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Why the BPA Must be Destroyed (From the CPR site)

“guess what i am 99kane and i don’t no why you think clubhot is me but i can tell you that clubhot is my bro he does most the posts for me.But for i do turn up for battles and you lot are stupid f******”

-99kane, Emperor of the BPA, comment on CPR Blog

For reasons unknow to me, the so called “Emperor” of the BPA has written such a disgusting comment on the CPR Blog.  I do not tolerate such language, as my troops will testify too, and I am harsh with discipline regarding foul language on MY site.  By saying “my”  I am not trying to suggest that I have full control of the site.  In fact, it is through Red’s grace that I am an admin of the site.  However, I do take full resposnibility for what happens on this site. 

I hereby declare that we are in a now open state of warfare with the BPA, and we will commence in invading all of their servers.  I ask all CPR soldiers to take up in the war against this disgusting excuse for an army.  They are liers and cheaters.  They are skilled in stringing webs of lies.  They depend on treachery to achieve their goals.   Such army is what is called an ”evil” army.  Such armies have no place in out community, and must be delt with swiftly and efficiently.  

-321fishpop, CPR Commander In Chief


TO ALL CPUN ARMIES AND THEIR LEADERS- Armies such as the BPA have no place in our community.  I urge you all to help us, not for servers or glory, but for waht is right.  However, I promise to divvy up all servers captured from the BPA equaly to all.  Let us bring down this menace once and for all.


15 Responses

  1. Great post copying xD

  2. No offence but if you need an big alliance to take down a 3 man army then RT are ******* . Sorry my language >.>

  3. They hack…

  4. I need proof to see if they hack, and I will support, war won’t stop them if they hack.

  5. What evidence you need?

  6. Anyways atm CPR has more pressing matters than Hackers i think Copy Cat armies are more important to my Pride than Hackers

  7. *Wary* We will help! Any army that fights against a CPUN army, I believe armies in the CPUN should help fight against BPA!

  8. Good man! Glad for your help!

  9. Then how come the Cowboys are still around????

  10. What do you mean Thatrandomduded?

    Anyways – I guess they’re right Red Destoyz. Everyone would want to see evidence. 😉

    BTW, you’re a Hall of Famer here in the CPUN. One of the first. XD

  11. bpa = blue puffles 😦

  12. Firstly Thanks Dee for putting up a CPR banner and what do you mean one of the first in the hall of fame? Am i? And I could take a pic of a virus i got from my own site like last week if you want? And anyways Defeating RT = more important atm ^^

  13. I cant see myself in the hall of fame unless theres another section of it somewhere and i cant find it :/

  14. sorry that was a long time ago and i was being put under pesure by my allies to invade CPR or surrender but now the BPA has made allies with the CPR and me and my army want to join the cpun we do not want to go to war with CPR and we are fighting together with CPR.Please let the BPA join cpun.
    p.s sorry for my lannuged sorry i can’t spell that good when i am in a rush

  15. Clubhot put my email and a few others and told his troops to spam it. That makes me angry.

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