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Anti-Hacking Banner Festival || Happy Holidays!

December 2010

Dee edit: Don’t forget to notify your divisions guys! Anyone can help us – please comment if you do notify our divisions in our Members page! Thanks!

Mr Deedledoo

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s Mr Deedledoo here back from his exams. I’m glad to see everyone again and still continuing on making the superb posts. We’ve been having several big wave hits on the site recently. During my exams, I checked on the site and saw that everything was running well and the popularity of the site was getting even more popular! A big thank you to the people I left the site to and everyone who helped make posts.

Here’s a view of the Blog’s Stats from early November to this month: (Click to enlarge)

CPUN Blog Stats

CPUN Blog Stats

The highest for the month of November is the post “The Blue Army Ioioluk Problem” by Jd2222 with over 250 views throughout the month. Here’s a few more stat info. See if you can find your posts on it! 😀 Yes, the Anti-Disney, and Anti-Panfu posts are on our most popular. Some people even get here by typing Mojo-Jojo because I uploaded a picture of him when I was comparing him with the IATW last year. 😆 Our busiest day happens to be July 24, 2010.

Here’s the most viewed posts and pages of the week:

*Note: Title on the left and number of views on the right.

Home page More stats 580
The End Begins? CP Army Community in Danger More stats 320
Finally, the November Promotions! More stats 179
Panfu vs Club Penguin More stats 157
On the Rise again. More stats 59
Members More stats 40
ACP vs NW More stats 36
Why the BPA Must be Destroyed (From the CPR site) More stats 32
Hall of Fame More stats 30
Hacks ll Army in Focus: Thunder Warrior ll The End More stats 27
Anti-Disney movement More stats 25
Pwn’s Army In Focus More stats 16
Back in the business More stats 16
Gallery More stats 13
Top 10 More stats 12
Wars More stats 12
Community More stats 11
Banner Makin’ Service is OPEN!/Top 10 CPUN Armies! More stats 11
HACKS: The Nuclear Missiles of CP Warfare More stats 10
Our Plans More stats 10
Request More stats 8
Tip the Iceberg, for Real?

Below that there’s still more. Try spotting your posts! 😀

Yugioh Cards! I call’em Penguin Cards! More stats 8
My entrance l l Army in focus:Ice Vikings l l The next World War? More stats 6
Shimmy’s Top 10 More stats 5
The Blue Army Ioioluk Problem More stats 5
Saddest Song Contest (2 Days) More stats 4
A Renewed Group/Hall of Fame Update More stats 4
Team Red Saga: Part 2iiiDo we have lives? More stats 3
CP Army News:ACP vs DCP More stats 3
Why are we here?

Great job everyone. Yes, I know there’s a lotta spam on that Panfu vs Club Penguin post but there are still real-life people arguing there from time to time. 😆

As you can see, I’ve already been decorating the CPUN site with Christmas decoration to help get the true feeling of Christmas. 🙂 We have a Christmas header in the works so stay tuned for that!

I know that recently we’ve been having many posts about hacking and how badly people use it. Hacking is a form of killing here if it’s used badly. Killing is bad. Killing is wrong. There should be a new word for killing.. Like, bad-wrong or badong. Yes. Killing is badong.

Several of you have also supported the idea of spreading an Anti-Hacking influence to the CP Army World. Thank you Fishpop for the idea and concept. The best way we get started is to show banners and spread them – and there’s no better place than the Club Penguin United Nations to start. :mrgreen: We’re going to be having a banner festival where everybody will submit a banner and we’ll have them on the site. We’ll distribute them to members and armies and even major armies and probably the CPAC. I’m sure there are a lot out there who are against the bad job – especially those who have been victims to it. Here’s what to do if you want to join the cause!

What to Do:

Submit a banner. The theme is Anti-Hacking. Use your creativity to do what you want and comment it here. Banners are accepted until the end date. There will be a Poll for the best banner and Runner-Up. The best banner will be promoted highest on the CPUN sidebar and we will try to get it onto the CPAC sidebar.

