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Club Penguin Stories 4: Revenge! Part one

Hello again CPUN community,

Speed015 here again.  Some of you know that I write stories for fun, and I have been writing this one for sometime.  I have writen the folowing:

Club Penuin Stories 1: The Nachos Invade, Club Penguin Stories 2: Demon Chronicles, Club Penguin Stories 3: Speed’s Return, and now Club Penguin Stories 4: Revenge!.

So.  Now.  Here.  Without further ado…

Club Penguin Story 4:



“Sir,” asked Soccer as he opened the door to the Command Center that the CPUN’s leader Mr. Deedledoo was in which was on the newly operational CPUN International Sky Base A.  The star cruiser was a 7-mile long, 5-mile wide, international spaceship.  It could reach speeds faster then the speed of light and was powered by anti-energy harvested from meteors around the galaxy.  Only 6 were made, one as a home base, one for Dee himself, one for Ktman, one for ColorPeng, one for Flipper and one for General98.  Each one was had completely white outside and inside and black sensor on the sides.  It also had air locking metal and even blaster turrets.  Soccer sighed, and brushed his shoulder long brown hair out of his eyes, he had just come back from a month long mission spying on what Dee believed to be Hazer’s (Note: Check Book 3) incarnation.  He had a white scar reaching from his right ear to his chin and another one on the palm of his left hand.  Soccer had just reached the age of twenty-one and he still remembered what happened 7 years ago, when he had escaped while his partner died in the line of duty. (Note: Check Book 3) He twitched his right hand at his AK-96, a new gun that looks like a machine gun but fired small rockets.

“Yes Soccer?” asked Dee.  He was wearing a black long sleeved shirt and matching pants.  He had a black cape on as well and armor on his left leg, right arm, and chest that was white and had the CPUN symbol engraved on them in blue.  His face showed the signs of tearing and ageing from wars and his hair was starting to gray.  He had a katana on his hip and was staring at the just installed Holocron, which showed a blue hologram screen that had different boxes on them with words of recent news.  Every so often he would drag a box off the screen and replace it for another one.

“Sir where is Ktman, I just checked in with CPUN International Ground Base 0 and I couldn’t find him and they said he hasn’t checked in and when I radioed Sky Base 0 they said he hasn’t radioed in and I don’t know what his ship number is.  I need to tell him about an assassin that Hazer Jr. has hired to kill every CPUN head… his name is the Black Cat,” Soccer explained.

Dee didn’t show any sign of surprise but he, to Soccer’s surprise, smiled!  “Well Ktman’s ship has been made about a week ago it’s Sky Base B,” Dee got up from his chair and walked around the other Holocron’s in the Center as Soccer stared out of the window to his left.

“Ugh, it’s getting closer!” Ktman angrily yelled to his men.  He was on the battlefield with his small portion of the CPUN army.  He wore silver armor all over his body and he had a Spartan helmet on.  The bridge of his nose had a red scar over it and his huge sword was glowing with blood and his armor also had splatter of others blood.  His men all wore white armor all over their body with white helmets that had black markings and they all had rifles in there hands or on their backs.  They were all fighting demon monsters from one of Hazer Jr.’s new battle machine.  The demons were two 2 times the height of normal humans and hand the strength of ten.  They had red eyes and sharp white teeth.  They were killing machines and could kill thousands of men at once but sadly couldn’t talk, only make grunts and cries.  The new battle machine or better know as the Battle-Remaker All Terrain Thermal, or BRATT for short, could hold 100,000,000 demon soldiers and 100,000,000 workers inside of it.  It took 100,000,000 workers to run it so it could destroy buildings in its way and remake them into weapons and armor for the demons.  It was 500,000,000,000 miles tall and 650,000,000,000 miles wide.  It had two huge arms on its sides to destroy buildings and two huge feet to smash small buildings.  It had built-in tools on its chest to take in and destroy debris.  It had a huge mouth near the top two let out flyers and two huge glass eye so the leaders inside could view the battle.  From far away it looked like a metal person.

“Sir!” yelled Ktman’s lead General who was running to him in a rush.  “Sir!  Please get back to the Sky Base!” there was a huge explosion and 50 tiny space cruisers flew out of the dust at Ktman’s army.  Ktman sighed and turned around.

