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Shimmy Edit: Our good friends the CPAE news site are back make sure to give them some support as they come back. http://clubpenuinarmyexpresscpae.wordpress.com/


Hi its Shimmy here as I saw no-one posted about this I thought I would, I know it is a bit late, but It has to be posted



The ACP vs NW battle was an intersting battle, it decided who turly was the number 1 army and who truly was the most active army and who could get the most on CP and Chat. It was heavily contested both armies averaging high, I am leaving all the details for later, for now Battle Review

Pre Battle

The Pre battle was pretty tense, the NW made the battle saying whoever won the battle would truly be the top army it started out with ACP going crazy saying they would give out promotions if any ACP came and that they would win whatever happened, the NW were more relaxed and were not as tense during the process. Both armies thinking they were going to win it was sure to be a great battle.

The Battle

The battle was not the greatest of battles, Why? Because neither NW or ACP could actually fight each other without the room being full after 2 seconds of each army going into the room. Both armies numbers were just too big, NW claimed to average 50-60 and ACP 90-100, both I think are accurate, ACP had 3 chat rooms whilst NW only had 1, NW I would have to say probably had the better tactics but ACP just had the size and the organization. They called it a draw which I think was fair as neither army could actually get into a room together. Here are some pics from both sides

ACP Pics:




NW Pics:

Post Battle

The Post battle brought up many arguments, including when Ven went on ACP chat screaming “NW WON NW WON” This was very annoying for the ACP because they had already agreed it was a draw, CPAC then got into but didn’t announce a winner, in the end everything was sorted out and it ended up as a draw. I got some interviews of what people thought of the battle. Unluckily I could not get any interviews so I could not get feedback. It was not the greatest of battles but the numbers were outstanding with ACP making 120+ they showed they get the most on CP and can still be organized, Well done to Both armies.


Well that is it for this battle, just a quick thing, We have not had as many posts as before, I know there a couple in draft but I think we should definitely get some more out before people get bored



15 Responses

  1. Can you make a post about a newly created army called the Bomb-Omb Revolution? The website is http://Bombombrevolution.wordpress.com

  2. What are they fighting over anyway?? I dont even check ACP or CPAC anymore.To much biased postings and people there to get your point across.

  3. Hey does anyone know if we have had a pratice war lately?

  4. I also finished my brand new Club Penguin Story 4: Revenge

  5. Yay, when are you posting it, Speed?

  6. Great to hear, Speed. 😉

    Great job at the cover story Jd. 🙂 HUGE battle. NW and the ACP are crazy.

  7. Awww, Dee, you changed your avatar for the holidays (and the icon and some other stuff).

  8. Yep. Just wanted to give the feel. 😀

  9. Soccer I posted it on my own website but I can post it here if you would like[=

  10. your website, tell me?

  11. Oh wait I know, I clicked on your name and I realized the link is different then the real one sooooo.

  12. Soccer its in my newist post but u seemed to find it [=

  13. Thats how I found it, because I remember that was the right link.

  14. We’d be glad to see your story Speed. 🙂 Probably on the weekends. I suggest you break it into two chapters if it’s too long. It makes the stories more exciting. 😉

    Glad to hear the CPAE is back. We will support Shimmy. 😀

  15. Lol I’ll try and do that Dee thanks [=

    I feel my newist installment will be even better

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