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HACKS: The Nuclear Missiles of CP Warfare

An interesting comment on the Rangers website was the realazation that had eluded me for my entire career.  I, personally, have always been against third party programs on Club Penguin, such as Penguin Storm, and the programs that the infamous hacker, Sanity Penguin, had created.  I had done extensive research on Sanity Penguin wgile working for Ktman2 on his Mythbuster’s site, and I concluded that he was a cunning and brilliant, albiet sneak, person who had infiltrated his way to the uppermost part of CP.

No doubt, with his brilliant skills at hacking, could Sanity have destroyed every blog relating to CP warfare in a matter of months.  While Sanity has vanished into history, the threat is still quiet real.  It is true that most hackers out there are not as much of a threat as Sanity, the damage cuased by hacking looms over the heads of many. 

In this new era of bots, money makers, and other things, hacking is an integral part of CP warfare.  Many small armies, vying for power, have used hackers as means of inciting fear and intimidating others.  Armies, such as the CPR, who refrain from using hacks, are under constant threat.  For instance, since declaring war on the BPA, the CPR has been on a high state of alert for potential hacks.  Due to the BPA’s lack of sufficient manpower, and the pressure of already losing two battles to the CPR, the CPR believes that their corrupt emeperor, 99kane, will resort to hacking the site sometime soon.

So how does this tie in with the title?  Well, it is very similar to nuclear missiles.  It is safe to assume (and dangerouse not to) that most armies have hackers.  The only reason that they aren’t used is becuase that if army A hacks army B, then army B will hack army A, leaving both armies without their sites, the most important part of their army. 

So what can armies do?  Here are some suggestions on how an army can prepare and protect itself from hackers.

  1. Plan B and C.  Your site is hacked.  Everything is deleated.  It might take weeks to recover from such a blow.  You no longer have a chat.  You can not communicate with your soldiers or officers.   You are pretty much finished.  The truth is, with preperation, this event can be avoided.  Create “Plan B” sites and chats.  In the event youa re hacked, you can use these sites as temporary havens for your army.  Chats as well, as you will need a way to plan a course of action after the attack.
  2. DO NOT SHARE PASSWORDS!  Under no circumstances, ever, should anyone be able to find your passwords and usernames.   Even if they are on some tiny little blog on the edge of cyberspace, a determined hacker can and WILL find them.  Protection starts at home!
  3. Backround checks of site’s staff.  Do some research on the staff of your site.  Check with their former armies.  IF they have a history of hacking, DO NOT GIVE THEM A POSITION ON YOUR SITE! 
  4. If you are hacked, the best thing to do is CONTACT WORDPRES.  They are the best suited to help you.  Do not hesitate at once!
  5. APPEAL TO THE CPUN FOR ASSISTANCE!  The CPUN is an integral part of the CP Army world, and if your site is hacked, appeal to the CPUN staff, including myself.  We will assist in any way possible. 

Thanks for reading this post.  The information is very important, as the threat of hacks are very real.

-321fishpop CPR Commander in Chief, CPUN Senate

FISHPOP EDIT- Thanks to all for the postive feedback, and yes, this is my first post on the CPUN.  Ironicaly, the only thing preventing armies from resorting to hacks is hackers themselves.  Think Soviet-US Cold War.  The only thing stopping an immenent nuclear war was the vast amount of missiles both sides had.  Fast forward to today.  An anti-hacking treaty could potentialy work, but only if EVERYONE cooperates.  If yous how support, I will draft a treaty, and all armies who sign must promise to NEVER use hacks.  Armies that refuse to sign, must be destroyed by a coalition of armies who have signed the treaty.  I would like to encourage everyone to post this on your sites, as this is of upmost importance.


23 Responses

  1. Following from my Comment on that post xD what are firewalls then?

  2. All of these actions are made out of pure jelaousy, revenge and for merely fun. I’ll male another comment later.

  3. @Char, Those are mostly out of jealousy and revenge, almost never merely fun.

  4. A few of my sites have been hacked in the past and for one of them, I contacted WordPress. It was the only site that said it had been deleted by WordPress rather than the owner. That puzzled me and after WordPress responded to my desperate plea, I realized the hacker had not only gained control of my army’s site, but had gone on to delete everything and post the worst language I had ever seen on the front page. I learned my lesson in trust as well as gained faith in good old WordPress that day. Take this kind of threat seriously and it won’t affect you nearly as much.