“Okay I’ll go… but I need to have a comlink to everyone on the field,” Ktman replied.  A comlink was a type of walkie-talkie that you put in your ear and you could talk to each other. “Sir, yes sir!” the General turned and ran back to the ship with Ktman following him.  They reached then re-tractable platform for the Sky Base B.  Ktman jumped onto it as it started to retract up again.  There was a sudden boom and suddenly Ktman’s General fell under a pile of metal plates.  The General was one of Ktman’s best friends and he started to cry out in anger of his friend’s death.  The one who caused the explosion was one of the space cruisers and it popped a U-Turn and charged at Ktman.  Ktman flashed his arm brackets at the ship and a laser beam shot out of it and hit the ship in the center of it’s engine.  It blew up and Ktman entered the ship and fell in a crumbled heap on the floor.  Soldiers ran over and helped him into a chair in the Command Bridge.

“Hey!” Ktman pointed a finger at the BRATT and everyone inside the ship looked.  The BRATT was opening up its chest and all of the demons raced inside it.

“Are they retreating?” asked one of the soldiers.  Ktman stood up and walked to the glass window and saw the hard truth.

“No… not him… CALL EVERYONE BACK!!” Ktman cried as he saw a figure walking down the BRATT’s entrance ramp to the ground. “NOW!” his soldiers started to turn on the battlefield and run back to the Sky Base B but they were all too late.

A man walked the distance to the retreating army.  He pulled out a gun and pointed it at the army.  One by one there was a bang and people fell to the ground dead.  The figure was wearing a cloak over his body so no one could see him but the only thing that people could see was his brown ragged hair and yellow eyes.  He killed every single soldier and then walked back to the BRATT.  The ramp retracted and the BRATT slowly turned around.  Then it walked away, every single foot fall a huge crash that shook the earth.

Where am I… who am I… when am I…

You are in the void… you are my son… you are in 2010…

Who are you…


What’s my name…

Your true name is Pravus…


Yes… but you will be know as me…


Hazer Jr.

Yes Father…

Do you want to become real son…

Yes Father…

Choose Light or Darkness…

What did you choose Father…


Darkness then…

Good son…

Thank you Father…

Trust your heart…

Good bye Father

Good bye son…


“Hmm… where am I?” asked a twenty-two year old man who had awoken from a dream in a cave room lit by candles.  He stood up and saw a mirror, he looked in it to find out he had red eyes, black hair, white skin, and was 6’7’’ and around 51 kg.  He had a stern face and he had scars on his chest.  He looked to his right and saw a metal suit of armor and a mask that was all painted black.  He put them on and then saw a black cape, which he put on as well.  In the corner of the room he saw a sword that he put on his back.  He saw a tunnel and he sprinted down it to find an opening to the outside.  He walked out and saw it was summer outside and he also found, to his shock, an army of 100,000,000,000,000 demons waiting for him in the canyon outside of the opening.  The opening opened up to a balcony were two men in red suits of armor and spears waited for him.

“Sir… welcome back!” said one of the guards while the other one pressed a button on the rocky wall and a chair ascended from a hole in the floor.  He sat in it and smiled.

Son… you need to attack the ones who killed me… the CPUN!

Yes Father… who are they…

Let me give you my memories…

“Guard… please target the CPUN International Ground Base 0 and then tell the demons to attack them… thank you… please inform me when you have finished,” Pravus stood up and walked back inside the cave.

“Tenma your not allowed to be here!” yelled Raikou Denkou, one of the CPUN’s Minster’s of War and Defense.  He was yelling at his girlfriend, Tenma Joudama, who had secretly boarded his escort to the CPUN Ground Base 0.  Raikou had blond spiky hair with white strips and wore almost all yellow.  He had yellow eyes and was very scrawny for a 16 year old.  He had a black shirt and a yellow tiny jacket that reached his sides.  He had yellow pants with two black strips on the sides and wore yellow armbands.  Tenma had purple hair that reached down her back and had green eyes.  She had on a white short skirt and a buttoned up shirt with no sleeves.

“But I want to come too!” she whined and tried to persuade Raikou with her female charm.  She leaned on him and was about two cm from his lips, their bodies almost intertwined.  “Please…”

Raikou crashed under her charm and nodded an ‘Okay’ and she stopped flirting with him.  “Fine… but don’t touch anything!”

