SF vs EF

Sky edit- I was going to post a new post about the new sizes, but I thought, I could just edit my last post
Well, the new sizes for each army is Small 5-10, Medium 10-15, Major 15-20, Large 20-30, Huge- 30-50, Massive 50+

Well, EF (Elite Fighters) and SF (Snow

had a practice battle. EF had 4-5 troops on, SF had 4-5 troops on as
well. EF pictures consisted of all the pics on this photobucket

SF pics consisted of:

In line before the PB.

Our chat before the PB.

We pizza bomb them.

We j-bomb but they do
the same…noobish.

They j-bomb and we
defend with video game emotes.

We igloo bomb frenzy
the plaza

We oatmeal bomb them

They j-bomb so we spam
our epic name.

We j-bomb and like
always, they do the same.

We use puffles in a
slanted line.

The results were a
tie? They say they win, we say we win, there truly was no judge. SF
said EF got ‘points’ taken off for using the same tactic. Which is
true, EF did use the same tactic, but still, I didn’t realize that
there were points for tactics…

Well, thats all!
-Sky, leader of
Elite Fighters


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