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Team Red Saga: Part 2iiiDo we have lives?

Donut’s Edit: Prepare for a post that will change everything… forever.

ATM Edit: Please see the retirement post of our good friend Miroos. http://votemiroos.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/iretire/

Ok, no drafting and deleting others’ posts. :l And try to not post over others posts when they were just published. xD

Rex5556 Edit: I would prefer if people wouldn’t DRAFT my posts for no reason so they wouldn’t be embarressed. This is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Team Red Saga:Part 2.

It was late at night for Rex. He logged onto skype and talked to Ladtom. Ladtom started to continue his conversation about Team Red.

“I really dislike Shimmy at the moment, Add me to the site” Said Ladtom

“Why?” questioned Rex.

“Because I need to leave shimmy a note” answered Ladtom. A few minutes later Ladtom2 had deleted most of the pages, comments etc.


“:)” Typed Ladtom

“Don’t tell me you…. YOU IDIOT!!!” cursed Rex.

Rex had to go to sleep now. When he awoke he checked TR site. It had been partially restored. Then BAM the computer went dead. Rex only found out a couple of days ago that Ladtom was blaming him for this. Shimmy started one of his many spaz’s. He blamed Rex for everything. Shimmy forgave Rex then things continued as usual. Rex met a guy called Austin on ACP Chat. He seemed like a nice guy. He made TR a header and stuff.

“Wanna Join TR?” Rex asked,

“Yeh sure”Austin replied.

Austin was a very hard-working active troop. He quickly rose through the ranks to become a owner.

Shimmy left retired from Team Red and put: Rex, Btot and Doodygirl1 in charge. Btot and Rex worked hard for TR and was very active unlike doody who refused to come to battles. Rex and Btot had a meeting to discuss this and decided that Doody must come to atleast 1 battle by the end of the week or she will be demoted to mod rank. They both told Doody this. She failed to come to any battles and she was fired.

Then suddenly, Shimmy decided that he would come back, no even asking Btot or Rex. This really angered Rex, but got Btot even more fired up….

They were both Seriously angry.

Do we have lives?

Do we? I mean do we actually have lives. Most of us are 11-16. I mean people always say “you don’t have to come to battles you have lives” but seriously do we actually have lives. We participate in a group of virtual penguins who throw virtual snowballs at eachother. Is it addictive? Do we get pleasure from this?

Not to anger anyone, I know alot of you are in armies, and I am pretty sure that most of us don’t go on cp for pleasure and prefer talkin on xat. There is only one solution. We get a life. Now please don’t post hate comments. I am not saying that we are nerds or anything. PART 2 COMIN SOON.


4 Responses

  1. amazing post

  2. As I said in my Edit, I told both Btot and Gistha (2ic at the time) that I was coming back and they said Fine and COOL, Gistha even said “Good We need you back” how would even know anyway you were not there, and on that night, YOU HACKED TR, I even have proof that Ladtom gave me, This is not the truth so next time TRY To tell the truth
    Rex5556 Edit: You just decided to came back. Austin retired because of you everyone always hated you. Thats why you were Overthrowed and Pwned.

  3. Wow, is Dee seriousof what he meant?

  4. how sad 😦

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