“Come in International Ground Base 0… this is Minster Raikou… please come in?  I am here to relay an important message to Chief Justice Flipper,” Raikou spoke into his comlink.  He paced around the small compartment that was his Escort Shuttle.  He waited until there was a sudden static from the other line.

“Minster Raikou… is your last name Denkou?” asked the person on the other line.

“Yes sir, I am Minster Raikou Denkou of the Lightning Clan and I am with my girlfriend Tenma Joudama of the Flower Clan.  We are here to relay an important message to General Flipper,”

“What is the subject of this message?” asked the person again.

“It is about Kamikaze and his new attemps to over throw another CPUN base, Chronos and the Black Cat are also in on Hazer’s movements in the South West of the planet.  I have placed a Flash Kunai where I think his secret hideout is located,”

A Flash Kunai allowed Raikou to teleport to it’s location.  He was the brother of a cadet in the CPUN and the secret child of Speed015.  His mother had been killed when they were growing up in the Lightining Country.

“Okay sir… I am uploading the cordinates to your navi-computer… sir there is a red alert in your area coming from cordinates 5-2.3, 92.36-A and it seems there is other alerts coming from all around you,” the person replied.

“How is that possible… were at those cordinates… TENMA!” he turned and yelled at her from across the room.

“Huh?” she jumped and turned around in shock. “What’s wrong?”

“Quick get to the-,” there was a huge explosion and Raikou fell to the ground with Tenma.  He slid over to her and grabbed her arm as half of the ship was ripped apart.  Out of the cloud of dust came a figure wearing a black cloak and black pants and shirt.  He had brown spiky hair and black eyes.  He was the infamous Black Cat.  He was hired under Chronos, Hazer’s evil second in command.  He smiled at Raikou and walked forward a few steps.

“Well… I found you finally mister Raikou… can I call you Rai?” he smiled a bright shiny smile and walked forward. “You’ve heard of me haven’t you?  I was on BRATT 13… yes you were there!  Remember?  You were in that small flyer above us… and you were the one that scanned BRATT 13… well you’ve heard of Hades?  My weapon of choice?  And you must remember that I’m number 13 in Chronos’s Assassin Guards?” the Black Cat smiled again and pulled out a sliver and black pistol with the noman numral 13 scrached on it.  He also flashed the tattoo of the noman numral 13 on his chest.  He pointed the gun at Raikou and grinned. “How do you like Hades?  Let’s use him” he suddenly became angry and his hair started to stick up with anger as he fired Hades dericetly at Raikou’s heart.  But Tenma jumped in the way of the bullet and it hit her heart.

“NO!” Raikou lunged at Tenma’s crumbled body as it hit the metal floor.  He grabbed it and frowned.  His eyes glowed yellow and then a lightning bolt hit the Black Cat in the head.  He cried out in angony and fell out of the ship back into his own.  Raikou put one hand on his head and one on Tenma’s body and yelled “Lightning Style … LIGHTNING TELPORT!” there was a flash and he disappeared with Tenma.

“Sir…he has escaped,” explained the Black Cat to his master, Chronos, who was the leader of another secret organiztion, called Tame Gekitsuu (To Feel Pain), where he worked on the black market selling goods, taking over nations and capturing evil demon spirit creatures called Bijuu or Jinchuuriki.  He had a group of Chronos’s Assassin Guards to protect him since many people wanted to kill him because he controled ½ of Hazer’s Empire.  Hazer controled ½ of the earth so Chronos controled ¼ of the earth.  Chronos’s Assassin Guards were better know as Chronos’s 13.  They all have special slected weapons that only they weild.  The weapons are better than normal ones and they also have animal properties about them.  As a result of being in the Chronos’s 13 they have the noman numeral for their number/rank.  13 is the worse and 1 is the best.

Chronos’s true form is not known, but some people think he is a frail man who uses a mechanical walker to transmit his life-force/power which manipulates six Realm bodies, or people of this earth with special swirling eyes.  His main leader body, the person who runs his company, has orange hair a black cloak with red clouds on it.  The only thing you can see that is different of him then the other bodies was a red scar inside his right eye.

The Black Cat was standing inside a circular room that was darkly lit by blue glowing lanterns.  He was in front of a black desk with a huge black chair that was turned around.  The figure in it was believed to be Chronos.

