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Do we Have Live?|| Why Do We Hack?

Edit: The CPAE, are holding an Small Army Brawl, I think the armies here, will enjoy it and get some practice out of it, to join it sign up here, http://clubpenuinarmyexpresscpae.wordpress.com/2010/12/11/small-army-brawl/

Hi Shimmy here,

I know the whole hacking thing is being done so I decided to add my own twist on hacking and I followed on from what Rex didnt finish do we have lives? I also added a new style to my interviews I had some complaints it was hard to read so I changed it a bit.



1. Do we Have Lives?

2. Why Do we Hack?


1. Do we have lives?

One question asked throughly through CP Warfare is Do we actually have lives? We are 10-16 year olds sitting at computers all day long talking to people we will never meet. We still play Club Penguin a game meant for 6-9 year olds, but some people say, that CP Warfare is actually mature and that it is not babyish it is quite mature. Some people say it improves grammar for me personally it didnt help my grammar, my grammar has got worse because I am always on chat talking to people using “Slang” and bad grammar. So mostly in my english my teachers have seen worse grammar than last year, and my posting has got worse, although longer and more mature, my grammar has got worst. For some people who have been in CP Warfare for a long time their grammar has improved so much, For example: Cas (Max) His grammar over the years has gone from being a noob to being mature and detailed with good grammar. He even admits it himself. When some people start CP Warfare they talk like “ZOMGIJOINTHATBIGARMYACP” and people on chat immediatly go “noob” and dont respect them for the rest of the time they are on chat, but then those people turn out to be popular and famous and have very good grammar. As this was such an intresting topic I decided to get some interviews on it:


Me= Red Flipper= Blue Spy = Green

Interview With Flipper ACP legend and Former GT leader

Hi Flip

Hi Shimmy

Do you think people over 13 and are still Playing CP Warfare actually have lives?

Well of course they have lives, otherwise how would they be breathing, but I think that people who are over 12 use CP Warfare to protect themselves from bad things happening in real life because they have friend to help them online.

But do you think still playing CP warfare at 12+ means you do not get to go out with friends as much because you want to stay at home for a battle?

Its up to you isn’t it? Some people prefer indoors, some people like to play outside. It is the best soldiers who can balance the two out

Do you become inactive as you become older?

Me personally? That is not true, I mean, I become MORE active as I get higher ranks, but everything has to stop sooner or later

Thanks for your time Flip

No problem

Interview With SpyGuy202 Former CW Leader and Legend

Do you think people over 13 and are still Playing CP Warfare actually have lives?

Well I am over 12, 13, and I play travel hockey and I have a life. I hang out with friends all the time so yes people over 12 do have lives.

But do you think still playing CP warfare at 12+ means you do not get to go out with friends as much because you want to stay at home for a battle?

I hang out with my friends over battle of CP

Do you become inactive as you become older?

I am not inactive, I come to chat most days and I go to battle most of the time but if it is a choice between a battle and sports practice, I would choose Sport everytime.

Thanks for your time

No Problem

So Ithink the conclusion to this section is that we Do have lives, it is just our choice what time we spend on the computer and that even if your older than most other people in CP warfare you can still be quite active, even with school!


2. Why Do we Hack?

Why Do we Hack? Is it out of Jealousy, or anger or even Selfishness, Some do to it for fun, but Why do we do it? Whats the point what do we get out of hacking an army or a news site. Do we get pleasure out of it, do we smile or do we just  waste money on equipt that we use once a year. People have different opionions, My personal opnion is that Hacking is a stupid thing people learn to do so that they get pleasure in their life being jealous (Just my point of view). Hackers take pride in their work, some people who learn how to hack join hacking groups, which are bassiccaly groups of people who hack websites because they feel like it or that person has said one rude word to them which makes them go crazy. There are many different types of hacking some not as bad as others, for example you can get your WP and xat hacked but nothing else, or you could get, everything hacked, Money Info, WP, Xat, Email all other games you play on. This is where it just gets lame, why would you hack someone just to get info about them, but there again some people do it so they can get revenge on armies who have couped or overthrown them or because people have been mean to them, or the army declared war on their army. Those are just some of the crazy reasons people hack, some people even hack just to get famous, People would hack CPAC or ACP or someone big just so that they could get famous and be well known for hacking a site, but really they are just going to get cussed at and be ignored, it doesnt even really work. I decided to get yet more interviews on this subject:


Me = Red TJ= Blue Sercan= Green

Interview With TJ Crooks TG leader

Hi Why do you think people actually hack?

I compare it to racism. They try to make themselves look bigger by making other people fear them. They feed off that fear

Is there a reason people actually hack For Example: Jealousy or Revenge

Well TG was recently threatened to be hacked by NeoN because some insulted them, I have never heard of being hacked out of jealousy though.

Why Do people pretend they can hack?

Usually to get respect, although nobody respects those noobs who pretend to hack

Thanks for your time

No problem

Interview With Sercan Former GT leader



Why do people hack in CP Warfare?

Usually they hack to destroy and army, usually out of jealousy, that’s why nobody would cuss or ban an expert hacker because you know he will hack you, so they do it out of fame

Why do people pretend they can hack?

