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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Hall of Fame Nominations for October 2010!

October 19, 2010

Greetings to all! It’s Mr Deedledoo here with a post about the Hall of Fame! We’re going to be nominating new people into the CPUN Hall of Fame! Click here to see the page.

Wait, first I’d like to say sorry to Chumpo and his deleted site. Miroos is a friend of the CPUN’s and was an active editor for a brief time last year (along with Unicow, Riotors, Ads, Houndy, Mustang, etc.) but left the board as an individual but kept the MA2 (now MFW) as a CPUN member and act actively as a representative. I suggest e-mailing WordPress. Here is their e-mail support@wordpress.com. We’ll do all we can to help. You can tell your soldiers to rest here in the CPUN until you find a new site to move onto. 😉

Anyways, as you can see from the title of this post, we will be nominating people for the Hall of Fame. The last time we did this was months ago. I haven’t even finished the batch of Batintrenche. Oh well, let’s get started then.

Here are the rules in nominating someone into the CPUN:

  1. He must be or must have been a CPUN Member. Being a CPUN member means you have joined the CPUN or your army joined the CPUN.
  2. Since the first rule states that a nominee must have been a CPUN member, it also means that anyone in the army can be nominated as long as that army is in the CPUN or was in the CPUN. You can nominate any soldier in your army that you think should be in the Hall of Fame.
  3. Please nominate someone who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame in your eyes.
  4. You may nominate three people.
  5. You may not nominate yourself – but – you may ask the support of others and have them nominate you.

This is your opportunity to make someone shine. 😀 Please make good use of this opportunity. If you have a friend in your army that you think deserves bigger credit, go ahead and nominate him. Here is the form in which you will all be casting your votes:

  • Name of Nominee:
  • Active/Rare/Retired: (Choose one of the three choices)
  • Army of Nominee:
  • Relationship with Nominee: (The one writing this form may enter friend, former leader, brother, comrade in this field)
  • Achievements or other notable doings: (Give a good background for the person and his achievements. What about him or her made you want to nominate him or her?)
  • Special Message to the Nominee: (This will be featured in the Hall of Fame page along with the name of person who nominated the Hall of Famer)

I hope you guys make this a special moment. I’ll leave the post up for a couple of days or so.

By this coming weekend, or next week, I’ll be discussing some major issues going on in CP Warfare recently, especially in the world of small armies and small people. I’d also like to give you all your formal positions and promote the active members!  I know many of you want a new thing to do. Keep up the good work though. You guys do great. 😉

I’ll also be showing you guys the Blog Stats of this blog! 😀

That’s all for now, I’ll leave you guys to vote. Please notify your divisions if you can (CPUN Staff). Hope you choose the right person, give as much info about them as you can. See you all soon! 😀


Always move forward. Going straight will get you nowhere.

P.S. Sky, I’ll give you a new thing to at the same time I publish the promotions post – with your new position. 🙂 For now, I think you and everyone else who can’t think of anything to post but want to, can interview a person about a certain issue. Interview them of their opinion on something, leave it as a draft, and comment on a post to tell me you’ve done it, then I;ll compile all the interviews and publish it as one post. This goes to everyone, anyone in this community can interview and tell me. Goodluck!

And to Atm23, I’ve read your e-mail and replied. 😉


29 Responses

  1. Just a a thing dee I have a post ready when do you want me to post it?

  2. Red Destoyz. He was one of the finest soldiers CPR has ever had, and was a force to be reckoned with, especialy to Order 67. Is a force to be reckoned with. I am proud to announce that I have contacted him and he has agreeed to come back to CPR.
    PS when can i make an intro post

    • Was he in CPUN?

  3. Bluejays1236
    AR Army
    Bluejays1236 is the base of the AR Army. He created it and got his record of 33 people at an event for AR in early 2007. He made AR Army top ten material if there was on while he was leading. It shows he was one of the best in AR because when he retired, AR died. But he guided others to become leaders one day and we are succsefull once again.
    Buritodaily: You have done so much for us bluejays. Without you AR would not be thriving like we are. AR Army Forever!

  4. General98(G98) Was a extremly active CPUN member that was with us from early 2008 until mid 2010.He was ambitious and always had a good topic.G98 was famous for his weekly “History Quiz”.He was also in charge of the now inactive CPUN Supreme Court.G98 was a great troop and will always have a place on “The Heads” list.