“Why have you failed me…” Chronos hissed in his deep, scary voice that made chills run down peoples spins. “Has Hades failed you…”

The Black Cat bent down on one knee and sighed. “No My Lord…” he replied.

“Then why… did you FAIL ME!!!!” a huge bolt of purple lightning soared from behind the chair and hit the wall next to The Black Cat. “Train Heartnet… why have you done this…”

The Black Cat stared up at his master in shock. “You know my name… my true name?” Chronos laughed evilly.

“Yes… I know many things!”

Train pulled out his gun ‘Hades’ and shot out seven bullets.  When the smoke cleared he frowned.  There was two other bodies standing in the way of the bullets but they didn’t seem hurt at all.  Chronos stood up and faced Train.  He grinned as his best killer saw his true face.  He had orange hair and swirling eyes with an orange iris in the middle with a black dot in that.  He also had silver piercings all over his body and a forehead protector with four rectangles on it and a scratch across it.  The other’s had the same forehead protector and orange hair but they had it different lengths and the same cloak.  The one on the left had black sensors all over his body; he had 11 on his face.  6 on his chin like a beard, 1 one each ear, 1 above the bridge of his nose and two connecting to his nose from under his eyes by a line.  The one on the right had the same hair color but another different length, the same cloak, the same eyes, the same forehead protector, but had different sensor spots.  He had them all over his body, 7 on his face.  He had 2 on his chin, 2 in a line under each eye and 1 going diagonal from one side of his nose to the other.

“What… how in the world…” Train fell to the ground and looked up at Chronos.

“Hmm…” said Chronos. “Let me let you in on a little secret.  I am Tendou my Deva Realm body, the one on the left is Chikushoudou my Animal Realm body and the one on the right is Ningendou my Human Realm body.  We are all Chronos.  There are six of us and we are all controlled by one master… Nagato… he goes under many names.  Chronos, Pain, Nagato and Hazer the First.  He is a Rain Mage from the Rain Clan.  He died and placed part of his soul into a fake son.  He can split his soul into many.  But with us he took control of are old bodies and used are minds for him.  He also faked his death as Nagato and Pain.  He split his soul now into 7 from his normal 10.  His body holds his true form… but hey I’ve been rambling so I’ll just kill you… Chikushoudou summon a dragon… Ningendou suck his soul after Chikushoudou uses Anti Dragon Breath on Train.  Bye!” he growled and then waved at Train and with a pop, exploded into rain droplets.

“Exiting Jump in 5…4…3…2…1!  General Ktman we have docked with Sky Base A.  A Guard has been sent to pick you up,” explained one of Ktman’s messengers.

“Thanks Akan… I’ll leave you under watch while I go meet with Dee,” Ktman got up and left.  As he walked down the hall he pulled out his navi-computer and started reading numbers of it.  It read that there were only 500 people left onboard his new ship.  The BRATT was too powerful.

Ktman met his guard that led him to the Command Center.  “Dee… you are in grave danger!” Ktman blurted out as he entered.  He saw that Soccer was sitting in a seat next to Dee.

“To late for that Ktman… already told him,” Soccer explained what had happened and how the Black Cat was after Dee.  Ktman add in what had happened on his mission.

“Hmm…” Dee fiddled with his gray hair and smiled at his friends. “This war is tearing the earth apart.  I thought, and almost everyone did, that this would end with Speed’s sacrifice but it didn’t.  Hazer found a new body to control.  And I think we are missing something.  But the CPUN will survive without me.  Are top objective is to stop Hazer Jr. and win this war.  If I die then I need you guys to continue fighting.  I have hired 7 people to Guard me.  They are the International 7.  Now I need a favor of you two.  I need you both to help me raise a child.  On one of my recent visits I met a child who was almost killed in a fire.  His parents were killed and the rest of his hometown was as well.  I took him in and he is now the highest-ranking Cadet in the International Army.  So if I die, and I know that I will end up dead soon, I need you two to become his mentors.  His name is Reikou Mikado.  He has an older brother named Raikou.  The Black Cat will end up killing Raikou though.  I know this because of a crystal glazing that took place last weekend.  Soccer I want you to become his Godfather and Ktman his teacher.  Dismissed,”

Soccer left but Ktman stayed behind to have a privet word with Dee.  Soccer sighed and strolled down the hall.  He remembered when he was just a 14 year old boy trying to make a difference about the sudden death of people from Club Penguin.  Then when Speed died but came back to life as a demon… and then when Speed died finally.  He shuttered at the though.  He had watched his friend die in an explosion that he had escaped from.  He felt very guilty.  He turned the corner and ran straight into Ikasu, a technician who worked in on the Sky Home Base.