Optional: Add the name of your army to the banner! Like below you could add ‘From DCP’. You can even add you army’s uniform to the banner! But please, no ‘Join (Army name here)‘ in the banners please. 😆

Now to reporters! 😀 You all have been doing great jobs so far with the interviews and exclusive reports. We just need to get you more audience. For this month, I suggest you guys give have a special theme. Maybe about Christmas. Another good theme for interviews would be about hacking as well, since we are promoting anti-hacking. Interview victims of hacked armies and websites. 🙂 Of course, those two themes shouldn’t be applied all the time on every post. Post the necessary posts and  there is still the freedom to post anything else. I think we should allow biased posts soon but I’ll make a vote for that.

Lastly, for the staff, we need to do some Division Check-Ups! Surely our posts need an audience. It would be no use to post on here if our members don’t even know about them. This is all voluntary. Notify them about posts if you want to – but please comment on the latest post telling you have done so. Even if you aren’t in the staff, you may help out! Just be sure to tell me so I can give credit to you. 😉 When you do your check-ups guys, don’t forget to invite them to our festival. Invite them to make a banner and enjoy their holidays with us. Remind them that we offer tips and cool news and a free place to discuss on. 🙂 The festival will be so much more colorful with them around. We need as many banners as we can get with the cooperation of our members. Even if we haven’t even started making any banners yet – you can spread the influence now by just telling them about the festival and what it is about. You can even be bias and tell them you have recently made a post on the CPUN about something they might want to discuss about. 😀

I’ll be doing check-ups as well. I’ll try to get the major armies to make a banner so we can have strong supporters. I’m sure many armies out there would want to support this. Let’s prevent this from happening to innocent sites. We’re not hippies though 😐 . And we aren’t even directly trying to stop it because it will continue happening. But let’s just try getting these banners up as a reminder. Everyone’s been a victim. Everyone’s lost something.

I’ll post the submitting post for banners next week in which I’d need the help of all the staff to keep updating the post and putting the banners on them. We have to give credit to each army. It’s going to be a great exhibit. 😀 Remember, notify your divisions. I’ve actually fixed our blogroll and the CPUN Members Links are updated so you can just click any link there to get to one of our members! Thank you Atm and the others who were always encouraging me to fix it. 🙂 We have a good, nice amount of members now.

Aside from all that, who has begun the holidays yet? I have. 😛 There’s actually a few more days left next week but that’s for parties. I wonder if any old friends will be coming back for the holidays. 🙂



Mr Deedledoo Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays everyone! 😀 May your army plow it’s way through the snow this season.


Always move forward, going straight will get you nowhere.


18 Responses

  1. My old old old post is number one in the posts [=

  2. Hey man, I seen your comment on FGR site. I really appreciate it. We are in fact bringing it back but before we do i made a post to see how many supporters were willing to help us. and to see how many would join in order to help us from the road of recovery.

  3. This post is pwnage

  4. Don’t forget the Elite Marines Of Cp dee 😉 Lol
    and for any one that wants to join: http://elitemarinesarmy.wordpress.com/join/

  5. I’m gonna make one for CPR laterz.

  6. I will enter the anti hacking banner contest. Good Luck too everyone else entering 😀

  7. XD I love the Jaded quote XD

    Green Day!

  8. Dee, Remember I cant do the Memebers Page, Too much lag and my comp freezes when I get onto it, anyway Nice idea, I cant do GFX, If I could then I would enter this, Great Idea 😀
    Pwn: I can’t look at members, too. I have the smae problem as Shimmy.

  9. I did Shimmy’s XD

    Ninja Troops:
    Active and Alive

    Strong Troops:
    Active and Alive

    -CharliePWN21 😀

  10. Dee, Cpun deservers so many more views for the kind of posts you make. 😉


    • …did someone edit KJ’s comment?

  12. lol at Jared xD

  13. got bored so i made an banner for that “Anti-Hacking ” thing, so here it is:

    didnt have a long time to make it look good, but to me it looks ok…

  14. I call the next post… It’s about rouge armies 😉

    -How can you go straight? You can only go forward and backward.

  15. Dee,
    I think you should make our header christmasy!

  16. You know this wouldn’t help eliminate the hackers, right?

  17. hey dee, thx 4 the help with blue puffles 😉

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