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A lot of armies in focus!

Donut’s Edit: Apologies for my inactiveness, but I have a lot of things going on, so I will return very soon.

Dee edit: Stickied for a day. I’ll then return Shimmy’s post back on top. 😉

Hello, this is Charizard58 typing, i’m here with a few topics, all of them as armies in focus! 😀

Table of Contonent

1. Army in focus: Purple Head

2. Army in focus: Tornado Force

3.  Army in focus: Ranger troops


The Purple Heads, they are a army most pepole here should have heard about, if not then read on, if you know about them still read on.

The Purple Heads here’s a brief history, of PH.

After 2 weeks that the Purple Heads were created, progressed quite fast and grew fast. They did major acomplishment including the Invasion of Ice Palace aginst the Vikings.

At the end of the amazing peak PH had 20 active troops which was impressive for an army 2 months old.

Right after some time, Purple Heads and Immposible Mission Army Force (IMAF) had a massive war which most battle were close calls and such.After some time of the war, PH and IMAF became allies. And the IMAF War was over.

After the IMAF wars came a fall or major depression for PH which happened 2 weeks after the IMAF War and made Harv retire and M2 to become very inactive in the retirement post Hawk became leader, but Hawk was not able to do it at all, (Thats why he’s not in the Leader Page).

After The Depression it was M2 And Batista1822 to pursuade Harv to join CP Armies and he got the rank of fleet admiral (now capo).

In UMA, M2 eventually persuaded Harv to rebuild PH with him and it majorly climbed and gaining allies everyday new troops joined the army and it would rise quickly.

After much time, the PH had much war, recruiting and rose quickly they became the 3rd largest army in all of CP.

But,a stupid move by the government in impeaching M2 was a bad call and the PH went through the 1st depression it is tough but we they came back.

After the depression PH grew back slowly by becoming in a project known as the Ice Shelf Alliance. It lasted 4 weeks but then the PH dropped out of the top ten due to lack of activity,  as it seemed lost on the map and off the radar for a month until December 2009.

The PH had a few recruitments and some training and boom an army was remade, they declared war on CPST and fought over Ice Cold for a month.

They won every battle and eventually CPST gave up and surrendered, forever. After many more war PH became in-active and died. The Age of Supremacy was over.

Well Today The PH Is Now Rebuilding and currently is led by Riotors, Harvin13 and M2Rocks. The army is growing and plans on being a world power very soon, we will problably see them in the top ten small, maybe even medium or large.


Now here is another army with potential, the Tornado Force of CP, here’s a little description

Name: Tornado Force

Main Color: Blue

Owner ranks: Floppy50611 & Pengasaurus2

Esitmated ammount of troops: 6 (Or so I think)

Troops they average at events: 4-7

Description: TF is an army created by Floppy50611 at the beggining it became instantly in-active and never got such a chance to rise since the Floppy was active in other armies, right now Floppy plans to become more active and make TF rise.

Recent Pictures (Unshedueld event):

The Fart Bomb!

Thats only one picture out of 4 in one unshedueld event.

Estimated Number if they get in the top ten: #8-#10

So pepole viewing this, do you think TF will rise? Or just die like so many other armies? Comment with you’re opinion!


Now the Ranger Troops are an army not known, here is a description of Ranger Troops.

Name: Ranger Troops

Main color: Red!

Leader(s): Nicole30267

Description: Ranger Troops are definately an army with potential, they are leaded by Nicole and have many active soldiers, some pepole may consider them a “noob” army, but they are not. They definately have a chance at the top ten small.

Recent Pictures: None

Estimated numbers in average events: 4-7

Last active account results: 11 active troops.

Pepole in chat regularly: 3-7

Active meter: High

Advice: Take more pictures in battles, make a few events. An army can’t survive without war.

Estimated spot if they enter the top ten small: #8-#10


So what now? What will I post next? Which army in focus do you like the most? Will I ever do something else from armies in focus? Will I stop asking these ridicilious questions? Find out the next post of Charizard5!

So that is all today pepole, next post I will go search for nearly every small army in existance and put them in a post 😉 Also I made many spelling errors so please flame me. Flaming always helps.

“A great General dose not only see his way to victory, also to deafet”



9 Responses

  1. 1st where is my prize?

  2. Nice brief history, Im also honroed that you put my army up their at the top!

  3. The PH were once an active army of the CPUN. 😉
    Loving the posts Charizard. We should recruit these armies into the CPUN! 🙂

    BTW, Articsledder commented saying CPR is back! :

  4. CPR are back???!!!

  5. Oh PH is in CPUN.

  6. Hey, I might not be active for a while cause my mom said I can’t come on the computer cause I need to get my grades up. Don’t worry, it will probably only be a week or so. xD

  7. Alright Atm.. I need to get my grades up as well sometimes.

  8. Four people and they get featured? I died a little inside me when I realized how much CP Warfare has changed since the ”Platinum Ages” or whatever you want to call them. 😦

  9. Hey guys, im new to all this. It seems intresting. I dont mean to brag but my grades are good so i will beable to be active when needed 🙂 . If anyone has any tips or helpfull suggestions please tell me :D, joining soon ~10shadow3

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