked along the Dark Corridor.  He stepped through the exit and saw he was in an old temple.  He had appeared in front of Raikou, crying over Tenma’s grave.

“Poor girl…” Kamikaze said.  Raikou zipped around and pulled out a lightning blade.

“Step back Black Cat!” he yelled.  Kamikaze smiled.

“I’m Kamikaze… but I will let you call me Kami.”

“DIE!” Raikou rushed forward but he was to slow, two red energy blades grew from Kamikazes palms and he swung them and cut the lightning sword in half.  Raikou fell back and looked up.

“Go to Darkness…” whispered Kami as he stuck this blades into his chest.  He had avenged his death.  Now he needed to do was to kill everyone else on the list.

Hazer would soon repay him.  Or die in return.

Reikou gazed around; Soccer tightened his grip on his pistol and turned to face Reikou.  They both nodded and rushed forward through the maze of lifting earth platforms and strange distorted world they had entered.  Suddenly the gravity shifted and they floated up to another piece of ground.

“Huh?” asked Reikou.  Soccer shrugged and kept running.

Finally they both made it to the bottom most part of the world they had entered, encountering nothing.  They glanced around and suddenly the earth under their feet turned to sand and they fell through darkness.


“Ugh… Reikou?” questioned Soccer, dazed and winded from the fall.  He shook the stars from his eyes and scanned the area.  All was darkness except for the glowing floor; it was stained glass with a picture of a man in a hood with a dark heart entangled with thorns.  Soccer stood up and saw a long sword sticking out of the glass.  He pulled it out and suddenly heard a chuckle; he zipped around to see a man in a black hooded cloak that covered his face.

“Well done Soccer, you found me… though luckily my son has returned my heart and I can finally be free from this darkness.  I only ask you that you can kill me before Master Xehanort takes control of me yet again.  Strike me down my old friend.”

“I can’t Speed.  I just can’t.”

The man pulled off his cloak to reveal an aged Speed who frowned.  He had veru spiky hair and it was longer, going back with a lock of hair hanging down in front of his face and bangs framing the sides of his face. He wass also tall, well-built, and featured one yellow eye and one sky-blue eye.  Every so often his eyes would flash red.  He had on black gloves, boots, and had two swords, a regualr long sword and a huge  Buster Sword as well as an X-shaped scar on his cheek.

“I am not Speed.  I go by many names, Master Xehanort… Speed015… D.i.Z… and even Ventus, Terra, Zack, Cloud.  But no, I am an unnamed soul.  The orginal me, Speed015, joined the CPUN and then fought against many people.  But then… he accepted his fate as a demon and many things became twisted.  His heart became tainted and he hungered for killing.  When he killed the man who had placed the demonic curse on him, my own slave, Hazer… many things happened within him… for one, his heart became fully dark and then he died.  In death he came to this place, the place of tortured souls.  I then infested his dark heart and controlled him as Master Xehanort.  Though, he took on some of the appears of my other hosts aswell.  Now listen young… Soccer.  Speed is gone.  To free him you must kill me and that will never happen.  I already absorbed Reikou into me and my minion Hazer Jr. is coming out nicely.  My other absorbed minion, Kamikaze is coming closer to death and soon I shall be able to escape this place and return to the living to kill everyone.”

“This is evil!”

“Of course!” chuckled Xehanort.  He grabbed his Buster Sword and charged.  Soccer blocked every blow with the long sword and they danced around the glass platform.  Xehanort jumped back and threw the Buster Sword at Soccer, where it sliced through his flesh on his left arm.  Xehanort grinned.

He lifted his long sword and swung down at Soccer, blocking his reach to his own long sword.  Soccer pulled out his pistol and released three shots deep into Xehanorts chest.

“Set Speed free!” he called.  He pulled up his long sword and shoved it directly through Xehanort’s heart.  There was a huge explosion and Soccer fainted.

