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Charizard’s Epic Post #1!

Hello fellow viewers! This is my epic post number 1 it will be very long, so i’m warning you, you could explode by the so many words in the post, you’ve been warned.

Table of Contonent!

1. Dictatorship in CP Armies.

2. Corruption.

3. Some one behind the curtins?

4. What do news site control?

5. Army in Focus: Cowboy Army of Club Penguin!

6. The End.


So when somebody say’s Dictatorship in real life, what do you think? Some might think of Hitler, others might think Fidel Castro. And now when the word Dictator come’s in CP Armies, what is in you’re mind? Some think of Iceyfeet the creator of Ice Warriors and the only leader, some may think of Jcm the CW Leader, and some in TR may consider Shimmy a Dictator.

In my opinion, Dictators aren’t bad at all, it only depends on what he/she dose, here is my requiremets in my opinion to be a dictoator:

– Must be the highest rank in the army.

– Must hold absolute control over wars, battles, and the goverment you have.

Of course look at how I didin’t put anything bad there, just beacuse someone is a Dictoator dosen’t mean he/she is evil. Let’s take Iceyfeet for example many in IW and a huge ammount of other armies consider him a Dictator, but he’s not overthrown. Why? He’s not an evil Dictoator. Now I just explained a “good Dictator” now let’s go to a “Bad Dictator”

Here is what I think for someone to be qualified as an “evil” Dictator:

– Must hold absolute power in the army.

– 75% of the army should be afraid of him.

Hated by most owners in the army.

– Should be power-hungry.

In my opinion if one day someone hold’s these things, they will be considerd an “Evil Dictoator” in my book. Now let’s do an example of a Bad Dictator.

Let’s take ACP for example. One day someone becomes leader in the ACP, as you know ACP is the strongest and largest army in all of CP, some armies think twice before declaring war on them. So the leaders suddenly becomes power hungry. He treats the troops badly and such, he might have become the only admin on the ACP Site and no one could remove him, owners would fear him, members would fear him, and mods would fear him, even other major army leaders would be afraid of him! Some of you may say “That can’t happen!” but it can. Let’s hope that this never truely happens  in any army in CP. 

So what do you think? You think i’m right? You think í’m wrong? You think i’m crazy? Here have a square cookie [::]


Alright of to my next topic. Corruption. The defenition of Corruption has many meaning mostly are related, in my opinion corrupted someone who turns sort-of evil. Look at the ACP for an example maybe a leader one day who was 3ic or 2ic who was very kind and friendly, always kept his promises. But, then he becomes the leader of the most strongest and largest army in all of Club Penguin. I bet every leader in ACP must have been nervous when they were announced leaders.

Unlike dictatorship there is no good corrupt and bad corrupt. 

Signs of Corruption:

– Making choices for you’re own benefits.

– Accepting bribes.

– Doing bribes.

– Becoming a “Bad Dictator”.

– Hacking,’

– Turning into a Tyrant.

If you are doing any of these things, seriously stop, you’re ruining CP Armies. So anyways, like I said anyone can become corrupt, it could be even for  a few days and realize what you’re doing is wrong, but be careful anyone can turn corrupted.


Alright this is problably very odd idea I have, you know all the wars out there that have no reason at all, both sides claim to be the “good side”. I thought awhile, what if theres somebody controling it? Maybe theres someone out there who’s been in CP Armies for years but has never aimed to become “famous” what if someone out there is taking diffrent names becoming advisors and corrupting pepole? They start wars in-directly, for example let’s take two armies army A. and Army B.

So army A has this advisor and  and he speaks to the leader of army A the false posibility of what would happen if  they deafeted army B. ‘That’s starting a war in-directly but is it possible to do it more in-directly? Of course.

It’s actually quite scary to think that some one like that exists, imagine it he/she would be enjoing the war he/she started, destroying armies by starting rebellions (in-directly of course). Someone like that problably dosen’t exist, the chances someone near that exist are about 7%/100% problably less.

But if someone like that existed what would his real goal be? Just cause panic? Cause wars? Or something even bigger, maybe uniting all the CP Armies under one man and one flag. And if someone like that exists, is there someone stoping them? Is there some sort of secret battle between good and evil like stories many of us have readed? Problably not.

Like I said this is a very intresting topic for me, quite wierd too. So anyways onto the the next topic! Also notice how all the last 3 topics are all related.


Alright on to my next topic news site, news sites are a massive source for all CP Armies the current leading news site is CPAC they usually decides who won the battle, the top ten, they conrtrol alot. For example someone biased might make NW #1 and ACP #2 so ACP attacks NW for the #1 spot. And best of all that person wanted that to happen. And also one day someone biased might name the army that lost by an inch in a battle the winners.

Some pepole would do army in focuses about their army and make them get all the atention, this is what I fear will happen one day CPAC will become biased and start favoring a single army and that army will become unstopable

Notice how this is related to the last topic.


That’s right Army in Focus is back! I’m going to do this description style.

Name: Cowboy Army of CP!

Main Color: Blue

Current Leader(s): Ballion54 , Adam Skywalk

Estimated Active Soldiers: 10-16

Largest Ammount of Troopa on CP: 18 o_O?

Description: The Cowboy Army is fairly a new army in the CP Army World they are led by Ballion an old Dorito Leader, he’s expirienced they have an active army, right now they are at war with the BMA currently invading Polar Bear and North Pole.

Spot in the Top Ten Small: #8

Spot I would give then: #4-6

I would like to say good luck to the Cowboy Army, they have a chance of going all the way to large, they just need a little publicity, aging good luck Cowboy Army!


Alright my epic post #1 is almost over! I did this all in one day, I am very tired also I would like to say to other authors to someone post about the ACP vs NW war going on. My next epic post will be next month. Now for some jokes!

Joke 1: What do the wave say to the ocean? Nothing they jusy wave.

I’m all out of jokes XD anyways if you would want me to do an army in focus of you’re army, or an army that deserves to be noticed, comment with the link and I will do an army in focus!

Also Happy Thanksgiving make sure you eat lot’s of turkey bot don’t get fat 😀

~Char (1263 Words not counting this!)


11 Responses

  1. Awesome, to Shimmy, I have one post that has 3 very bad army in focuses. I will work on those as I find more about them.

    -Sky, Black Mafias Leader, EF Leader, EM General, OCP 2nd Gen Leader, I think you get the point…

  2. Wheres CPR army in focus O.o

  3. i exploded 😦

  4. Can somebody check and put the Elite Marines by Flare on the CPUN list thing?

    -Sky, Black Mafias Leader, EF Leader, EM General, OCP 2nd Gen Leader, I think you get the point…

  5. @iok I told you so!

    @Red I forgot about tha XD i’ll make it next time…maybe.

  6. You wrote more words than me *D*

  7. Corruption is not using your government or not doing correct ranking.Somethings need to be voted on by the senate other things need to be voted by owners.Corruption also can be in the ranking system. Example-A person 2 that might has been an active mod for a couple months but abuses and has hardly no experience gets owner.

  8. You brought up some good topics here!!!! Good Post!!!!!

  9. @King corruption has many meanings, like I said they’re all related.

  10. Wow I think the dictator thing summed up Shimmy no really. No offence

  11. I have met some people with different names who are leaders in different armies. Even though they are all one person. I won’t name them but there are a few out there that are power hungry. However if there is one person trying to kill off CP armies he would be hacking all the sites he could. So I don’t think that there is a guy like Batmans Joker (Mr Chaos) who is trying to get us all war crazy.

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