“Sir!  I picked up a single from Speed015’s comlink he had on him when he died!” explained Ikasu to Soccer.  Soccer had ordered him to keep a look over comlink signals.

“For real?” Soccer flipped his long hair out of his eyes and started off after Ikasu. “Where is it coming from?”

“It’s coming from The Town of the Heartless,” Ikasu pulled out his own comlink and click the replay button and the silky voice of Speed came out.

Come in CPUN, this is Master Xehanort the Seeker of Darkness and Guardian of Heartless.  Please relay this message to Soccer and Mr. Dee.  You are all in danger.  Hazer is alive, but soon you will be attacked by orange haired demons.  The real one isn’t with them.  Heartless are demon monsters that crave human Hearts and are formed in Darkness.  The Heartless lead the trail to darkness.  I seek darkness… I am darkness,” there was a click and Ikasu put the link in his pocket.

“It’s Speed’s voice but he is named Master Xehanort.  He says he seeks darkness and protects Heartless.  Then he says Heartless lead the way to darkness, that he is looking for.  So that means he is the darkness and the Heartless go to him.  That’s it!” Soccer zipped around. “Tell Dee I’m leaving again but also give him the message!” Soccer ran down the hall and turned the corner.  I have to follow the Heartless to Speed!  Soccer thought.

He entered his new room and started pulling clothes into a bag; he turned to his bed and saw a letter of parchment on his pillow.  It was sealed in black blood that had the crest of a heart with and X through it.  He opened it up and it read-


Dear Soccer,

I am very proud that you have realized that I am in the DARKNESS and that the Heartless follow people to me.  Darkness INGULFS my heart every day.  THE only way to save everyone is to find me.  I have lost my mortal body but I am still alive in the darkness and with your help I can tell you where the key to this planets HEARTS are.  I can’t tell you now incase the Heartless that took this message reads it.  Light is the savior OF the people.  Your KIND of power can save us all.  PEOPLE need you.  Please say “Heart of thy Darkness and Light of thy self” when you get to the town of Twilight to make a Heartless come to you and lead you to me.  Darkness sleeps in every Heart, no matter how pure.  Do not give the Heartless the chance to get into your Heart.  Remember.  The closer you get to the Light the longer your shadow becomes.

Your old friend,

Master Xehanort


“Twilight Town is where the statues cry and the world is under the sea”


Soccer tucked the letter in his jacket and shouldered his bag and then Soccer left his room and ran down the hall to the docking bay where he started up his Cyber-Cycle V5.8 and entered the Cyber Tracks.  The Cyber-Cycle was a motorcycle that was blue, green or red.  It had electro lines across it to enter the Cyber Tracks.  The Cyber Tracks were a quick way to travel across the world by making you and the Cyber-Cycle become computer gigabytes that entered a virtual track that made you go 50 times faster then the speed of light.

Soccer grinned as he looked down and saw that his clothes were the same color and design of the Cyber-Cycle.  His helmet fit weirdly on his head as he turned a sharp corner of the Cyber Track.  And then there was a flash of light and two other Cyber-Cycles were next to him.  One of them rammed Soccer’s cycle and knocked him against the other.  They were Demon-Cyber-Stalkers and they were in for the kill.  The other demon pulled out a CRFP, or a Cyber Rapid Firing Pistol, from his pocket and aimed it at Soccer.

“Arugh… gr… Gruah!!!” the demon with the gun growled to Soccer as he aimed it at Soccer’s head.  Soccer pressed a green button on the Cyber-Cycles control panel and two spinning blades grew out on each side of the Cyber-Cycle and hit the wheels of the Demon-Cyber-Cycle and popped them.  When it hit them the Demon-Cyber-Cycle’s disappeared in a flash and Soccer turned left, his tires leaving skid marks on the virtual track.


-Part Two will be coming up tomorrow


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