“Ugh… where am I?” asked Soccer.  He felt the heat of the sun beating down on him and he bolted up.  His arm was healed and so were all his other wounds.  He looked around and discovered he was on a sandy island with coconut trees and waterfalls.  It was very peaceful.  He picked himself and suddenly realized that there six people standing over him and one man, weak and dead, lying at their feet.

“Soccer, your awake,” implied the one in the middle.  He had long shaggy black hair with bangs falling over his eyes, a cocky smile, and ocean-blue eyes.  He grinned and flexed his left wrist.  He was well built and had to be in his early 20’s.  It was him, but it couldn’t be.


“You got it, this is D.i.Z.”

D.i.Z nodded, he looked different now.  D.i.Z was a man who was wearing red and black robes.  The man’s face was wrapped in red cloth except for his left eye and his mouth.  Black bands with buckles covered his right eye and he was wearing red, yellow, tan and black robes with weird lines and symbols on it.  He had three bags attached across his waist and going diagonal across his legs.  His yellow eyes darted around the island and he smiled.

The person on the other side of Speed was Zack Fair.  He looked like the guy that Speed looked like when he had taken off his cloak. 

Next to him was Cloud Strife.  He was short and had a slim build. He had blue eyes, which glowed.  He had on clothes which were obviousily deigned with fighting in mind, and the concept for them appeared to began with a black robe and was later restructured.  His clothing consists of a high collar black shirt with no sleeves, black pants and boots, and black cloth covering his left leg and arm.  His right arm seemed to be weak.  He also had a pauldron, and his chest was covered by two straps, held in place by a badge representing a wolf.  Cloud’s hair in particular was strange.  It was blond and spiky and had strangs of bangs covering his eyes.  The spikes stuck up in some spots and feel in others. 

Next to Reikou was Terra, who was a tall young man with brown hair that reached the base of his neck in the back and was styled into a rather messy, vertical spikes and bangs that framed his face. He had blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. Terra wore two intersecting straps over his chest, almost resembling criss-crossed suspenders. He had on a gold badge on his belt. He wore a skintight, black, high-collared shirt, showing that he is rather muscular. Terra’s pants bore a distinct feudal Japanese style; his belt was tied like an obi-sash and he wore hakama (traditional samurai pants distinguished by the large pleats). His hakama were dark grey near the top, with several loops for his belt and two buttons, both of which were undone. The rest of the pants were tan with a small, lighter stripe of tan on the bottom hem. Terra wore a plain black wristband on his right arm, while his left arm wa significantly more armored. He had on armor on one arm.  It had a large, ornate crest (colored gold) and very long, reaching all the way to the bottom of his hand. He also wore a black, fingerless glove on his hand and what appeared to be a black gauntlet on his forearm, over the segmented armor, which also had small pieces of dark red armor on it. Finally, his armored boots are dark brown and gold. 

Next to him was Ventus.  He wore a jacket that was white on the right side and black on the left, it reminded Soccer of the Yin and Yang symbol.  The collar of the jacket was red and pleated.  Underneath that, he wore what appeared to be a grey vest with a single button and several white angular patterns on it.  He wore a third layer under that, in the form of a plain high-necked, black shirt.  He also had a chunk of dull green and grey armor on his midsection that appeared to be under his vest, and another piece of armor on his left shoulder.  He wore pants that ballooned outward slightly before closing up about halfway down his legs, similar to caprice pants.  These pants were colored in shades of grey, black, and white.  He also wore an ornate, a dull green and grey piece of armor on his upper-left arm, along with a black and white checkered wristband with white edges.  He had on two criss-crossing straps on his chest which had a silver badge.  His boots looked like they were armored with shades of dull green and grey.

The man on the floor was covered in a black cloak.

“Okay listen to me Soccer.  I will return you to the CPUN base,” started Speed.  “But everyone needs to forget about me for the moment.  I am gone and will stay gone.  There is a threat more horrible then Hazer Jr. out there.  Kami is dead for now, luckly I killed him before you awoke.  The people you need to look out for are the six orange haired demons of pain and Hazer Jr.  I need you to read this letter later on,” Speed passed him a letter.

