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The Blue Army Ioioluk Problem

Edit: Ioio Had a great idea of a Poll as I dont know how to make a PollDaddy poll I am going to make a comment poll, If Dee could make a polldaddy one it would help anyway

1. The Blue Army Does not use bots, I thought that before this post

2. The Blue Army Does not use bots, I decided this after this post

3. The Blue Army does use Bots, This Post changed my mind

4. The Blue Army Does use bots, This post does nothing at all to change my mind

Also comment if you are in The Blue army Or not. Comment with the Number you think

Thank Shimmy

P.S Ioio Also has another thing to defend his army he says that most of his army has membership or had membership so Bots don’t have membership so how can He use bots.

Recently an Army called the Blue Army has been getting a lot of stick mainly because people think they use bots and battles and thats the only way they win. Well recently the flame comments have been on CPUN, So Dee the clever man he is decided to get an inside story I know Ioioluk lives in my timeone so I knew I could catch an interview with him, as Dee wanted and luckily enough I got one tonight.

Before I start this post If your comment has too much flame and swearing it might not be shown and deleted, Thank you

So as I said the Blue Army has been flamed many times but can Ioioluk successfully defend his army?!?!

The Blue Army has been seen with 10 troops to 25 troops at some point, Claiming things from the Nachos and from small armies. Recently been ignored because of the bots problem. But Ioio protests they don’t use bots, but many people including some CPUN members say that they have to use bots because they hardly have anyone on chat. Recently they went to war with Crystal Warriors and with how I hear it they asked ATM to judge for them, ATM after the battle proclaimed that CW had one in which I think Ioio went crazy and started cussing ATM. This led on to CPUN comments on my Top10 after I had put Blue Army out of the top10 for Using bots. Ioio then went mad again and proclaimed that ATM and I were stupid *beep* idiots. ATM then went crazy whilst I stayed out of it. ATM was saying that ioio asked him to be a judge and that he himself and judged the war fairly and that CW Won easily. But Ioio was saying the only reason CW won was because ATM thought they used bots but they do not. Then he went on to say that he did not even have PS (Penguin Storm) open so how can he use bots. I don’t think it was resolved I am sure it will be resolved on this post. On my recent post Ioio was being flamed by Army Of Republic Leader Buritodaily and ioio once again went crazy leaving Clever Dee with an idea to make a post for Ioio to defend himself. I found Ioio and remembered Dee’s Comments and Edits so I asked Ioio to be interviewed or to Defend his army he said fine so you know a background story here is the interview or defence of his army


Interview with Blue Army Leader Ioioluk2

First of all, we get around 10 on chat on events so our 10-25 is not bots we dont even have penguin storm open. I dont understand how we could of used bots.

Me: Anything to add..

Ioio: No

Me: It is a bit short. Some people will not buy it?!?!

Ioio: Btw We have an event tomorrow and I might retire if we don’t get 6 or more on chat, because I think the people round here are lazy. We are also declaring war on AR.

Me: 😮

Ioio: Yer so that is all xD

Me: Ok thanks


So you heard it here first (lolwut?) Ioio might retire from the Blue Army If he does do you think all the rows will stop and this will all be over. Comment on what you think. Sorry If I stole your post Dee I could not resist.

Also they are declaring war on AR, Is this a suprise after the flame comments , Comment on what you think

Thanks for reading my post



25 Responses

  1. hmm shimmy i have something to add : most of our troops are members or already been .

  2. im voting number one!

  3. In my defense Ioi did make flame about AR first.

  4. (hehe) whos the hacker now ?

  5. 4 XP

  6. Look at how much AR has grown.

  7. Shimmy wanna know something. Blue army does use bots. Have you ever noticed how they get 10 – 20 at battles but there are 0 on chat

  8. shimmy will blue army ever get in top ten again?

  9. and im not logged in sorry

  10. If he does retire Joee125 will become leader… Who knows what will happen next. I seriously don’t think he does use bots cuz Penguin Storm isn’t working so I don’t see how he could.

  11. I’m jot exactly sure what the poll is about. To make a poll, click tye Circle button looling thing next to the upload images/videos etc. Its one of those.

  12. I can make one 😀

  13. Imma get rid of the poll Stupid Idea Lol

  14. Ok guys, I’m back for a little bit.
    You got it right until “ATM then went crazy whilst I stayed out of it.” I only “went crazy” because I am not going to just stand there and let this guy insult me. Also, Ioio had left a comment on the CPUN site asking for a judge, then Spyguy202 came to me on RPF chat and asked me to judge the battle.

    “But Ioio was saying the only reason CW won was because ATM thought they used bots but they do not.” No, I said the CW won because of the size, tactics, etc. Then Cewan (RPF 4IC) came and visited me on the Blue Army Chat for a small amount of time. He pointed out that it looked like they used bots. So I looked at the pictures, and in my opinion, the Blue Army Of Club Penguin DOES USE BOTS.

    “went on to say that he did not even have PS (Penguin Storm) open so how can he use bots.” Notice how the word SAY was used. You can’t go by what they say. Also, there are many other programs and trainers for people to use and create bots. “most of our troops are members or already been” Not including the bots. 😉

    xD Well thats all I have to say. Hmm, really long comment.

  15. Cool Story Bro!

    I’m thinking of joinin AR or Blue Puffle Army…

  16. Join AR. Blue puffles are lying jerky dumbos.

    • In your opinion.

  17. atm to prove you that we arent bots check this!we beat AR epicly.


    We maxed 30 on cp and 19 on chat . averaging 20 on cp and 12 on chat .

    someone judge that battle and bots couldnt be used!!!
    we should be back in top 10

  18. ATM, they are like tht to me and 2 other people but there goody-goodys to everone else.

  19. when is the next top 10 ?

  20. I change my vote to undecided. Penguin Storm is not working so how could they do it 😐 . Still Not sure… Sorry Ioioluk for thinking you were a liar.

    • hahaha There are MANY other programs that are like Penguin Storm.

  21. ALL programs are broken and we still get big numbers on CP and on CHAT .

    • You can never be sure ALL programs are down. Many different trainers are created everyday. I even created one once. xD

  22. Yeah I guess. XD

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