Usually to get a mod or higher rank in other armies, but they are really just noobs

Do they usually get the rank they want?

Well when I was GT leader I did not stand for noobs like that

What about Smaller Armies?

Well Smaller Armies usually give high ranks anyway so I do not think they are affected by this

Well thanks for your time

No Problem

I think the conlcusion of this part is that people hack or pretned to hack for respect from other people, or sometimes for fear so that those people give the hacker or pretned hacker what they want.


Well that is all for this week, I will cya soon. Also sorry I have not been that active, Ladtom asked me to help out with the start of CPAE, but I am back to normal from now on. We have some really good posts coming out, So get ready


-Love Only Who Trust-


21 Responses

  1. Shotgun next post 😛

  2. blue puffles got hacked 😦

  3. Your colors blind me.

  4. Is it me , or i saw this post on alot of other army news sites ? Dont copy and paste the same thing …

  5. Ioio This post was made first here at te CPUN but I forgot to press publish and completely forgot about it, I was then picked for CPSAN Secondary Head, and started this post all over again. So no it is not the same.

  6. My view on things is that all hackers want to be “God”. They hack so they have control over everything, so they can dictate which way that army will live, or die. They hack because they want to all-mighty, and all-powerful. They think of no one except themselves, so when they hack someone, it doesn’t affect them. Overall the one thing they want is power… Kind of like the idiot on Wikileaks… But that’s a different subject and matter.

    -That guy you don’t know…. Bye 😛

  7. Well, I have been playing CP since I was 7 (Kingjared7). My sister had a penguin from 2005 because when she was in elementary school her friends use to use CP for communitcations. I saw her playing it and I joined and I was on it everyday. I was hooked to it until I got to 3rd grade. I wasnt getting on it everyday I got on it atleast 4 times a week. When I was 10 I got my Xbox360 and Xbox Live so I really got unactive. Now my Live account ran out so im a little more active. Many people argue over whats the age to quit CP armies and CP. Personally I think by 14-15 you should be outta here. I joinec when I was 8 and im 11 now so I gots a little ways to got.

  8. CP armies improved my skill of touch typing and over all computer knowledge.

  9. I started at 8 and now I am 12, I beat you jared… 😈

  10. Shimmy you bloody idiot, your traitor ! Deedledoo, look at this !

    Take that Shimmy !

    – Greek Geeks Rule !!!

  11. @Greek Geek,
    1. That is not my xat, My xat is in funky letters which can be found at name funk, two I would never do that, I am dedicated to CPUN and CPAE at the same time, I cant delete all the pages and posts I am only a editor. Ladtom (President of CPAE) has framed me, he has also changed my comments on the CPAE site to rude things, Look mate it is not true I could give you 100 reasons why it is not true, you just gotta trust me, anyway I dont have _ in my name EVER, I think it looks noobish so I put other things instead, Why would I ever say that anyway.
    P.s Dee you really think that is me?

    • I trust you Shimmy and I know I gave you Head of all the Reporters for a reason. I’ll author you until we get things cleared up. I know NameFunk. 😉 Greek, can you try reaching that same Xat guy that said this and take down the Xat Account number? Also, try taking a pic with both the real Shimmy and that other Xat Acc framing Shimmy if it is true.

      Sorry Shimmy, I’ll have to author you for a few days for protocol reasons. 😉 But you can post any proof and defense and we’ll be glad to publish it.

  12. @Dee- Cest says thanks!

  13. I do not even know who Greek is, it really annoys, when Ladtom does things like this, I do all the work on his site and then he goes and frames me for something I didnt do, Dee I do not know any other way I can show proof, I use Namefunk for Everything because I think it looks really cool and Un-Nooby,
    Anyway I will be author but I hope when this gets sorted out I can return to my position.

  14. I trust Shimmy. He would never do such a thing, and fail framing Greek

  15. Greek probably isn’t the framer though he may be an accomplice. He simply reported it here. 😐 Unless..

  16. I do not think Greek is a Framer I was just merely pointing out that I do not know him 😐

  17. 😐 I hate Framers

  18. Do we have lives? Many different answers you’d get from many different people. The people who sit on the computer all day on CP and on Xat are the people who don’t have lives. So many kids are mesmorized by CP Warfare these days they just waste months on this. I actually have a life so… xD.

    “we will never meet” Some people are here to make new freinds, those who might not have freinds in the real world, keep in mind it probably is very comforting to those who are here for that purpose.

    “Some people say it improves grammar” I don’t think it really improves your grammar its just, to be respected as a leader in CP Warfare your posts have to have good grammar and look civilized.

    “Why Do we Hack?” Hacking is usually for revenge or against an enemy army or person in an army. Hacking gives the hacker the satisfaction of seeing the victim panic while trying to get there site back up to normal. It also makes them feel good about themselves. And it helps them to be at low risk of being threatened because they are feared.

    “ZOMGIJOINTHATBIGARMYACP” Yeah… I’ve never seen anyone talk like that. btw, Nice Post. 😀

  19. @Atm
    Thanks, also thats the first thing that came into my mind when I thought of noobs *wary*

  20. enjoy all !

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