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Rise of the IV ll The PW Rebellion ll

Shimmy Edit: Sorry for not being active recently, Top10 will be next week for people wondering. Anyway I have been caught up in a bit of a family moment But I am back and I am going to start work on a post Cya guys


Hello viewers this is Charizard58 here, I made about 3 post and I forgot to draft them XD so know I will do the other post I had forgot to draft next week, I would like to personaly say sorry to Dee not being able to do the army in focus for CPR. So let us beging!

________________Rise of the Ice Vikings?_________________

Alright so many of you might say “Seriously IV aging?!” well I have decided that IV has a potential for being medium or getting to the top ten. After days, and days of un-shedueld events the IV have been getting active in chat and large numbers in CP.

IV have been going to many servers such as Chinook (Really bad name), Sleet sometimes even Mammoth. Here is what the leader Bottlefanta mentioned this in a post and mentions about a graphic contest they have.

Hey guys Bottle here,

Ice Vikings have started back up and im glad that everything is going well. Im hoping this army can be better than ever, even during our glorious days of generation 1. In the past week we have had alot of unscheduled battles and recruitment sessions and they have been really successful. I want to thank everyoent who has ben active and coming to these events cause they have been really helping us alot. I need everyone to recruit whenever possible and stay active on chat. Also, last week i mentioned a graphics contest. This contest will be going on until the end of November, so i want to see alot of entrys. Submit the entrys in a comment on our nation page. Anyone can submit a graphics design, you dont have to be in Ice Vikings. This is also an active post lol so make sure to comment. I will be going through the ranks and taking off the inactive people and am planning alot of construction to the site. I also want all the authros to post more cause we need more events planned. Here are some pics from today of the unscheduled battle we had:

Guys i know that Ice Vikings can become glorious one day, and i am asking all of you to help lead the way. Ice Vikings i know we can do this.

Not only that but the other owner ranks are coming back out of in-activeness, they have a huge ammount of very loyal and active troops, and now they are thinking of declaring war on an army.

Some rumors say they might declare war aginst UMA, RPF or AR.

Also here are some more pictures which IV vs  the Popcorn Army which I would like to nominate PA to the top ten small.

Now here are some pics of them on Mammoth:

So what do you think will IV be medium or go to the top ten?COMMENT!

_______________The Fall of Puffle Warriors______________________

This is something I do not want to speak of much beacuse it brings me many bad memories. So let’s beging.

A few day’s after RPF and UMA invaded PW angrily, PW ignored their invasions which made RPF more angrier, a noticible high ranks where on chat deciding what to do.

Then two of the three leaders Floppy and Jjribcool (Also the main owner rank is PW god(es) then their is leader rank) agreed to rebell aginst Kingfunks (PW god and creator) everyone was sad that Funks was killing PW, they might have not shown it but they were sad.

After a few days more owner ranks joined the rebellion if i’m correct 3/4 of  the owner ranks inPW was in the rebellion. The rebellion slowly began to shape then on November 13 Kingfunks found about the rebellion he banned Jjribcool and Floppy from PW.

After that Floppy decided to quit CP Armies for ever (Or so he say’s) and Jjribcool might not even know about it today yet, but Kingfunks did not know about all the rebellious pepole.

In my P.O.V I felt bad not just Floppy and Jjribcool, but for all of PW I knew PW would be hurt by this, I was right Blossom one of the 3 PW Leaders retired feeling bad and confused and retired feeling bad for all of PW especially Kingfunks.

Then Kingfunks retired I felt horrible, I felt like I caused all of this (Trust me I actually kind of did, but not directly)

It felt like Déjà vu. I even though for a moment of quiting all CP Armies, so now let’s stop this drama and look at PW current’s standard.

Now Estimated ammount of Active Troops before rebellion: 15

Now Estimated ammount of Active Troops after rebellion: 7-12

Main Leader before the rebellion: Kingfunks4

Main Leader after the rebellion: Doodygirl1

Ammount of pepole who were owner ranks before the rebellion: 12

Ammount of pepole who were owner ranks after the rebellion: 6-8

Outcome: Despair

As you see here the PW have lost many ranks and have a chance of dying, I myself tried to convince Kingfunks of not retiring, but it didin’t work. Now PW are on the verge of dying and there are some owner ranks who are greedy and might take a chance of this and take the spot of PW god(es).

So what do you think? Will Puffle Warriors rise? Or fall?


12 Responses

  1. 1st!

    Note: Some info may be outdated

    This is meh worst post evah!

  2. Its a really good post. I think IV should be meduim. And the with PW is hard… Good Luck


  3. *medium

  4. IV should be medium, also depends on how many they get in an event.

    PW has been around for awhile, and after awhile, armies fall, eventually ACP and Nachos will fall, and people will try to make a ‘2nd gen’ but the more generations, the quicker the last will fall.

    An interesting post….

    -Sky, Elite Fighters leader

  5. Your a pretty good author Charizard. 😉

    “A few day’s after RPF and UMA invaded PW angrily, PW ignored their invasions which made RPF more angrier.” We never got angrier. When we invaded them I think they were raiding a different one of our servers at the same time. We just invaded and defended our servers then went back to what we were doing before.

  6. Pretty cool how the IV has the CPUN colors – blye and orange. We need to get them to join the CPUN. If anyone ere can contact them, that’d be great.

    About the PW. That’s one example of how small-medium armies today aren’t the same as in previous years. They go on getting big and recruit corrupted leaders (not directed at PW bit for most armiez) especially those high ranked leaders from major armies. Then later they make a big drama or scene of something so small and all hope is lost. Then they make another drama of bringing back the army.

    This would probably bring bad media attention to KingFunks.

  7. Oh and guys, I won’t be posting for the next 2 weeks. 😦 I’m not grounded – I just have exams. And I plan on doing good this time. My last exam results weren’t too good. I promised myself to study well. You should all do the samebin times like this.

    So my posts by December would be the Hall of Fame post mainly. I’m leaving the site under Atm23, Shimmy, and the Chief Justices Soccer and Kingjared. Think about the control of posts. We’ve been having a recent good flow of 3-4 per week given 2 days for each post.

    You guys can hold meetings, post an Apply for CPUN post, arrange a PB between CPUN armies, or post news or anything else you guys would like while I’m away. Atm, you can even start a Division Check-Up hopefully for the end of December. 🙂

    Shimmy, and the news crew – goodluck in keeping the site active. As long as a post is worthy to discuss on an many seem to like it, do not necessarily put it down after the two days. 😉

    To our Chief Justices Soccer and Kingjared, I’m counying on you guys to make the right decisions while I’m gpne and kwep control of everyone. Your Justices are here to help. 🙂

    I’ll be dropping by. 😉
    P.S. Great posts Char and Sky, keep it up!

  8. Thanks Dee, Good luck on your exams!!!

    -Sky, Leader of Elite Fighters

  9. Thanks Sky. 😉

    P.S. Drafted Nightmare’s (I think that’s Harv) post for tomorrow. Please piblish it for tomorrow guys. 😉 Then Sky’s post and then the rest. At least 2 days gap.


  10. Sweet new post tommorow, i’m gonna start also on my next post thing’s it will inclue:

    -Leader topic

    -Loyalty Topic

    -What’s happening know? (Things of what have happend with the top ten small army)

  11. IV is a good medium-sized army. I know BottleFanta from IW, he is pretty experianced.

  12. Well, finally my other post… I can’t even remember what it’s about… oh well… I’ll find out now xD

    -Sky, Leader of Elite Fighters

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