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Earth Warriors Of CP

Dee edit: Hey there guys. BTW, you’re welcome Jd. 😉 Anyways, I wanted to ask ioioluk to e-mail me a post if he wants to defend his army and his word. The post will then be published here in the CPUN site for everyone to argue and discuss on. How about it ioioluk?

Recently The Earth Warriors of CP have claimed that they are Medium and have 15-20 Active, But have not proved that with pictures. Jack there leader has been asking for merges with armies most saying no, but maybe if they get one they Will get a push and Turn into a Medium army. Stew they leader has recently been promoted to mod on ACP, does this mean he spends more time there? Maybe it does, But he created Earth Warriors. It will be hard for him. Jack the other leader is very active and is pulling them through the hard time, if they come out of this on the right side maybe medium will be theirs for the grabbing lets wait and see 😉 I walked on ACP chat and exactly the right time as Stew was there sitting? (lolwut) So I interviewed him, intersing interview, Tells me about about him and Earth warriors.


Interview with Stew20 Earth Warriors Leader :mrgreen:

Me: Hi Stew 😀

Stew: Hey

Me: JackJack2060 says you have 15-20 active is this true?

Stew: Well I guess you could say that we have about 15 active, not exactly about 13

Me: Is they anyone who can take pictures in the army because there has been a lack of them

Stew: Yes I can take pictures

Me: Recently your army has had a very good Recruiting Session do you think it is because Green is an attractive colour?

Stew: Well at that session, I was informed by Jack that there were 15 random people and 6 actual Earth Warrior soldiers

Me: Your next event Is a rescheduled event with DPW, how do you think that will go?

Stew: Hopefully a Win for EW, we always try our best in any battle but Invasions are more important than any other battle.

Me: You were recently promoted to Mod on ACP, does this mean you are focusing more on ACP than EW?

Stew: That is tough, I always try and stay active in both of them but if I had to choose, I would choose the army I made the Earth Warriors

Me: If you kept going in ACP and you came near to Owner, would you have to change your choice

Stew: Yes if I do, I would have to retire from Earth Warriors

Me: Do you think Jack is a good leader or will you be looking for a New leader soon?

Stew: Depends, If we agree that we need more help, then I would have to decide I don’t know who I would choose.

Me: Thanks for your time Stew

Stew: No problem


So As you can see if Stew ever got near Owner in ACP, he would quit the army he CREATED the Earth Warriors. This is a Big move for him. He also says that a 3rd Leader might come around. When Could this happen, Who knows. If they can finnaly get some pictures from the DPW battle maybe they can get higher in the top10. Until then thank you for reading my 2nd post



13 Responses

  1. In my opinion,a medium army should have atleast 20-30 ACTIVE troops.Small army should be 15- 10.Noob army 10 or below :d

  2. They’re close.

    But haven’t these guys been around for some time already? Or maybe it’s the Earth Quakers of CP.

  3. i would say a medium army is 20 + , large is 30 + and small is around 10

  4. They forfieted to AR and CPAC says we are almost on their top ten but yet we still arnt considered a top ten for meduim? -.-

  5. burito 75% of AR are ACP . ur always on ACP chat advertissing there xD …

  6. 100 Comments on all my posts 😀 Thanks for the job Dee

  7. iok, What are you talking about!?!? you go on our chat advertising 24/7 we are never on ACP chat.
    and when we are we are just talking. your just mad because you made an army and they suck and just use bots to cover up their mistake.

  8. Im advertissing ? Show me a pic . Lol to be honest , im proud of my army because we got big without advertissing on other chats and stealing soldiers from other large armies like you did . Yes with all the ACP soldiers , ur big but if we erase them , what will AR become ? You know the answer … And continue crying on bots , you almost got me a river 🙂 . For some reasons , i now hate AR .

  9. 1, Dee, I specialize in small-medium army reviews, telling others about what special events they did, etc/
    2, I’m not leaving quite yet, NTCP still needs some help getting organized
    3, NTCP will not fail… Not like last time…

  10. I accept Dee.

    • My e-mail is on the text widget on the bottom of the left sidebar of this site. 😉

  11. Alright Sky, you may report about any army you would like including your own before I give the official promos and ranks. I’ll even return the positions of Minister of War, Minister of Communications, and more! 😀

    And also, the CPR is slowly gaining more troops! 😮


  12. Nvm , i cant email but you can interview me .

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