    Great post Fishpop! 🙂

  5. @Sky have you heard of Miroos? He actually said he went on a rampage and hacked various sites beacuse he was bored -_-

    Also I love it how you use the comparation of hacks and nulear bombs, if armies start developing hackers it would be a catastophre, leaders would threaten each other with hacks, hacking would be free, it would become hell it’s self.

  6. Also I remember seeing two armies of Ace51 being hacked by an incredible hacker, didin’t really “hack” he convinced the other admins on the site that Ace was a idiot, a fool and tyrant, he took the site and deleted it..

  7. Have yet to read Rex and Char’s post. 🙂

    We should host an Anti-Hacking Campaign and get aome supporters! We should put up banners that say NO TO HACKING. This would be such a great movement. Hacking should not be free and developed into a weapon by small armies. 😐

    Now, if you guys can’t call your divisions to read this post, at least tell yoir army about it. 🙂 These tips should be refreshed in the minds of all armies. In fact, the tips should be exclusive to CPUN members.

    Miroos is an old friend of the CPUN’s. Last year, he was in the CPUN with his army like you guys. I was hoping to make an agreement with him to not hack our most active members – as a privilege if you join the CPUN. 😉

    Anyways, yup. We should keep this post up for everyone to see. NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS. NO HACKING and DOXING! I’ll hold a banner contest for this when I return next weekend.

    Anyone seen Soccer or Jared lately? Oh and it’s good to see you again Aan. 😀

    Continue doing the great job at thinking of great topics guys. I’ll return soon. 😉


  8. I’ve been scanning over the post’s on the site and this looks like an interesting one.

    May I just say, that I personally DO know how to do some of these things you mentioned. Hacking can have it’s uses. I dont hack people for fun, I only use methods such as that for my own self protection.

    My Message – Not everyone who CAN hack is a bad person.

    But Excellent Post,


  9. Hacking is probably the worst thing that can happen to a Army, it destroys everything and if you are not a major army whilst it is happening you usually die, the leader thinks oh forget it we are never going to get everything back and leave

    I agree with you if you do not want to die you should make a Plan B site it always helps, for example: Team Red was hacked 2 or 3 days ago but they had a backup site to go to so they were fine and stayed active.

    Also I love the idea of people coming to the CPUN for help, it would really boost us back up the ladder, maybe we should just have 1 person concentrating on helping armies who are hacked?

    This is a post that brings up many topics, Also it is an Amzing post.

    Well Done Fishpop 😀


  10. You should atleast have a back-up chat and 1 back-up site. Have like a code system to say if your on high alert.

  11. I agree with hacks are like Nuclear Bombs, if armies start developing them armies will atemp to stop this, but one army won’t stop it’s like a chain reaction.

  12. Dee I’m still here, sometimes I don’t feel like commenting (because I have nothing to say).

  13. Socccer!!!!!

  14. Awesome Idea Dee!

  15. Thanks Charlie – but it was all Fishpop’s post. 🙂

    And okay Soccer. We’ve just been missing you xD. Jared, did you know you were promoted to Chief Justice along with Soccer?

    Good idea Fish. I think wr shouldn’t force them to never use hacking (if they already do) because they have rights and other things to use the hackng for like old Cas said. We just have to try implementing to everyone that it is bad. A friendly way to approach everyone in general would be as simple and good. 😉 Sure they can sign. But we need a banner and some stuff first that people can take with them. Aan is unser the process of making a mew CPUN banner!

    Anyways, speaking of HACKS.. I hear the IATW has made a return. Keep an eye out for them and recently hacked armies.

  16. @charizard, nope, last time i hacked a site was about 3 Months,ago

  17. As much as I would like to have a Hack Proflieration Treaty, it would be dangerouse if every army did not sign. That would weaken armies. Every army must be FORCED to sign the treaty, if the are not willing to do so.

  18. How do you know if your getting hacked???

  19. Move over drugs, hacking is going to join you on the X sign.

  20. @Josephp3 If your site isn’t the way you left it, and you know another author or editor wouldn’t do that. You’ve been hacked.

    RPF and many other armies were hacked yesterday and the day before by Waggy and Fiddy of the UMA. RPF still hasn’t got there pages back and many recent posts have been deleted. Some have been restored from the XML Document our leader saved.

  21. ATM: I advise you teel your leadership of my steps to prevent and prepare for hacks. Even better, refer them to this site. I am available for meetings if they want to contact me.

    • “teel”?

      I saved an XML Document of this site yesterday. So if we are hacked, I can restore it. 😀

  22. Excuse my error, I meant tell. 🙂

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