Pwn’s Army In Focus

Hi! Pwn here. I was recently inactive due to my stitches, but I’m back and posting!

Today our army in focus is:

The Bomb-omb Revolution (BOR)

The Bomb-omb Revolution was created by Ads 354, former Nacho leader and CPUN thingy.

He has formed an elite team of leaders.

Leaders: Ads354(retired Nacho leader, founder), Wolfie1215(Nacho Co-leader), Joker(Nacho Leader)

Co-Leaders(2ic): Pwener1 (me, Nacho Co-leader), Icey Cold27(ACP 2IC), Hades(former Nacho (I think))

3rd in Command(3ic): Jtzink(Nacho Mod), Nosoe(Nacho Mod), Obiwan4321(Correct me if I’m wrong, but ACP Mod)

As you can see, the people in the leadership are mainly Nachos. There are also some ACP in the leadership. McHappy (Icey Cold 27) and Obiwan4321. They are having their first recruiting session on Tuesday. This will definetly be an army to watch out for.

*insert witty catshphrase here*


P.S. Watch out for my NEXT post (wary)


7 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. I heard about this army. 🙂

    I wonder how long they’ll last..

  3. Same, I doubt they will last a long time

  4. Dee, we have a to get our banner just look on the banner page and use the code. heres the link:

  5. Dee- I’m reminding something you promised to CPEM- I wont say it though (XD)

  6. Whats the link?

  7. Of course you would post about an army you’re owner rank in 😛

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