“You have finally freeded me.  Thank you Soccer…”

Speed looked up to the skies and suddenly all seven of the men before Soccer started to fade.

“You… have ended… our revenge.”

“So he’s free?” asked Dee as he stared out of his view glass.

“Yes.  It time to find new, more powerful recruits to launch and attack on Hazer Jr.  It seems that Speed has destroyed most of our foes, along with Kami a.k.a Black Cat.  And most of Hazer Jr.’s demons.  Two more teams of villains are left.”

“Are you okay Ktman?”

“Of course Dee.”

“You up for another mission?”

“Only if I must,” nodded Ktman.

“I have located a young boy.  His name… Ventus.”

Soccer sat in the darkness, quietly lighting the oil lamp next to his bedside with a match.  He stared down at the old piece of parchment that was tinted yellow on his lap.  He began to read slowly, soaking in every detail.

Dear Soccer,

I see that you have finally freed me from my revenge that I was going to enact through Master Xehanort.  I have no idea what is going through your mind right now, but I can think that most of this happened so fast that you are very confused.  Let me explain.

When I was but only 8 years old a demon named Soul Eater was sealed inside my soul from an old man who was walking down my street one Christmas.   Shortly after that all my family was murdered and I remained at home alone.  I began to realize that a secret war was going on.  I joined an army named Nachos who was evil at the time.  I learned many secrets from them but then deiced to leave and join a group named ACP where I found out about the CPUN and chose to join them instead of ACP.  I had many partners who ended up dying on many missions and then finally I remained on leave at my house when I was thirteen.  Nacho spies were tracking me to make sure I did not interfere as their new Master named Hazer slowly killed Earth.  Then when I was fourteen I was killed and the demon Soul Eater convinced me to become a demon.  That demon pretended to be my past life to convince me.  Then I used my demonic powers to save Ktman and died.  Hazer picked up my dead body and deiced to reanimate me as his own apprentice, but I escaped and got a new body in another timeline.  I had given Ktman a sword awhile back that led to me.  Finally the CPUN found me and turned me back to a demon that was immortal now.  But, I fought with you to kill Hazer and died in the process.  Hazer did not die though, and neither did I.  We are too powerful to die by normal means.  We both roamed a realm on the border of Real Time, and Light and then Nothingness.  Hazer escaped to Real Time and implanted his soul into another body.  That body is now Hazer Jr. who has taken his fathers place.  I explored Light and Nothingness and gained many powers.  A man in the Darkness taught me how to control my powers and become all-powerful.  My son at the time, who I foolishly made from Light and Darkness and Nothingness and implanted in a woman, joined CPUN and became a Top Cadet.  Then the man named Master Xehanort, who had already absorbed the spirits of Ventus, Terra, D.i.Z, Cloud, and Zack, absorbed me and started to drag people in through me.  Luckily you killed him.  While you were asleep on the island I gave birth to Ventus and Terra, who you will see soon, and allowed Cloud and Zack to pass on.  D.i.Z and me will watch over everyone in Real Time and help from afar.  The man under the cloth was Master Xehanort, though he may still be in Real Time because his soul was not in his body.  My son, Reikou will stay with me in my hidden mansion in Darkness.  You must now hunt down and kill Hazer Jr. (who doesn’t have his demons anymore) and Chronos who is a group of 6 orange haired demons being controlled by 1 man.  I need you to know something.  I have created one more son.  Ventus.  The Ventus you saw needed a new heart so I created one for him and now he is my son.  He will one day change.  I shall live through him.  To kill the demons you need to kill the controller.

“Death is but only another Doorway.”

-Your Friend and Watcher



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  1. Very nice, I would also like o be in th next story, and I’m male.

    Off topic: I am going (will attempt) to make a post tommorow.

  2. OKay charizard you’ll be in number 5[= Im hoping to add every author as well as some new characters

  3. Awesome story Speed and can I be in it please (Ima male XD)? Just if I am could you make me older than seven 😆 ,


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    LadTom2 aka lentalsoup

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