  5. @atm, he commented and knew alot of people in it back in the day. i think he got to edit like on post that got deleted XD

  6. Hi, imy post is gonna be out on early November 😉

    I nominate….Bluejays1236

    Look at the other guy who nominated Blue.

  7. I nominate theyt3, he is the last surviving member of the RBS (although he is not that active) and he just so happens to be in the DCP.

  8. You nominated Sanchonachos! He crushed my spirit of making a cheats page, I’ve never really liked him since, he was usually against me.

    Oh and by the way theyt3 is like the present day kingjared and a few months beofre that speed.

    • Everyone thinks differently. G98 was a nice guy. He started CPUNTV and was a very smart person. I agree with kingjared on nominating him.

  9. Why do we need a cheat page? You should just post your cheats on Dee’s website. He has a lot of room there.

  10. Just kidding. I just woke up so I couldn’t think properly. It might be good, Soccer.

  11. I’m Going to Nominate Charliem21.
    He is a good friend of mine and helped me get started my now failed cheats site XD
    Charliem21’s New Army MIP has had four Troops four days.
    He was the Leader of the Club Penguin Lazers. His army, The Club Penguin Fire Ghosts Merged into Team Red. He has been in armies since November 2008 (In the CPUN for about one year) and is always willing to help. Like he tried to Help Jd222 when he couldn’t get onto the Nations page Charliem21 tried to do his division.

    I’m meant to be retired but when I saw this I knew I had to comment XD


  12. 321fishpop
    CPR (Club Penguin Rangers)
    Hes done so much for the CPrR and alot of other armies. He has been through everything and means alot to loads of people. I think he deserves his chance to shine.

  13. * Name of Nominee: Wyoskyguy
    * Active/Rare/Retired: Active
    * Army of Nominee: Red Fighters of CP and Ninja Troops of CP
    * Relationship with Nominee: (The one writing this form may enter friend, former leader, brother, comrade in this field) its me.
    * Achievements or other notable doings: (Give a good background for the person and his achievements. What about him or her made you want to nominate him or her?) Stood up against whats wrong
    * Special Message to the Nominee: (This will be featured in the Hall of Fame page along with the name of person who nominated the Hall of Famer) Gostt and Flare, You guys rock!

  14. Sorry, didnt read whole rule list 😦

  15. Well, I guess I might as well fill it properly:
    Name of Nominee: theyt3
    Active/Rare/Retired: Rare
    Army of Nominee: Defense of Club Penguin
    Relationship with Nominee: he was a fellow soldier in the Reinforcing Blue Squad
    Achievements or other notable doings: He was very high up in the RBS and very active, also was one of my best friends along with Ogo1234, gjmc784, and alexcheers.
    Special Message to the Nominee: Don’t you miss the old days?

  16. http://maofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/2010/10/31/r-i-p-mysterious-freedom-warriors
    MFW are officially dead.

  17. You may post it any time Shimmy. 😉 I’ll bring this down for a couple of days or more and put it back up. We need more nominations! 🙂

    Glad to see you there Red Destoyz! It’s been 3 years 😀
    And Sky, surely there’ll be someone to nominate you. 😉

    Miroos, I’m sorry to hear that. Is there any way we can help? I’d gladly feature your banner for the whole week. 😉


  18. XD thanks Ashmistybro. I didn’t know you liked Green Day Dee

  19. Yeah thanks i know is been a long time hasnt it 😛

  20. saofjs;flkajfsldf

    Really cool stuff am I right?

  21. you guys wanna vote for me? ima USA 2IC YA KNOW

  22. The site is open for new posts! Post away! 😀

    P.S. I’ll be bringing this post back up later on in the week.


  23. CPR is back!!

  24. I’m putting my post up!

  25. Who won?

  26. Also Dee could you go on CPR chat asap its important

  27. 1. Rex5666

    2. Rare

    3. Team Red 2g

    4. Relationship with Nominee: A close friend of his

    5. Rex is a curious,tactical and supportive. He has been in CP warfare for some time serving in many larger armies in good ranks.

    6. You can be the best and you can be exellent!

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