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Hacks ll Army in Focus: Thunder Warrior ll The End

Hello today I will be speaking about 3 diffrent topics, lets go on with the first one shall we?   So everyone has problably seen the post by Fish which was “HACKS: The Nuclear Bombs of CP Warfare”  has made me realize a few things, well I thought, what would happen if CP Armies started developing hacker, by developing I mean accepting hackers to the CP Army World and armies starting their own hacking teams, it would be a disaster.  Armies would hack other armies, the other army would hack other armies, some of you may say this can’t happen, well listen, it can happen and it will if something is not done about it.

And more hacks are being done every day, look at The Army of the Republic, they were hacked but luckily had a back-up site but, they lost their spot in the top ten, look at Team Red they were hacked, seriously everyday more hacks happens.

Many armies have been hacked these days, (UMA, RPF, AR)  and it must stop. All armies should have…….

-Back-up site.

-Back-up chat.

-Back-up pages (Must update them every month)

If armies have these they will be prepared for any hacks, but not all hackers are evil (Just saying), something should be done about hacks, if you’re army is hacked come to the CPUN we will help you. Comment with you’re ideas!


Alright so we have an army in focus today! So who will the army be? The Thunder Warriors it is!

Name: Thunder Warrior

Leader(s): Kingfunks4, Blossom889 & 77 Hockey

Main Color: Yellow.

Estimated Active Troops: 10+

Troops average at events: 6+

Description: TW are a fairly new army with a lot of potential, they have incredible leaders and troops, they will be an army to be feard off, they are quite peacful and have a few problems, but nothing that can be fixed.

History(I copy pasted this part):

Funks4 created an army called Puffle Warriors. They went into a Generation 3, and a while into the 3rd generation, a soldier quite high in the ranks made a Secret Puffle Warriors. Funks got us into a big argument with RPF and UMA, and RPF agreed that making a PW without Funks would get their servers back and gain RPF as an ally. This rebellion was, unknowingly, what drove a leader to quit…

The rebellion didn’t last long. A few days, actually. The cover was blown as Funks followed a member to the chat and read the conversation. He took a picture and posted on the Puffle Warriors site. This post lead to comments and these comments caused Blossom889 to quit. She couldn’t take the arguing. After posting, she went straight onto the PW Chat. Funks then came online. She told him she had quit. to which he responded “If you quit, then I quit.” So Funks made the quitting post…

Now both on chat, they decide to make a new army, turning over a new leaf. And thus the Thunder Warriors were formed.

Place I would give them in the small top ten: #7-#4

So good luck TW, I hope you can rise.


Well it’s the end of my post a few things I want to say….

If you remember my last post there was a part of “Someone behind the curtins” and got an intresting comment from Forthe Forkle saying:


I have met some people with different names who are leaders in different armies. Even though they are all one person. I won’t name them but there are a few out there that are power hungry. However if there is one person trying to kill off CP armies he would be hacking all the sites he could. So I don’t think that there is a guy like Batmans Joker (Mr Chaos) who is trying to get us all war crazy.

So who do you think these pepole are? Comment!

Also I was recently promoted to mod rank in ACP. In other news North Korea and South Korea are in the brink of war. With US backing up S. Korea this will send more troops out of the country…….

The End.



7 Responses

  1. How could an army make a back-up site and tell the whole army?
    If the hackers aren’t stupid, then they’ll hack it, too.

  2. CPR army in focus you have missed it for like a month now Char xD

  3. @Color Peng- Well if the chat dosen’t get deleted you’re in luck, but if they hack it try to PC the other owners and troops and get them to PC troops it’s really like a chain reaction i’m too tired to explain

    Redz Ddestroyz- Oops forgot XD

  4. Who knows? There was a guy who was almost successful with destroying CP Armies. And that was Joe from the IATW.

    Let’s all join together to keep each other safe from threats. 😉

  5. I totally agree w/ Dee! 😉 If we do, then Hacking could be outlawed, and if you do hack, then you get removed from the CPUN and CPAC and your army can’t be in the top ten for a year

  6. Outlawing is not the way to go. And you cant put hacks as the main thing if it talks about hacking others. Have u ever thought of hacking CP? If hacking was outlawed, UMA would never have been formed, meaning RPF wouldnt have been formed. Meaning the ACP would be dead. Meaning all CP armies = Dead. Hacking got us here, deal with it.

  7. Harv, what we mean is the hacking of innocent armies. Would you have liked it if you were hack and doxed by the IATW or some other stranger?

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